Instant Impression – Nissan 370Z Sport Mode

July 15th, 2010 at 9:35am

Runtime 1:35

Nissan’s Z car has come a long way since the early days. Overall it’s a solid, impressive sports car, and it even has a piece of technology that we haven’t seen anywhere else.

One Comment to “Instant Impression – Nissan 370Z Sport Mode”

  1. Derek V. Says:

    But, does the car remember you’ve pushed the button – or do you have to push it EVERY time you get back in the car?

    That seems like one of those “driver preferences” that wouldn’t be changed that much once a desired setting has been discovered. Its almost how annoying the cruise control buttons are on cars these days. Some on/off buttons are reset to the off position every time the a key is moved out of the accessory position. That’s how my Subaru and Toyota do it and its annoying – its one thing I liked about my Montero Sport, the cruise control on/off setting was rememebered. Of course, this led me to question why even bother with an on/off button for cruise control.

    Anyway, your point about an enthusiasts desire is very observant but I guess Nissan felt most daily drivers would keep the system’s default and only the occasional owner who took the car on the track would find the button useful.