Autoline in LA:
Birth of a Series

“Autoline in LA” owes its origin, in part, to the Los Angeles Auto Show.

In 2006, the show moved its long-established exhibit date from just prior to the North American International Auto Show to November. That six-week gap gave Autoline host John McElroy the first opportunity in his thirty-year career to attend the show. And it was during his first walk around in the LA Convention Center that the idea of a series looking at the auto industry of Southern California was born.

Over the next year John and the team looked into the efficacy of taping a couple of Autolines in SoCal focusing on the import manufacturers and hoping not to duplicate previous efforts by other television shows. As research continued, we not only discovered that no other TV show had attempted a series like this, but it also looked like not many print outlets had examined The Southland and its impact on the automotive industry either.

It was at this point that John believed we needed to move beyond the research and make this series a reality. Thus, “Autoline in LA” was born.

As planning intensified, the team started to realize the scope of everything that California touches when it comes to cars. To create a series both compelling and comprehensive it was determined we had to go beyond just taking a look at the OEMs presence on the West Coast and include the region’s incredible impact on the culture itself. From Design to Collections to Legislation, Southern California’s automotive umbrella certainly covers the United States, and influences many other countries and consumers as well. That’s why these elements became topics, which expanded ALA from a couple of shows early on, to today’s nearly three-month long series.

ALA is interesting, fascinating and, at times, just plain fun. We hope you’re able to tune in each week and discover along with all of us the unique impact Southern California has on the automotive universe.

Surf's Up! Enjoy.

Chip Drake
Executive Producer

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