AAH #79 – Better Than Being on a Cruise Ship

November 12th, 2010 at 12:32pm

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This week’s gonna be fun. Not only are the inmates running the asylum here at the Autoline studios, we’ve got some of your all-time favorite AAH panelists all in the same room. Peter De Lorenzo’s in the driver’s seat while Mr. McElroy is out on business, and he’s invited Frank Markus from Motor Trend, Scott Burgess from The Detroit News and — wait for it — Jim Hall of 2953 Analytics. Tonight we’ll be running through a ton of the news to come out this week including Mercedes’ new 4-cylinder S-Class, the rising costs of raw materials and what it means for vehicle prices, as well as the GM IPO. Hold on tight, because we just might be in for a wild ride tonight!

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2 Comments to “AAH #79 – Better Than Being on a Cruise Ship”

  1. Jon Says:


    Fun discussion! I’m glad you DID NOT go into the cruise ship though!

    When you run out of things to discuss, someone needs to address the dearth of true compact pick-up trucks, at an appropriate price with B-segment gas mileage. There is NO REASON we don’t have a 35+mpg truck here!

    Ranger is being killed, the GM twins ae also on their way out, neither corporation has a plan to replace them with a MODERN platform. They seem to have forgotten that the gang-buster original Explorer was a Ranger underneath, so when they want to find such a platform, it will not exist.

    Chrysler put the Dakota too large years ago, I’m fairly confident it is too far along in development for the update to downsize at all, and it is too close to the Rams already(Ford’s excuse reference the Global Ranger and the F150).

    The Honda Ridgeline was an experiment, and using the Pilot kept devel costs down some, but it’s gas mileage is horrible for it’s size.

    The Toyota and Nissan offerings are probably 1,000 lbs. larger than when they introduced the compact pick-up concepts in the 70′s. Mitsu and Mazda and VW are out of the market. And Mahindra has mired themselves in a nightmare with questionable ethics.

    Someone needs to fill the need for a genuine, affordable (both to buy and run), yet still reasonable work-capable SMALL pick-up.

    If Chrysler can shrink the frame on the Dakota 10-15%, bring max load down to about 1500 lbs., and give us the new V6 architecture, 6 speed, and interior refinement that they seem to have finally re-found, they could own the compact market that others have all abandoned. Is Sergio listening? I hope so. My Mazda MPV is so tired of being used 40% of the time as a suburban pick-up! And I can’t hose out the load bed!

  2. Mike W Says:

    MB will have a 4-cylinder S-Class? Good. Maybe now we will see a 4-cylinder Cadillac without people laughing themselves silly!