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Show 1939

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 12/31 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 1/3 @ 10:30am ET

“Leading CES”

Gary Shapiro, President & CEO, Consumer Electronics Association; Pete Bigelow, Autoblog; Keith Naughton, Bloomberg. Topic: CES.

The Consumer Electronic Show, now known simply as CES, has become the Disney World for technology. Last year more than 170,000 from around the world came to Las Vegas for what used to be a small trade show. It has now blossomed into an event that even the car companies can’t ignore anymore. The man in charge of not only this enormous trade show, but also the Consumer Electronic Association who puts it on is Gary Shapiro. Today he joins John McElroy and his panel to discuss technology, the auto industry and CES 2016.

Show 1938

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 12/24 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 12/27 @ 10:30am ET

“Freightliner Makes a Big Move”

Martin Daum, President & CEO, Daimler Trucks NA; Jeff Allen, VP Operations, Detroit Diesel; Neil Abt, Editorial Director, Transport Topics. Topic: Commercial Trucks.

Freightliner Trucks is the largest heavy-duty truck manufacturer in North America. It was founded in 1942 and bought by Mercedes-Benz in the 1980s. From its headquarters in Portland, Oregon the company has recently been producing some groundbreaking technologies including the DTNA “Super Truck” which improved freight efficiency, and the Inspiration which is the first licensed autonomous commercial truck. On this week’s Autoline, John McElroy is joined by its North America president & CEO Martin Daum along with Jeff Allen who leads the company’s Detroit Diesel operation. And joining John to help question the Freightliner executives is Neil Abt from Transport Topics.

Show 1937

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 12/17 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 12/20 @ 10:30am ET

“Autoline’s Game Changers”

Maryann Keller, Maryann Keller & Associates; David Cole, Chairman Emeritus, Center for Automotive Research; Edward Lapham, Chief Editorial Officer, Normington Group. Topic: Auto Industry Issues.

The automotive world is changing faster than at any time in its history. More and more game changing innovations are popping up with seemingly each new vehicle. John McElroy and his blue ribbon panel of auto analysts Maryann Keller, David Cole, the Chairman Emeritus of C.A.R. and Edward Lapham the Chief Editorial Officer at the Normington Group, roundup their top choices of automotive innovations for the year in Autoline’s Game Changers for 2015.

Show 1936

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 11/19 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 11/22 @ 10:30am ET

“Auto Sales Around the World”

Mark Wakefield, Americas Automotive Group, AlixPartners; Joe Vitale, Global Auto Leader, Deloitte; John Sousanis, Managing Director, Penton/WardsAuto. Topic: Global car sales.

Anyone who lives in America has undoubtedly noticed that cars have been flying off dealer lots. New, Used, Pre-Owned…whatever the type, the numbers are staggering. But is it just a one country story? How are sales in some of the other great economies of the world? On Autoline THIS WEEK John McElroy and three global auto analysts look at sales from the four corners of the world to see if this has been just a one country recovery.

Show 1935

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 11/12 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 11/15 @ 10:30am ET

“VW’s Diesel Dilemma”

Csaba Csere, Contributing Editor, Car and Driver; Joe White, Transportation Editor, Reuters; Dave Sullivan, Analyst, AutoPacific. Topic: VW cheating scandal.

It broke in mid-September but had been boiling for some time. Volkswagen, the largest automaker in the world had done wrong with its diesel engines. VW was hoping it might go away but this huge story has done nothing but grow. On this week’s Autoline, John McElroy is joined by an all-star panel including, Csaba Csere, Contributing Editor, Car and Driver, Pulitzer Prize reporter Joe White from Reuters and AutoPacific car analyst Dave Sullivan, to look at what VW did and if it can get itself out of this global quagmire.

Show 1934

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 11/5 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 11/8 @ 10:30am ET

“Selling the Big Rigs”

Shaun Skinner, Executive VP & GM, Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, Inc.; Greg Reefer, President, Reefer Peterbilt; John Stark, Stark's News Service. Topic: Commercial trucks.

There are 8 classifications for trucks in America. Many of us know the first three, which are all Light duty. The other five, Medium & Heavy duty, are not as well known though we do see them on the road all the time. On this week’s show John McElroy introduces us to the larger class of trucks, who uses them and where they are bought and sold. Joining him on his panel are Shaun Skinner, the VP of Sales for Isuzu Commercial Truck, analyst John Stark from the Stark’s News Service as well as Greg Reefer a veteran Peterbilt Heavy Duty truck dealer.

Show 1933

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 10/29 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 11/1 @ 10:30am ET

“Inside Dealer Nation”

William C. Fox, Chairman, NADA; Steve Finlay, Wards Dealer Business; Jeff Bennett, The Wall Street Journal. Topic: Auto dealers.

In the old days, the phrase was if you owned a dealership it was like a license to print money. These days, with so many options for consumers, the dealers aren’t making nearly as much on the cars like they used to. But they’re still expected to participate in the community like they always did. This week John McElroy welcomes current NADA chair William Fox to talk about the world of today’s car dealer. He is joined on the panel by Steve Finlay from Ward’s Dealer Business and Jeff Bennett of the Wall Street Journal.

For more information on the NADA’s Advocacy on Financing click here.

Show 1932

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 10/22 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 10/25 @ 10:30am ET

“Leading the New Lincoln”

Kumar Galhotra, President, Lincoln; Alisa Priddle, The Detroit Free Press; Keith Naughton, Bloomberg. Topic: Lincoln.

His name is Kumar Galhotra and he’s got what many consider the toughest job at Ford. He is in charge of rebuilding its famous luxury brand, what they now call the Lincoln Motor Company. John McElroy welcomes Mr. Galhotra as his guest for this week’s show along with Alisa Priddle from the Detroit Free Press & Keith Naughton of Bloomberg.

Show 1931

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 10/15 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 10/18 @ 10:30am ET

“Automotive Cybersecurity”

Jeff Massimilla, Chief Product Cybersecurity Officer, GM; Egil Juliussen, IHS Automotive; Erika Anden, Director, Marketing/Communications, Silent Cyber. Topic: Cybersecurity.

With computers running more of your car’s activities these days, is it safe from hackers? We recently discovered Jeeps weren’t. Joining John McElroy on this week’s Autoline to discuss the growing problem of Cybersecurity is Jeff Massimilla from General Motors, analyst Egil Juliussen from IHS Automotive and Erika Anden from the Sandab Group.

Show 1930

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 10/8 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 10/11 @ 10:30am ET

“Engineering the Future”

Mary Ann Wright, Group VP, Engineering & Product Development, Johnson Controls; Jeff Bennett, The Wall Street Journal; David Welch, Bloomberg. Topic: Electrified Cars.

Johnson Controls is one of the world’s leading automotive suppliers. Mary Ann Wright leads its global engineering & product development where she is responsible for driving technology and energy storage solutions. She joins John McElroy as his guest on this week’s Autoline along with Jeff Bennett from the Wall Street Journal and David Welch from Bloomberg.

Show 1929

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 10/1 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Monday, 10/5 @ 10:30am ET

“The Last Drive”

Mark Gessler, President, Historic Vehicle Association; Matt Anderson, Transportation Director, The Henry Ford Museum; Mark Phelan, Detroit Free Press. Topic: Model T Drive.

100 years ago 21-year old Edsel Ford was preparing to join his father running Ford Motor Company. Just before he took the reins, Edsel & six buddies drove 1915 Model T’s cross- country on, what Bruce Springsteen would later call, “a last chance power drive.” Mark Gessler of the Historical Vehicle Association re-enacted the drive this year and joins John McElroy and Mark Phelan of the Detroit Free Press to talk about “both” journeys.

Show 1928

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 9/24 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 9/27 @ 10:30am ET

“Automotive Emissions: EPA v States”

Christopher Grundler, Environmental Protection Agency, Dr. Alberto Ayala, California Air Resources Board. Topic: Emissions.

We all hear the word “CAFÉ” and think consumption – coffee/food – but in the auto industry it’s all about miles per gallon. Two men from different agencies who each have a lot to do with CAFE sat down separately with John McElroy to discuss where the standards are going. Joining John are Christopher Grundler from the Environmental Protection Agency and Dr. Alberto Ayala from the California Air Resources Board or CARB.

Show 1927

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 9/17 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 9/20 @ 10:30am ET

“Who Wins? Buying Through 3rd Party Programs”

Jeff Skeen, CEO, Costco Auto Program, Ken Foster, Brown Honda. Topic: Buying from 3rd parties.

How do you buy your cars? Do you still negotiate or do you use one of those 3rd Party programs that set the price for you? Joining John McElroy to discuss this new option for buying a car is the CEO of the Costco Auto Program Jeff Skeen and dealer Ken Foster from Brown Honda in Toledo, Ohio.

Show 1926

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 9/10 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 9/13 @ 10:30am ET

“The Reality of Recalls”

Mark Rosekind, Adminstrator, NHTSA; Ben Hoffman, CEO, Movimento. Topic: Recalls.

Takata might’ve gotten the most headlines this year, but recalls have hit the auto industry hard across the board. Joining John McElroy in separate one-on-one interviews to talk about the topic is Mark Rosekind, the Administrator of the National Highway Traffic & Safety Administration and Ben Hoffman the CEO of the company Movimento that might just have an answer to help with recalls.

Show 1925

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 9/3 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 9/6 @ 10:30am ET

“The Changing Face of Commercial Vehicles”

Tom Manganello, Warner, Norcross & Judd LLP; Mihai Dorobantu, Director, Technology, Planning and Government Affairs, Eaton; Brian Pohl, President; Pohl Transportation. Topic: Commercial Vehicles.

With as much change that is currently encompassing the automotive industry, the big rigs aren’t very far behind. Joining John McElroy to talk about topics including everything from lightweighting to platooning is attorney Tom Manganello from Warner, Norcross & Judd, Mihai Dorobantu from Eaton and trucking company owner Brian Pohl.

Show 1924

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 8/27 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 8/30 @ 10:30am ET

“The Dealer Economy”

Steven Szakaly, Chief Economist, National Automobile Dealers Association, Steve Finlay, Ward’s Dealer Business, John Stoll, The Wall Street Journal. Topic: Auto Dealers.

With car and truck sales predicted to hit around 17-million for the year, you’d imagine that most dealers are singing “Happy Days Are Here Again.” But is that really true? Joining John McElroy as his Autoline THIS WEEK guest is Steven Szakaly, the Chief Economist for the National Auto Dealer Association. John & Steven are joined by Steve Finlay from Ward’s Dealer Business and the Wall Street Journal’s John Stoll.

Show 1923

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 7/23 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 7/26 @ 10:30am ET

“Ford's New Innovation Center”

Raj Nair, Group VP Global Product Development, Ford Motor Company; Dr. Kenneth Washington, VP of Research & Advanced Engineering, Ford Motor Company; Don Butler, Executive Director, Connected Vehicle and Services, Ford Motor Company. Topic: Ford's Silicon Valley lab.

With so much of today’s engineering revolving around the connected car and autonomy, many automakers are setting up shop in Silicon Valley including Detroit Three member Ford. Autoline went west to take a sneak peek and see what Ford is developing in the midst of its neighbors like Google, Tesla & Apple.

Host John McElroy talks with Ford executives Raj Nair, Ken Washington & Don Butler about how this lab will impact future product. In addition, he takes you for a quick tour behind the scenes at some of the experiments being done within the walls of this high tech lab.

Show 1922

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 7/16 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 7/19 @ 10:30am ET

“The Labor Landscape 2015”

Kristin Dziczek, Center for Automotive Research, Art Schwartz, Labor & Economics Associates, Robert Chiaravalli, Strategic Labor & Human Resources. Topic: UAW contract negotiations.

With auto sales going gangbusters you’d think it’s the perfect time for the United Auto Workers to sit down and talk a new contract, right? The union gave up a lot to keep GM & Chrysler alive – along with its members’ jobs – but with the automotive landscape changing daily with CAFE numbers, the growth of Mexico and autonomy, there’s a lot to talk about.

Joining host John McElroy on his panel to discuss where the talks could be going are Kristin Dziczek, Center for Automotive Research (CAR), Former GM labor negotiator Art Schwartz from Labor & Economics Associates and Robert Chiaravalli from Strategic Labor & Human Resources.

Show 1921

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 7/9 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 7/12 @ 10:30am ET

“Subaru: The Unlikely Success Story”

Tom Doll, President & COO, Subaru of America; Joe White, Reuters; Michelle Krebs, Autotrader. Topic: Subaru.

It’s a company that doesn’t make sexy cars. Pickups and big SUVs aren’t part of the mix either. And when it comes to luxury, as Tony Soprano would say, “forget about it.” So we know what it doesn’t make but the question is what does it make? And the answer is…profit! Join John McElroy as he welcomes for the first time to the Autoline studios the man who runs Subaru of America, very successfully we might add, president and COO Tom Doll. Appearing on the panel with John are Michelle Krebs from AutoTrader and Joe White from Reuters.

Show 1920

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 7/2 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 7/5 @ 10:30am ET

“The Automotive Competitive Edge”

Adam Bernard, General Motors; Joe McCabe, AutoForecast Solutions; Michael Omotoso, Eaton. Topic: Keeping track of the competition.

Making cars isn’t a charity case. We all know that. Every manufacturer wants to be first to market with that groundbreaking vehicles because that means big bucks. So how does the auto industry not only do its own R & D but keep an eye on the competition as well. On this week’s show John McElroy is joined by GM’s Adam Bernard, Joe McCabe from AutoForecast Solutions and Michael Omotoso from Eaton to talk about how you get the competitive edge.

Show 1919

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 6/25 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 6/28 @ 10:30am ET

“50 Ways To Control Autonomy”

Jude Hurin, Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles; Catherine Curtis, American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators; Chan Lieu, Venable LLP. Topic: Autonomous cars.

As the reality of autonomous cars gets closer and closer, a world of hurdles still face everyone from the manufacturers, insurance companies and especially governments before they hit the road on a regular basis. Joining John McElroy on this week’s show are three legislative experts who are dealing with those issues every day. Jude Hurin is with the state of Nevada’s DMV, Catherine Curtis represents the American Association of Motor Vehicles and Chan Lieu is a lawyer with the Washington, DC powerhouse law firm Venable LLP.

Show 1918

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 6/18 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 6/21 @ 10:30am ET

“Running NHTSA: A Candid Conversation with David Strickland”

David Strickland, Former NHTSA Administrator & Partner, Venable LLP. Topic: Car safety.

He was the 14th Administrator for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration who dealt with automotive issues like unintended acceleration and airbags. Now he’s a partner at one of the biggest Washington, D.C. law firms. This week he joins John McElroy as his special guest talking about his time at NHTSA and the future of the agency.

Show 1917

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 6/11 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 6/14 @ 10:30am ET

“The Power Choice”

Charlie Freese, General Motors; Prof. Levi Thompson, The University of Michigan; Jeff Kessen, A123 Systems. Topic: Alternative Powertrains.

It used to be a this or that question. But now when you ask what’s powering your car it could be almost anything as Kia proved with in its tongue-in-cheek hamster campaign over the last few years. But this week John McElroy is joined by 3 experts – Charlie Freese from GM, Prof. Levi Thompson from the University of Michigan and Jeff Kessen from battery manufacturer A123 – to discuss the options that consumers face today as well as into the future.

Show 1916

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 5/21 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 5/24 @ 10:30am ET

“Merger Mania”

Paul Eisenstein, The Detroit Bureau; Doron Levin, Fortune; Jason Stein, Automotive News. Topic: Mergers.

On this week’s Autoline John McElroy and a panel of expert analysts dive into the topic of automotive mergers. Joining the panel are Paul Eisenstein from The Detroit Bureau, Fortune’s Doron Levin and Jason Stein from Automotive News.

Show 1915

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 5/14 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 5/17 @ 10:30am ET

“The World of Commercial Vehicles”

Rich Shearing, Penske Commercial Trucks; John Blodgett, MacKay & Company; John Ruppert, Ford Commercial Vehicles. Topic: Commercial Trucks.

They deliver just about everything that’s in your house…heck they probably even delivered that, too, when it was still in the building stages. “They” are commercial vehicles and on this week’s Autoline, John McElroy and his expert panel introduces to what qualifies as a commercial vehicle, how they’re used and who buys them.

Show 1914

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 5/7 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 5/10 @ 10:30am ET

“Ralph Gilles: FCA’s Designer of Dreams”

Ralph Gilles, Head of Design, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles; Eddie Alterman, Car and Driver; Scott Burgess, Motor Trend. Topic: FCA Design.

Ralph Gilles joined Chrysler back in 1992 and has been with the company – which is now called Fiat Chrysler Automobiles – for more than half of his youthful 45 years. He started in Design Office and has held a number of positions over the years until recently when he was promoted to the top design job in FCA, Head of Design. On this edition of Autoline THIS WEEK John McElroy, Scott Burgess of Motor Trend and Car and Driver’s Eddie Alterman talk to Ralph about his career and the fruits of a life in design.

Show 1913

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 4/30 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 5/3 @ 10:30am ET

“Charity Begins In the Boardroom”

Pamela Alexander, Ford Fund; Greg Martin, GM Foundation; David Reuter, VP Corporate Communications, Nissan NA. Topic: Auto charity.

When you think cars and charity the first thing that usually comes to mind are dealers sponsoring their local little league teams. But truth be told, auto companies have a long history of helping the world’s less fortunate among other worthy causes, yet don’t get to talk about it very much. On this week’s edition of Autoline we look at some of the philanthropic works courtesy of companies like Ford, GM and Nissan.

Show 1912

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 4/23 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 4/26 @ 10:30am ET

“Margo Oge: The Queen of Cleaner Cars”

Margo Oge, author, "Driving the Future: Combating Climate Change with Cleaner, Smarter Cars;" Frank Markus, Motor Trend. Topic: Auto industry & climate change.

After 32 years at the Environmental Protection Agency and countless improvements in air quality, Margo Oge knew it was time to retire. But it seems she retired in title only since she appears to be as busy as ever. Ms. Oge is on several energy-related boards and commissions and recently released a book entitled “Driving The Future: Combating Climate Change with Cleaner, Smarter Cars.” This week she joins host John McElroy and Motor Trend’s Frank Markus on Autoline THIS WEEK to talk about her book and time at the EPA.

Show 1911

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 4/16 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 4/19 @ 10:30am ET

“Designs on the Future”

Joe Dehner, Head of Dodge/Ram Exterior Design, FCA; Paul Snyder, Transportation Design Chair at College for Creative Studies; Darby Barber, Transportation Design Student, College for Creative Studies. Topic: Car design.

Many consider today the golden age of design when it comes to cars. From the fantastic look of the Tesla Model S to Ford’s powerhouse the GT and so much more, today’s car designers have almost a rock star quality about them. Perhaps that’s why the design schools are overflowing with applicants. On this edition of Autoline THIS WEEK John McElroy explores the future of automotive design with Joe Dehner, the head of Dodge/Ram Exterior Design and FCA’s intermediary with education; Paul Snyder, the Transportation Design Chair at Detroit’s College for Creative Studies as well as Darby Barber a student at the same school and former contestant on Tru TV’s reality show “Motor City Masters.”

Show 1910

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 4/9 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 4/12 @ 10:30am ET

“A Gas that’s Gas”

Gil Castillo, Hyundai, Chris Hennessy, IAV Automotive Engineering, Prof. Levi Thompson, University of Michigan. Topic: Hydrogen vehicles.

Are you still filling your car with gas or charging it with electricity? Well, don’t blink too soon because before you know it hydrogen may be powering your next car. Automakers have had fuel cells under heavy R&D for a number of years. In fact, some OEMs even have these cars in the hands of customers. But how viable is the hydrogen alternative and what will have to happen for you to be driving one soon? Joining John McElroy to ponder a hydrogen future is Gil Castillo from Hyundai; Chris Hennessy from IAV Automotive Engineering and Prof. Levi Thompson from the University of Michigan.

Show 1909

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 4/2 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 4/5 @ 10:30am ET

“Today’s Retailing”

Rob Kurnick, President, Penske Automotive Group; Doug Fox, President, Ann Arbor Automotive; Kathryn Coleman, Owner, Sellers Auto Group. Topic: Buying a car.

The auto industry is enjoying a tremendous sales boom. It seems almost everyone is buying a new car these days. But there are all sorts of issues facing dealers as they strategize about the future. For instance who will be buying the cars if Millennials aren’t interested and how will ride-sharing businesses effect business? Joining John McElroy to discuss these topics and much more are Rob Kurnick the president of Penske Automotive Group; Doug Fox, the president of Ann Arbor (MI) Automotive; and Katie Coleman, the co-owner of Sellers Auto Group.

Show 1908

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 3/26 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 3/29 @ 10:30am ET

“More Than Just Music”

John Robb, Sr. Manager, Electronic Systems Development, Hyundai Motor Group; Richard Wallace, CAR; Doug Patton, EVP/CTO, DENSO International America. Topic: Infotainment.

Gone are the days of the AM radio blasting out the day’s pop hits from some 50,000 watt giant. Of course today’s cars still have both AM & FM radio but your entertainment options certainly don’t stop there. And let’s not forget about information: not only from your car but also from your phone. Infotainment in the auto is going places we never would’ve dreamed only a few years back. Bringing us up to speed on where we are with today’s version of the car radio – though it’s so much more – are John Robb from the Hyundai Motor Group, Richard Wallace from the Center for Automotive Research and the Chief Technology Officer from DENSO International America Doug Patton. All three experts join host John McElroy on this week’s edition of Autoline THIS WEEK.

Show 1907

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 3/19 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 3/22 @ 10:30am ET

“CPO Spells Used”

Jared Rowe,, Todd Fites, Ford Motor Company, Sam Slaughter, Sellers Auto Group. Topic: Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles.

In the old days, when you searched for a used car you were at the mercy of your car dealer; sometimes they were quality vehicles while others were worn out lemons. However nowadays with the success of CPOs, or Certified Pre-Owned, the consumer has a lot more going for him or her than the mercy of some manager. Joining John McElroy to discuss the growth of the CPO business is Jared Rowe from, Todd Fites from Ford Motor Company and dealer Sam Slaughter from the Sellers Auto Group.

Show 1906

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 2/19 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 2/22 @ 10:30am ET

“Second at Ford”

Joe Hinrichs, EVP & President, The Americas, Ford, Alisa Priddle, Detroit Free Press, Mike Ramsey, The Wall Street Journal. Topic: Ford in the Americas.

Joe Hinrichs has been with the Ford Motor Company since 2000. Starting out as a plant manager, and gaining experience in a variety of positions throughout the company since then, today he finds himself at Glass House in Dearborn. These days he has worked his way up to executive vice president of the company as well as the man in charge of The Americas for Ford. Though the classic org chart might show any number of executives on the line just below President & CEO Mark Fields, if you quiz analysts and reporters alike, most will tell you Joe Hinrichs is indeed “Second at Ford.” And he is also this week's special guest on Autoline. Joining host John McElroy to discuss the state of Ford today with Joe is Alisa Priddle from the Detroit Free Press and the Wall Street Journal’s Mike Ramsey.

Show 1905

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 1/29 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 2/1 @ 10:30am ET

“The Economists”

Dr. Mustafa Mohatarem, Chief Economist, General Motors; Emily Kolinski Morris, Chief Economist, Ford; Charles Chesbrough, Senior Principal Economist, IHS Automotive. Topic: 2015 Auto Industry Financial Outlook.

The economy is growing. Automakers are building cars and trucks that customers want. And car sales, in fact, are nearly back to the glory days before the fall as they push 17 million in the U.S. But are things really that great or are we wearing rose-colored glasses? On this week’s Autoline John McElroy is joined by some of the top economists in the auto industry for their perspectives on where we are. His guests include: Dr. Mustafa Mohatarem, Chief Economist, General Motors; Emily Kolinski Morris, Chief Economist, Ford; Charles Chesbrough, Senior Principal Economist, IHS Automotive.

Show 1904

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 1/22 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 1/25 @ 10:30am ET

“Ward's Top Ten Engines”

Drew Winter, WardsAuto, Tom Murphy, WardsAuto, Christie Schweinsberg, WardsAuto. Topic: Ward's Top Ten Engines.

If you’re interested in horsepower, MPGs and all things under the hood, this week’s Autoline is right up your alley. John is joined by the editors from Ward’s who discuss which powertrains made their Top Ten Engines for 2015. Drew Winter, Tom Murphy, Christie Schweinsberg talk to John McElroy about who made the grade and why.

Show 1903

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 1/15 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 1/18 @ 10:30am ET

“In Charge at Chrysler”

Al Gardner, President & CEO, Chrysler Brand, Lindsay Brooke, SAE, Mike Wayland, The Detroit News. Topic: Chrysler Brand.

He may be a Brit working for a quasi-Italian company running an All-American brand, but don’t be fooled. Al Gardner has a long history with the Chrysler Corporation. In fact, he started with the company back in 1986 and has worked his way up to where he is now in charge of the Chrysler brand for FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles). Joining Mr. Gardner and John McElroy on today’s Autoline panel is Lindsay Brooke from SAE and The Detroit News’ Mike Wayland.

Show 1902

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 1/8 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 1/11 @ 10:30am ET

“Autoline Executive of the Year”

Neil De Koker, OESA, Dave Cole, AutoHarvest, Ed Lapham, Automotive News (Retired). Topic: The top auto execs of 2014.

Join John McElroy and three members of his blue ribbon panel as they discuss this year’s candidates for Autoline Automotive Executive of the Year. Among this year’s contenders are Akio Toyoda the head of the world’s largest car company, Toyota and his Italian counterpart from Fiat-Chrysler Sergio Marchionne.

Show 1901

Internet Premiere
Thursday, 1/1 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 1/4 @ 10:30am ET

“A GM Legacy”

Mark Reuss, EVP, Global Product, General Motors, Michelle Krebs,, Jeff Bennett, The Wall Street Journal. Topic: GM product.

Mark Reuss has been around General Motors for so much of his life, if cut he probably would bleed GM blue. Not only was his father Lloyd a former GM president, but Mark himself – who has been with the corporation for over 20 years – started as an intern and has now risen to Executive Vice President of Global Product Development, Purchasing and Supply Chain -- in essence the Number 2 position in America’s largest auto company. He joins John McElroy along with his panel on this very special edition of Autoline THIS WEEK.

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