AUTOMOTIVE INSIGHT: Ford’s DCDQ Product Development

October 20th, 2008 at 4:24pm

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WWJ Newsradio 950

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Ford has come up with a new product development process it calls DCDQ, and here’s what those letters mean for the company.

DCDQ stands for dependable, contemporary, driving, quality. It’s the tagline Ford of Europe is using for its new product development process and the plan is to drive that plan through the entire company. To put it simply, in April of this year Ford merged its product development and engineering organizations, and it assigned a buyer from purchasing to work with an engineer for each and every commodity.

The idea is to slash investment costs by using fewer platforms and power trains and yet come up with more unique models in the showrooms. Of course, that’s what every automaker’s trying to do. But it all hinges on how well they execute, and DCDQ is the way that Ford wants to get it done.

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