AAH #88 – Distracted in D.C.

January 29th, 2011 at 5:31pm

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In the final installment of our mobile AAH series, we go straight into the belly of the beast: Washington D.C. And, for this special edition John McElroy has gathered a group of newcomers and old friends alike. He’s joined by USA Today Columnist Jayne O’Donnell, Kimatni Rawlins from Automotive Rhythms and our pal from the Wall Street Journal, Columnist Joe White. We’ll be asking this trio about what’s been going on in the automotive world and get their unique Beltway perspective.

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2 Comments to “AAH #88 – Distracted in D.C.”

  1. kurt Says:

    Y’know sitting back listening to the gleeful ridicule being passed down on the “electrification project” of the current Administration I was watching the fall of the $2 Billion/year US built Egyptian military machine. Though I understand the exasperation in “defying the market” I’d point out that the market doesn’t make infrastructure…canals, rails, autos. Indeed you all should know by now just how little the market CAN do. I can see the fists pounding…

  2. kurtwil Says:

    Good show, but wrt diesels: There are very few AWD diesels because the mfrs such as Audi, BMW, etc. claim the loss of 1 mpg is too much for consumers to bear. Uh Huh… Their autos often gain 5 – 7 mpg from going to diesel. Loosing 1 mpg in return for AWD to prevent getting stuck on snow, ice, etc. is ok by me. Pity they don’t offer it, and so I must shop other brands.