Episode 558 – Lancia Flavia = Chrysler 200, Prius Goes Plural, 2012 Mercedes SLK Roadster

January 17th, 2011 at 12:10pm

Runtime 8:36

Lancia is expected to reveal a rebadged version of the Chrysler 200 at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Toyota is polling people about what it should call its Prius family of hybrids. Mercedes just released photos of its new 2012 SLK Roadster that will go on sale later in the year. All that and more, plus a look at the updated Jeep Wrangler.


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Hello again! Scott Burgess here from The Detroit News, bringing you another thrilling installment of Autoline Daily, this time for, Monday, January 17, 2011, Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the U.S. And with that, here are today’s top stories in the automotive world.

It’s pretty impressive. Chrysler has worked some black magic on its boring Sebring, transforming it from a car on life support to something worth considering. In fact, the new 200 is so much better, word out of Auburn Hills is that it’s good enough for Lancia. According to Autoblog, the premium Italian brand is expected to reveal a rebadged version of the sedan at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Rumor has it the new model will receive the Flavia nameplate, which hasn’t been used since 1975. The car is expected to receive only a handful of modifications, including Euro-spec bumpers, a diesel powertrain and a manual transmission.

Feast your eyes on this beauty! In totally related news, Chrysler just released photos and information on the convertible version of the 200. I know you’ve all been champing at the bit for news about this drop-top, so here it is. As you’d expect, it benefits from the same improvements the sedan received including new interior and exterior styling, updated powertrains and many other refinements. Buyers can choose between a retractable hardtop and a traditional cloth roof. No word yet on how much the Chrysler 200 convertible will cost or when it’ll go on sale, but we’d bet it’ll be MORE and LATER than its sedan counterpart.

VOLVO CONCERNED OVER EV SAFETY (subscription required)
Can you guess which automaker is concerned about the safety of EVs? Time’s up! If you guessed Volvo, you’d be right! Rather than display a sexy new model at the Detroit Auto Show, Ward’s reports the Swedish company unveiled a mangled C30 EV. This hatchback was crashed into an offset barrier at 40 miles an hour! Volvo did this to illustrate a point. Engineers went out of their way to put the battery packs in NON-crumple zones. They did this to minimize deformation of the pack during a crash. The car’s 660-pound lithium-ion cell takes up space where the fuel tank normally goes. In multiple crash tests the battery pack and its wires remained completely intact. Volvo thinks this is the most optimal place to package a battery.

Earlier this month we reported the UAW will step-up its effort this year to organize a foreign transplant factory in the U.S., and now the union is taking its message to Washington D.C. According to my paper of choice, The Detroit News, more than 1,000 former and current members will attend a conference this week on Capitol Hill. They’ll discuss the union’s legislative and political priorities and meet with members of Congress about the UAW’s efforts to get foreign automakers to agree to rules that will make it easier for workers to form a union.

And speaking of unions, workers at a Fiat plant in Italy agreed to concessions over the weekend. According to the AP, the deal links pay increases to productivity, but it also limits workers’ right to strike and reduces break times and sick pay. CEO Sergio Marchionne says the agreement will allow Fiat and Chrysler to create a globally competitive company that can build 6 million cars annually by 2014.

Last week Toyota unveiled new vehicles that will be part of its Prius family, but what should they be known as? Priuses, Prii or something else? Well, Toyota doesn’t know either, and they want your help. According to the Detroit Free Press, the company is polling people at the Detroit Auto Show and on its website about what it should call its Prius hybrids. You can choose from Prius, Priuses, Prii, Prien or Prium. Toyota plans to announce the winner at the Chicago Auto Show next month. So what do you think the Prius family should be known as?

Mercedes just released photos of its new 2012 SLK Roadster that will go on sale later in the year. Aside from new styling, the SLK offers more fuel-efficient engines. It’s standard with a direct-injection four-cylinder that’s mated to a six-speed manual transmission which produces just over 200 horsepower. Combined fuel economy is 27 MPG. An optional direct-injection V6 is also available which cranks out more than 300 horsepower. The 2012 SLK Roadster is the first Mercedes to offer what it calls a panorama vario-roof with MAGIC SKY CONTROL. It’s a glass roof that switches to light or dark at the press of a button. The light mode is virtually transparent, offering an open-air experience. The dark mode provides shade and prevents the sun from heating up the interior. Look for the SLK Roadster in showrooms this summer.

Coming up next, a look at the updated Jeep Wrangler, we’ll be back right after this.

Jeep is playing a big part in Chrysler’s renaissance, and every model in its lineup is getting upgraded for 2011. Autoline Daily’s Craig Cole has more.

Not bad for a crash project. Now all they have to do is drop the new Pentastar V-6 under the Wrangler’s hood to really give it the performance it deserves.

The Jeep Wrangler is America’s original off-road SUV.  And whether it’s the two-door model or the four it’s been that way for 70 years or better.  For 2011 the company has made some big upgrades to this off-road SUV.  High-end Sahara models get a nice body-colored hardtop, but the biggest changes Chrysler made was the redecorating they did inside.

And Chrysler designers did a lot more than rearrange the furniture and hang new drapes.  The Wrangler gets a brand-new instrument panel, a chunky new steering wheel and a bunch of other upgrades.  But don’t think they’ve turned it into a Lexus ES.  Fear not!  A more comfortable Wrangler does not mean a less rugged one.

The 2011 model’s interior is light-years ahead of the 2010’s, which looks like it was made out of plastic building blocks.  Sure, more soft materials would be nice, but that’s what the Grand Cherokee is for.  This is still a vehicle you can pull the doors off and hose out if you get it dirty inside.

Of course the Wrangler isn’t the only model in Jeep’s lineup that’s receiving upgrades for 2011.  Every one of them has been touched in some way.  And what’s remarkable about that is Chrysler did it all in just a year.  Talk about a grueling schedule!

We’ll have more on some of the other upgraded Jeep models in future episodes of Autoline Daily so stay tuned.

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And with that, we’re done here. Thanks for watching, I’ll catch you next time.

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52 Comments to “Episode 558 – Lancia Flavia = Chrysler 200, Prius Goes Plural, 2012 Mercedes SLK Roadster”

  1. Don B. Says:

    MAGIC SKY CONTROL, I remember Ford working on this ideal in the ’90′s for the Sable or Probe.
    Sound like patent infrigement to me.

  2. HyundaiSmoke Says:

    No China stuff today, I see. Oh well, with Dailey in the White House it’s only a matter of time before laws are made lax enough for a couple of Chinese brands to slip into this market.

    In the rest of the World: Hyundai Honda and Ford are Luxury brands. As we join the standard of the rest of the world, many Americans will only be able to afford used or cheap in China cars. IT’S HAPPENED TO THE OTHER GOODS SOLD HERE. CARS ARE AMONG THE LAST PRODUCTS TO REACH THIS STAGE TOO.

    Besides, the so called Middle class in this country are nothing but working poor, anyway. Demographers and others including he middle class like to be politiczlly correct and avoid the inevitability that this Empire is collasping under it’s own weight in: fake credit, Mc Mansions, Houses in the Burbs while houses in Cities rot, consumerism to buy things to impress, etc….

    See why Hyundia has gone “upmarket?” They are smart enough to know America is not normal, while many americnn Baby Boomers ignore the reality as they have sadly become a “Lets avoid our problems, and engage in childlike Rhetoric” group.

    Too bad people are going to have realize the hard way that the gravity of the situation. They have been robbed for years. Where in the hell did you think they got the “Capital” for this fake credit we lived on? It’s all fake!!

    Hit me up when there’s a Bank Holiday in this country, so you can get your “I told you so.”

    This is an equalization; this economy. There’s too much fat around when a high school grad can make $60K at an auto plant, while somebody else with the same education OR MORE makes $14K to slice meat.

  3. HyundaiSmoke Says:

    Typo city. Oh well.

  4. pedro fernandez Says:

    This Chrysler 200 story reminds me of Joan Rivers, all face-lift, same old __it! How about the Toyota Sippers for a new name, most people mispronounce Prius anyway

  5. bob Says:

    I am curious exactly how high will be the MPG of the “smaller” prius C. The regular Prius being so outstanding in MPG, and so optimized aerodynamically, I would be surprised if the C is much better MPG-wise. I have heard it will be smaller and use lots of cheaper Toyota Echo Components. Note that the original Prius was quite similar in size to the Echo.

  6. bob Says:

    “MAGIC SKY CONTROL, I remember Ford working on this ideal in the ’90’s for the Sable or Probe.
    Sound like patent infrigement to me.”

    I’m sure Ford pays a ton of expensive good for nothing lawyers, and if they had a case, they would sue.

  7. HyundaiSmoke Says:

    Read a study that came out today. US Kids born from 1980-1995 hate this consumerist lifestyle.


    A wise old man once told me, “Gen Y will be wordly and material at first, but the reality of a changed economic situation for them will change that mindset PERMANENTLY.

    The study also shows my ramblngs about an Anti-Car movement budding in this country to ring true. Many in gen Y want to live in communal settings with common rooms/facilities for everybody to share.

    There some are privacy hawks in this generation-I, for one though.

    I love driving because I was deprived of being around cars when growing up, but I don’t mind walking.

    Look at many of the video/computer games that are out not. Notice something missing in a lot of them?


    I call that programming at it’s finest. Second Life is the worst. Cars in that game are only rich man’s play toys.

    Every vice is legal, guns arent allowed in 90% of the areas, streets are designed to be a disadvantage to cars and more of an advtantage to walking, people have sex openly anywhere they want in public, rape is common, and nearly everybody is unemployed expect for business owners, criminals, and legal prostitutes. Also, the game gives you welfare (just a little bit) just for being alive.

    A very sexual game. Then again this is a very sexual generation, and with Viagra…… You figure it out. We are free love hippies without the moral inhibitions.

    This will be America also-circa 2030.


    Another wise old man told me that American and Japanese autos would fall to minor players this decade, because of the lack innovative alternative energy check. Only the old brands that get their act together and totally abandon the “old ways” will survive. So far, Ford and GM still sell to0 many large products for them to not get hurt. Americans will flock to Korean cars that will now be “Premium” cars, and Chinese cars will be here in force to supplant both the Americans and Japanese. The well to do will still buy German cars but some of them will hop into the newly “Premium” Korean cars. He in fact said the Japanese wont come back until at least the 2030s. American cars will get better, but inside American corps theres an element that wants to go back to the old ways i.e. producing bottom dollar product that exploits the customers wants-not needs. There will always be a lingering danger that Chinese competition forcing lower prices will lower domestic quality.. There’s also a danger of the brands being forced to drop quality.

  8. tj Martin Says:

    My naming suggestions for the Prius line ups new moniker ;

    The Pretense

    The Hyperbole

    The S&M ( Smoke & Mirrors )

    And for those in the Snow Belt naive enough to buy one .

    The GodIHopeIt’llWorkToday

    Well one good thing about Toyota giving the Prius its own brand . Those of us with Toyota’s won’t be associated with the Prius brand any longer . Thats a relief !

  9. pedro fernandez Says:

    Here’s one story about the great improved Chrysler Corp you won’t read anywhere: Even though the Dodge Journey has been having major issues with its brakes, they have not changed the hardware up to the 2011 models. They rather inconvenient the customer into bringing the car in and change the pads and rotors many of them with less than 10,000 miles. Senseless!! A dodge tech told me this in confidence.

  10. G.A.Branigan Says:

    @ H/S:Just what the hell have you done to better the USA??

  11. tj Martin Says:

    @ Bob & Nick re; Chevy Equinox ;

    Well after having been bombarded with all the hyperbole from you two on how utterly Fantastic the Chevy Equinox is : I finally decided to give one a test drive to see first hand whether A) The Car is all you both say it is and B) Whether or not your opinions are valid and worth taking seriously .

    My conclusions on the Equinox ;

    Is it a POS ? Decidedly Not . Better than the old one ? Most definitely .

    But is it Brilliant ? ( along with the half dozen other adjectives you both use about the car )

    Again , definitely NOT ! Too Little Too Late would be my summary .

    In comparison to its Toyota etc. competition the Equinox’s MPG is abysmal . The interior , though better than the old is less than quality . Its ride , though not bad is not good either ( unless you’re of a mind to think a JEEP Wranglers ride is good ) The blind spots as in all the ” New ” GM Design Language are miserable .

    Nope . Sorry . The Equinox as a step up for GM and not a bad little car for the money I can agree with . But nothing more beyond that .

    But in truth , as always with GM . They’re Too Late to the Party and bringing nothing along to make up for it . Just the usual cheap Chips & Lite Beer .

  12. tj Martin Says:

    My favorite FIAT is coming to the US story ( today )

    Marchionne has said over and over again that 60 – 80% of all the FIAT 500 sales in the US will be Automatics .

    So three guesses which is the ONLY model FIAT 500 we’ll be getting for the foreseeable future ?

    The Five Speed Manual .

    Oh yes pedro . Marchionne is well on his way to saving Chrysler and successfully reintroducing FIAT to the US . This along with your Dodge insight proves that for a fact .

    (sarcasm intended )

  13. tj Martin Says:

    Is ” Magic Sky Control ” in any way related to the ” Sky Hooks ” we were sent in a Wild Goose Chase after in the Boy Scouts ?

  14. HyundaiSmoke Says:

    I help people. Not this country.

    This government is a liar, the corporaions are liars and thieves, this country has become an athiestic whorehouse with fake believers who are just in it to get something for themselves, the police are milatarized and are more of a threat to society than the common criminal, my rights are violated constantly via Internet big brother, etc…

    This Internet Big Brother stuff isn’t crazy talk. Just read- http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-501465_162-20027837-501465.html

    National Internet ID Card

  15. pedro fernandez Says:

    H/S what are you talking about? Isn’t H/K also a corporation? But I suppose they’re good people just trying to bring good, inexpensive cars to the masses here and around the world! Is this magic glass roof related to the eyeglasses that darken when light hits them and clear up in the daylight?

  16. HyundaiSmoke Says:

    Obama, Bush. Regan, Clinton, Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative, Tea Partier are all the same to me.

    A bunch of hoodlums, thugs, and gangbangers these guys are.

    We will try to do something about it, and it will appear that we have done something about it, but of course these tricksters flushed with cash will find a new way to trick us.

    Its a gen Y revolution all over the world against Liberal and Conservative governments who fail to quickly solve problems.

    Many Young American Under 35 people admire the Young Tunisians, and quite a few (too many to be controlled) are calling for such a Revolution to take place here.

    With all of the protests and civil unrest throughout the globe by young people, Young Americans are starting to smell blood. Older folks have smelled blood for a few seasons now, but when the young come out, it’s over-control that is.

    There will be more lone wolfs like this Tucson shooter, and that will inspire others until they eventually lose control for the entire young body politic.

    They know they are losing control and are preparing.

  17. bob Says:

    Re the Equinox: I only say it is a HUGE home run for GM, from the sales viewpoint. I also quess it also makes GM a ton of $ and profits. I always compare it with its rival the excremental Ford Transit Connect as a Truck of the year thing.

    I have not driven the Equinox and I am not in the market for one, but it seems many people realize that they do need a wagon-ish vehicle, not a full zise minivan, but they do not need a full size SUV in this $3.50 gas marker (which may go back to $4 by the summer).

  18. HtG Says:

    h/s, are you ok? Your screeds are getting a little familiar, in an Arizona sort of way.

    Ben, you guys reading this stuff?

  19. bob Says:

    As for the Prius, I wonder if Martin has driven it.

    There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING pretentious in the PRIUS ITSELF. it is the PEAK of hybrid efficiency, an engineering TOUR DE FORCE, AND it delivers BIG TIME MPG wise.

    If some A-hole auto illiterates in Hollywood pretend they drive it all the time, while they only use it for photo-op appearances at the Oscars, you should NOT blame the VEHICLE, which is INDEED OUTSTANDING. blame the A-holes!

  20. HtG Says:

    tj, are you looking at larger cars or even SUVs to follow your mini? How do you feel about test driving a car you have no intention of buying? I’m having this issue.

  21. bob Says:

    “In comparison to its Toyota etc. competition the Equinox’s MPG is abysmal .”

    What are you talking about, Martin??????

    How many times did I say that the 2wd Equinox has a STELLAR, STELLAR 32 MPG EPA HWY? Most little sedans are not that good, let alone a 4,000 lb NON HYBRID Crossover like the Equinox!!!!

  22. HtG Says:

    is Equinox geared really tall?

  23. bob Says:

    The Equinox is a HUGE BUSINESS success for GM. it is the ONLY GM vehicle that they go three shifts plus use another plant part time AND STILL they can’t satisfy the HUGE DEMAND. That is all that matters to me. I am not evaluating the Equinox from the point of view of the consumer, (I am not in the market for one of them, or any of its ilk, I remember driving the first gen CR-V (now it is the second in sales after the Equinox plus terrain) and it was PITIFUL) but of the INDUSTRY.

  24. HyundaiSmoke Says:

    LMAO HtG. That act in Arizona is deplorable, but the anger is out there. Nah, Id rather Riot. It’s cooler. Lone wolf attacks will only make thing sworse. They will take more rights away as they know they are losing control. Just look at your local news. There are gun fights with cops on a daily basis now.

    I was an 8 year old kid when the Berlin wall fell. I was caught up in the emotion of that even as an 8 year old. That might happen here. We thought we had another Velvet revolution when we elected the current administration, but I guess not.

  25. pedro fernandez Says:

    Every single Prius owner I’ve spoken to has been absolutely 100% pleased with the car and have even told me that for the amount of driving I do I should definitely get one, yet a couple of Insight owners I met both told me they wished they had gotten a Prius instead, they just wanted to save a couple of bucks and then regretted it.

  26. HtG Says:

    pedro, the person at my local Honda service dept told me a little about the Insight buyers. He said they were the kind of people who wanted to make a statement. He also said there weren’t too many of them.

    H/S, you watching Tunisia? Hosni Mubarek is. That’s the part of the world that’s ready to keel over. Hmmm, wonder what that would mean for oil. As for us, if it weren’t for govt bailouts, central bank money creation, and unemployment insurance, yep there would be blood.

  27. Alex Kovnat Says:

    >Last week Toyota unveiled new
    >vehicles that will be part of
    >its Prius family, but what
    >should they be known as?

    “Priuses” is good enough for me.

    One of the nice things about the Volt is, its very easy to pluralize.

    It would be good for Chevrolet and GM to come up with multiple versions of the Volt. For example, why not a version which can only go 15 miles or so on battery charge alone? The benefit is, you wouldn’t need to carry as much weight in batteries. Or, as much initial investment in cash. Why not versions with motorized rear wheels (i.e. a small motor in each wheel hub) for easier launch in slippery conditions and also, to help the car around corners?

  28. pedro fernandez Says:

    This middle East is a ticking time bomb and when the proverbial __it hits the fan the first thing that will be affected is the oil flow and you can kiss that $4 a gallon goodbye for a long, long time and since everything is so dependent on oil, the inflation will increase and the recession will get worst.

  29. HyundaiSmoke Says:

    Ben Ali=Tunisia. Mubarak=Egypt.

    There is a big risk that Algeria will go up into flames as well. Tensions are very high, and it can break at anytime.

    This will happen again in Iran. The election protests were just the start. Ahmadinejad is sooo… in trouble. Iran is going to be one of those unexpected global “Chnage Agents.” People will say, “If Iran is doing it, we might as well do it too.”
    In fact the American, Mexican, French, and Iran Gen Y revolts will turn out to be the bloddiest. The Mexicans are tired of the crime and high food prices. The Gaps between the Haves and Have nots are becoming ridiculous in this country (US). We are now the least equitable out of the major developed powers. This has been an off and on off again problem for the last 15 years. It’s now becoming extreme, and Americans even the docile and easily manipulated sort of today can only take so much.

    Sarkozy is in big ass trouble too. Spain, Ireland, Portugal, and Italy will be ones to watch as well..

    HtG, if the Dollar were to crash, or something else were to happen this country is very weak right now. It’s overextended EVERYWHERE.

    If QE fails we are in big trouble. I hate to sound like doom and gloom, but this is reality.

  30. HyundaiSmoke Says:

    When Gen Y starts it America will become a big free for all. Young old, educated uneducated, whatever will have party time. The stores will be emptied out quickly, and with so many people being deprived of American consumerist goods for so long they will be itching to steal.

    Minor Protests and Crime wave comes first. Just look at your local news. Yes, a big crime wave is brewing. All of those gains during the Clinton/bush years in anti-crime will be WIPED OUT!!

    This is going to be an interestingly crazy country for a while. It will be quite entertaining.

  31. HyundaiSmoke Says:

    Let’s hope the Music continues to imporve from the early 2000s drudgery and bubble gum we had to endure.

  32. HtG Says:

    in re music h/s, you’re making old guy noises. The teeny boopers don’t know any better. Autotune suits em just fine. Driving while blasting Blondie still works for me.

  33. Alex Kovnat Says:

    Pedro sez:

    >This middle East is a ticking
    >time bomb and when the proverbial
    > __it hits the fan the first thing
    >that will be affected is the oil
    >flow and you can kiss that $4 a
    >gallon goodbye for a long, long
    >time and since everything is so
    >dependent on oil, the inflation
    >will increase and the recession
    >will get worst

    I see higher gas prices as a blessing in disguise, because if we have to limit fossil fuel consumption anyway owing to global warming or other consequences of carbon dioxide buildup in our atmosphere, said high prices will create a natural economic incentive to buy smaller cars and adopt energy-economical lifestyles.

    One answer I propose to the problems high gas prices are creating for poor people is, revive “cash for clunkers” and offer income tax rebates for those who otherwise can’t afford to trade in their clunker for a more fuel-economical car. Only thing I would change from the last Cash for Clunkers program, would be to let the market decide when an old car should be scrapped.

  34. C-tech Says:

    Glad to see some good news from Chrysler-Fiat. John when will the new Fiat Dealers be up and running? The sales dates keep slipping back. The convertible 200 looks good. Why did everyone change from the traditional cloth and frame conv. to these metal shells and the inherent complications?

  35. Kit Gerhart Says:

    “I am curious exactly how high will be the MPG of the “smaller” prius C”

    I would be surprised if the mileage of the “C” is much more than the regular Prius. If the C is lighter, it would be a little quicker and get slightly better city mileage, but probably no better highway mileage.

    If the C were available when I got my Prius, I might have bought one IF it had at least 5 feet of floor with the back seat folded, and IF it cost a couple thousand less than my Prius II.

  36. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I really don’t understand why you hate Priuses so much. Hey, it’s just a car, but one that happens to carry four people comfortably, and five if they are not too “wide,” while getting over 40 mpg under all but the worst conditions. Also, being a hatchback, a Prius is very good for carrying “stuff” with the back seat folded down.

    As “bob” said, it’s not the car that is pretentious, but some of the people who might use it as a photo op. A Prius is just a great car for what it was designed to do.

  37. Kit Gerhart Says:

    “HtG Says:
    is Equinox geared really tall?”

    It’s pretty tall, about 1900 rpm at 60 mph for the four cylinder. My manual transmission base Mini is about 2500.

  38. bob Says:


    I did not guess that the C will have much higher MPG than the prius, it was printed in this week’s Automotive news, the alleged Bible of the Auto Industry.

    I share your scepticism it will not be much higher than the already very high MPG of the Prius, but if Toyota said it will be higher, I believe it will. The Q is by how much. And after all, if it has more recent tech batteries, it may weigh much less.

    It could well have the attributes you mentioned.

    BTW, if you put “bob” in quotes, you should do so for many other posters who do not post with their real names, but I prefer that you don’t use quotes for anybody.

  39. bob Says:

    The name Prius derives from the Latin “PriMus” which of course means first. In latin, the prural should be Prii. But you can also anglicise it to “Priuses”.

    The name is appropriate since the prius was the first Hybrid in the World (even tho it was the science project 70 MPG HWY Insight two-seater that arrived first in the US market.

    And not only was the Prius the First, it was also by far the BEST hybrid ever so far.

  40. Kit Gerhart Says:

    “BTW, if you put “bob” in quotes, you should do so for many other posters who do not post with their real names, but I prefer that you don’t use quotes for anybody”

    OK, I’ll oblige with that, but as you might guess, the reason I’ve sometimes used quotes for you and not others, is that you’ve changed your “handle” so frequently.

  41. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I’ve read that “Priora” is also a possible plural for Prius. I usually use the anglicized version, Priuses, or avoid using a plural at all.

  42. pedro fernandez Says:

    So Alex’s answer to higher gas prices is another C4C program and more tax breaks to buy a new car. Sorry, if your finances only allow you buy used, then buy used. Enough govt handouts, a new car is not a necessity, food, medical care yes.

  43. bob Says:

    pedro fernandez Says:
    January 18th, 2011 at 8:52 am

    “So Alex’s answer to higher gas prices is another C4C program and more tax breaks to buy a new car. Sorry, if your finances only allow you buy used, then buy used. Enough govt handouts, a new car is not a necessity, food, medical care yes.”

    I agree 100%, CFC is a TERRIBLE idea, and it was EVEN more terrible the way it was implemented in the US. The 100% Corrupt HYPOCRITES in congress that came up with it did NOT just want to imoprove the MPG of the fleet, they wanted to make sure the (mostly domestics) were able to sell the customers NEW SUVS that had as low as 22 MPG (correct me if I am wrong on the number) HWY!

    BUT the consumers were not that stupid, and they traded in their unsafe, guzzling, rollover prone Explorers and Pickups for CIVICS and COROLLAS, if you remember the CFC stats.

    Higher gas prices are a BLESSING, since they encourage consumers to either DRIVE LESS, DRIVE SLOWER, Do NOT take silly unnecessary trips if you don’t have to (aimlessly driving around is sure not the best way to waste a Sat night!),

    and above all, when they go buy or lease a car again, they will choose a far more fuel efficient one.

    the sum total of all these actions is always to reduce the demand for gas in the US and therefore LOWER gas prices to a far lower level than they would OTHERWISE BE!!!!

  44. Chuck Grenci Says:

    Gee whiz, I remember when this was an automobile forum. Are there connections to all this political diatribe; scant little. IMHO

  45. HtG Says:

    I think that economic and industrial events tell a lot about the cars themselves. Who cares about MPG if gas is free?

  46. bob Says:


    What are you talking about??????

    Where did you see any POLTIICAL diatribes here today?

    It is ALL ECONOMICS, not politics!

  47. bob Says:

    If EVs and Plug-ins progress in tech and cost less, we can build 100 new, truly zero emissions, NUKE PLANTS, and give OPEC a GIGANTIC Middle finger!

  48. HtG Says:

    bob, I’d love to build nukes right in my own backyard, but they aren’t really 0 emissions. When taking into account all the cement CO2 emissions and the energy needed for extractions and concentration of U, I recall the number 1/3 being the comparison of nukes to carbs.

  49. bob Says:

    When you have the EV car makers say, with a straight face, that their vehicles are “zero emissions” when they use 50-80% COAL as their real fuel (generating electricity), you did not complain, and you complain when I just state that Nuke power PRODUCTION is zero emissions? The stuff you mention happens in the manufacture of EVERYrthing, not just nuke power. All cars cause additional pollution when they are made. But this is a drop in the bucket compared to the pollution they generate over 200,000 miles and 15 years they are on average on the road!

  50. HtG Says:

    I was just making a numerical point, bob. I also find it silly for anyone to call a EV zero emissions. I’d also like cars to get lighter so their energy goes further. Doesn’t a substantial portion of generated electricity get wasted by friction during transmission over distances? I am sure you know what negawatts are.

  51. Chuck Grenci Says:

    Where do I see politics? I guess I was referring to H/S and a couple of the responses. My apologies to the other posters here (but there is a lot of underlying subterfuge in the economics side of the industry that is politically motivated). I do stand corrected though to your challenge.

  52. Zieke Says:

    Some of you people that get on this automobile blog and get into the government etc. must be real JERKS. let’s use this forum for what it is meant to be. And if you don’t like this country, than get the hell out!!!