Episode 628 – Toyota Won’t Meet Production Goals, Japanese Co.’s Downgraded, 5 Minute Recharge

April 25th, 2011 at 11:44am

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Toyota says production won’t return to normal until December and doesn’t expect to meet its full-year global production goal of 7.7 million units. Six Japanese companies had their outlooks downgraded to negative from stable by the Standard and Poor’s Rating Service. Chinese automaker SAIC wants to export cars to the U.S. and other markets because the market in China is slowing down. All that and more, plus a look at a new type of electric car that can be recharged in less than five minutes.


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This is Autoline Daily for April 25, 2011. And now, the news.

Last week we reported that Toyota’s production is only running at half capacity in Japan and now the company says it won’t return to normal until December. Toyota’s President, Akio Toyoda, says around 150 parts are still in critically short supply. It’s estimated that the company could lose up to 400,000 units of production globally through the end of the month. And the company does not expect to meet its full-year global production goal of 7.7 million units, which means General Motors will probably surpass Toyota in sales this year.

Not only is the earthquake and Tsunami hurting Toyota’s manufacturing levels it’s also hurting its financial status. According to Bloomberg, six Japanese companies including Toyota had their outlooks downgraded to negative from stable by the Standard and Poor’s Rating Service. The other companies are Honda, Nissan, Aisin, Denso and Toyota Industries Corp., which is a subsidiary of Toyota.

But while the Japanese struggle to boost car production, a Green Party leader in Germany is calling for the country to reduce the number of cars on its roads AND build vehicles that consume less fuel. No surprise here . . . and good luck with that.

SCION FR-S PRICED TO SELL (subscription required)
Toyota and Subaru’s joint-venture sports car is a definite go. According to Ward’s, it’s set to hit the market next year. The two automakers teased it in concept form at least twice now, most recently as the Scion FR-S at the New York International Auto Show last week. Jack Hollis, the brand’s vice president, says they’re close to a production model. With its low-slung bod and boxer four-cylinder engine it should be a fun car to drive. It should also be priced to sell. Hollis says it has to stay in the $20,000 range, which makes sense for Scion, Toyota’s youth-oriented brand.

The Chinese Communist party is celebrating its 90th birthday on July 1, and China Auto Web reports that part of the celebration includes a star-studded propaganda film titled, “The Founding Of A Party.” What’s most interesting is that the film is sponsored by Cadillac. You know Lenin always said that capitalists would sell you the rope you hang them with. But no doubt this is an astute move for Cadillac as it tries to sell more cars in China.

David Strickland, the head of NHTSA says that Chinese automaker SAIC wants to sell cars in the U.S. According to Bloomberg, Strickland visited China last week to meet with automakers and explain U.S. safety standards. SAIC and other Chinese automakers want to start exporting cars because the market in China is starting to slow down. Currently SAIC does not have plans to enter the U.S. market and instead is focusing on growing its business in India and the U.K. The company wants to export 800,000 vehicles by 2015. An analyst at JD Power Asia Pacific says Chinese vehicles will match international brands in quality between 2015 and 2018.

Speaking of China, the government there is forcing foreign car companies to develop brands in China for China. GM has Baojun, Honda has Everus, Nissan has Venucia. The government is forcing them to do this for a couple of reasons and here’s my Autoline Insight as to why it’s happening. First, foreign automakers have to turn over their technology to their Chinese partners to develop these cars. This is the one sure way China can make sure its car companies get that technology. Second, foreign brands now dominate the Chinese market, and China wants to see local brands do better. Third, and most importantly, China has a lot of engineers, but not very many good chief engineers. They’ve all done modifications to foreign platforms, but most have never developed a car from scratch on their own. So by forcing foreign car companies to develop Chinese brands in China, the government hopes it can change all that around.

Coming up next, a look at a new type of electric car that can be recharged in less than five minutes.

Earlier this month I spent some time in Taiwan where I visited a company called Pihsiang, which makes electric bikes, scooters and motorized chairs. But now the company is getting into electric cars. If electrics are ever going to catch on in a big way, something has to be done about the amount of time it takes to recharge them. Even with a Level III charger, the fastest type that’s available today, it still takes about a half an hour to recharge the batteries. But the head Pihsiang says he has the solution.

Meet Donald Wu, the owner of the Pihsiang Motor Machinery Company. They make electric bicycles, scooters and motorized chairs. So they’re heavily involved with all kinds of battery technology. And now they’re getting into electric cars. They’ve partnered with a French company called Microcar, because Donald Wu says he’s come up with a battery than can be recharged in less than five minutes. In fact, he says it can be recharged in four minutes and that you can discharge and re-charge it 30,000 times before the battery degrades. This is a lithium-iron battery, not lithium ion. And that’s the secret to its longevity.

I got to drive a Microcar with his battery technology in it and it seems to work quite well. While these cars are really for low-speed-limit roads, it had adequate acceleration off the line and an acceptable cruising speed of about 40 miles an hour.

No word yet on what these electric Microcars will cost when they come to market, but if Donald Wu has truly come up with a battery that can be recharged in four minutes, then he’s going to end up selling a lot more batteries than cars.

The Pihsiang electric is really for low-speed driving. In the U.S. it would probably be limited to driving on restricted roads, or on public roads with speed limits of no more than 25 miles an hour.

And that’s today’s report on the top news in the global automotive industry. Thanks for watching, we’ll see you tomorrow.

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44 Comments to “Episode 628 – Toyota Won’t Meet Production Goals, Japanese Co.’s Downgraded, 5 Minute Recharge”

  1. HtG Says:

    The wait is over, John! Today Barnes and Noble released an update for their NookColor tablet computer. I watched you via Flash for the first time. You’re going mobile.

  2. pedro fernandez Says:

    Nice move there GM, sponsor a celebration of a system under which, you would not exist as a Capitalist, money-making organization, but as a govt run, inefficient entity. Oh wait, that is pretty much what you have become, never mind! That battery company guys also sells Chinese food out of his shop.

  3. Kit Gerhart Says:

    “Hollis says it (Scion FR-S) has to stay in the $20,000 range,”

    By “$20,000 range,” do they mean $29,999, like when they say houses are in the 300′s, they mean $399,999?

  4. pedro fernandez Says:

    Corollas, Civics, Fiestas are in the $10,000 range, add tax and dealer fees and they go for $20,000+

  5. shan Says:

    @HtG At the opposite side of the spectrum, i got to watch Autoline Detroit’s weekly broadcast, via my Sony beta-max, which was recorded on obsolete on a ED tapes. I like mixing old, archaic technology with new technology. lol

  6. James Says:

    So you drove and reported on the micro car that would recharge in 4 minutes. So why didn’t you stick around for a few more minutes and see if it really did complete a full charge in that time. Now that would be reporting.

  7. tj Martin Says:

    @ Tom L

    If you’re looking in today re; your car suggestion .

    Obviously you haven’t noticed , the only Automotive ” H ” word I dislike/despise more than Hyundai , is Hybrid .

    Speaking of H words , looks like everyone’s favorite Smoking Hyundai ( God know what that boy is smoking ) is back . How nice !

    But worse yet , it seems for what ever reason Pedro is becoming a convert . Well …. like the Queen song says …. ” Another one bites the dust “

  8. pedro fernandez Says:

    TJ, on Corolla, I base my opinion on what I read online, what can be taken seriously, like CR, JD POwer,Edmunds customer reviews and TTAC online, I have come to the realization that the new ones are not the top of the segment any longer, Focus, Civic, Elantra, Cruze, Impreza, even Mazda 3 are better than Corolla, except in the reliability dept. I hope that when the next model comes they will raise the bar.

  9. tj Martin Says:


    Lets face facts . Call a Spade a Spade , and just admit almost every aspect of every Automotive Manufactures , promotion , advertising , hell even the ( highly modified ) cars they give to the Press as well as the EPA for testing ……

    Its ALL Propaganda !!!

    So lets just call Cadillac’s latest escapade ( or should that be Escalade ) in China probably the only honest thing Cadillac has done in years .

    @ pedro ;

    Lets see in say 20 years how many of those Hyundai’s KIA’s Mazda’s Fiestas are still running . The do a comparison on how many of those so Horribly Backwards Corolla’s are still in service .

    I think you can guess what the answer will be without waiting , don’t you ?

    So what’s more important . Technological Crap up the Yin Yang to amaze the current Automotive press , who for the most part have the Attention Span of a Dyslexic Humming Bird … or a car that actually Works when you need it . And can last a lifetime if need be .

    I’ll take function over technology any day !

  10. tj Martin Says:

    Speaking of BAD reporting as well as being Dyslexic Humming Birds , along with bucking for the Automotive Press’s ” Esel Kussen ” Award of the Decade .

    Has anyone had a look see of late at AW’s recent spat of ( cough sputter hack ) reviews ?

    If we’re to believe them , there’s not a car being made today that has s single problem or concern to consider when deciding on what to purchase .

    Maybe I’m just out of Fashion , but Since When did making a Discerning Purchase become Out of Fashion ?

  11. HyundaiSmoke Says:

    Yawn, Toyota.


    I think Ford should add a downmarket brand, and Ford itself should become the Premium brand. If they keep Lincoln, it should be Hybrid only slush rafts for the Boomers only.

    Go Hyundai/KIA!!!

    Good Luck Ford, see you at the end of the race.

    Go Mercedes!!!

    Go Cadillac!!!

    Toyota, Toyota, Toyota, Honda, Honda, Honda, thats all we hear about. Yawn. LOL.

    Even the Daewoo Cruze and Sonic are better than Civcs and Corollas.

  12. tj Martin Says:

    And speaking of the Dyslexic Humming Bird , intoxicated by some unknown illegally smoked substance .

    HEeeeeeRES HyundaiSmoke !

    Lets see . Now if Bob , Nick and that Canada fellow can make an appearance the day will be ( a ) complete ( disaster )

  13. SalvadorG. Says:

    “No surprise here . . . and good luck with that.”

    Oh! You shouldn’t had said that (The Titanic is unsinkable) the German Green Party has a lot more political power than it’s U.S. sibling, a lot more (and yes people, there is an American Green Party).

    eh!! he.. he he he… :d

    A Scion?!!
    Can we just wait for the Subaru version??

  14. tj Martin Says:

    Automotive Press Part Deux

    So I have a look see on the CAR site , just to satisfy some perverse sense of curiosity to see how things are digressing there , and what do I see ?

    More factual errors on a single web page than CAR has probably produced in print in a decade .

    I especially loved the Article on Bristol Cars being purchased by Frazier Nash with the Author claiming FN’s had used Bristol engines in the past .

    Uhhhhhhhh Nope ! Bristol’s used Frazier Nash which were BMW engines would be the correct Historical Order .

    Now if these so called Premium Automotive magazines can’t even quote History accurately ( easy enough to RESEARCH ) why the hell should I/We trust them for Product Reviews and opinions .

    Ahhhhh why do I bother ? Quality Accuracy , Intelligence , Discernment etc. Its all going the way of the DoDo .

    Crap is IN . Guess I’ll just have to remain out of step .

    NO BROW has NO Place in my life .

    Its all your Hyundai(WTFareYou)Smokin .

    You’ll fit right in to the current Zeitgeist of Online bloggers , reporters etc.


  15. pedro fernandez Says:

    Hey Smokey, get this: Daewoo SUCKS, period. Even the appliances and electronics they make SUCK! Don’t compare H/K with Daewoo, just because they come from the same country, don’t mean crap! Tj you don’t get my point, the Toyotas and Hondas from the 90′s were better made than today’s. Both companies had a tighter control on parts and quality than now. Nowadays just for the sake of saving $$ they look for cheaper parts from wherever they can get them. I wish I could go back in time and buy a new early to mid nineties Corolla or Civic.

  16. cwolf Says:

    Tell me how many pos./neg.charges can be shoved onto each cell plate in that micro-car in 4 min. with a normal power supply,then see if they don’t come off even faster. Half hour drive maybe, at best. NO Thanks!

    Drove a new Focus and thought the ride impressive for a small car,handled well and had a quiet interior. Read the two-stage trans.had a “clunk” noise at take off speeds.I could tell something was happening,but sure wouldn’t call it annoying or bothersome. No problemo with acceleration either. Ford”Sync/”Touch” does SUCK! Does anyone recall the negative comments about the Fiesta a few weeks ago? Wanted to drive one, but all 8 were sold last week. Guess soaring gas prices will make any 40mpg car most acceptable. Next demo is in a Cruse by end of week. It would be ideal to compare Ford and GM “Eco” models to their standard.But I have never seen one and doubt many exist.

    Darn! I smell “Smoke” again. Next time I have a word with my UAW bro’s,perhaps I could recommend they make Korea their first off-shore target. Maybe that’ll cook his goose for awhile!

  17. pedro fernandez Says:

    TJ do you suppose Toyota won’t put in a 6 or even a 5 speed auto in the Corolla or Rav4 to be able to sell it for less or to cut down on mechanical failures?, ex. the 3 speed auto that used to come in the Corolla and Tercel were basically indestructible; multi-gear trannys need more repairs, including electronic failures some times.

  18. John McElroy Says:

    Just a note to anyone who tried to download AAH #99 and got AAH #98 instead. The problem has been fixed. Please try again. Thanks to everyone who helped us locate the source of the problem.

    Here’s the direct link:

  19. pedro fernandez Says:

    cwolf I think you need to take out China too, Smokey is more partial to China than Korea except he cant’ brag about Chinese cars cause they’re worst than Yugos. TTAC had an interesting review on the Daewoo-made ultra-crap Aveo, stating that GM’s long history of really bad subcompacts continues from the Chevette through the Aveo and I think it will continue with the horribly named Sonic. I hope I am wrong on this.

  20. tj Martin Says:

    @ CWolf

    How’s about sending some of that Union Strong Arm over JEEP way . slapping some sense into those Idiots ( from the designer to the line workers ) and get them to BUILD a DECENT QUALITY Wrangler !!!!

    Looking out my window this morning at a gorgeous Black w/Black roof , aluminum 5 spokes etc. all I could do is STEAM over the fact that for such a simple vehicle its a major POS !

    FYI; I don’t want it fancy . I don’t want more gizmos . Just build the damn thing so’s it runs for more than 10,000 niles without a serious problem or 30 recalls .

    Think your UAW Bros could do something about that ? It’d sure get my money spent in the US if they did !!!

  21. cwolf Says:

    pedro, We’ll include China,too!

    Funny you mension the Sonic. A couple engr. friends,who moved to that plant, say it’s much improved. They say the suspension made most gains and a better engine. Interior and mat’ls finally up to par,but they say they are working on a better fit/finish. Said knobs or colm. levers need to be beefed-up(breaking off). They said the car ride is nice for such a little scooter and for the money. Still,I’m not that desperate to even want one.

  22. pedro fernandez Says:

    Cwolf, if GM can make the Sonic leap forward from the consistently worst-in-class Aveo, they deserve the respect and admiration of car buffs from all over the world, but this remains to be seen.

  23. Kit Gerhart Says:

    There is not doubt that the Sonic will be worlds better than Aveo, but I suspect the gas mileage will be middling, at best, in its class.

  24. pedro fernandez Says:

    yeah, you’re probably correct, let’s not forget that class of car is now very close to 40mpg highway, but you need the latest in engine design and also more gears in the trannies.

  25. cwolf Says:

    tj,I,too,want to like Jeep products,but I’m afraid your SOL.With sooo many problems, it has to be more in the design and engineering area than in assembly.I mean labor can only screw-up so much before quality pulls the plug!Surely these guys must know quality does’nt exist,yet they keep going forward as if everything is wine and roses. I’m giving thought to applying for a job at their new engine plant,but the chrys reputation makes me wonder if I’ll regrete it once hired. Those union boys would just love me;as if I don’t get in trouble enough where I work now!

    After running an errand,I stopped by Hyundai to drive the Elantra for a comparo. Nice car for the money,quieter than the earlier model,looks good,too.Would be ok for a second city car(I guess). I didn’t like the lack of lumbar support.Against their claim,the road noise STILL is pronounced.My God,it was as though the tires and shocks were inside with me! Road bumps felt like craters. Felt under the carpet to feel the pad. Amer.cars that I upolstered years back used a 40 oz. jute and 20 oz. trim. The Elantra had something less than 20(I think) with a poly backing. And unlike the Focus I just drove,the deflector under the engine and inner wells had plastic push-pin type fasteners.My son’s mazda3 uses the same junk. The fasteners on the Ford’s utilize the clip/slip on nut and screw type. I only checked because the plastic fasteners are hard to remove and often break.They also poke holes in the deflector or crack it. I ended up removing the deflector from under the Mazda.Piss-poor design in my book! Anyway,the Elantra IS a contender,but I’d first look at all others.
    I also thought the Elantra was a 40mpg car! The couple I spoke with at the service door claim they only get 35-36 on the hwy. Who-da thunk it!

  26. Andrew Charles Says:

    As I understand it TJ, the part of Frazer Nash that actually built cars became AFN, switched to selling imported Audis ad Porsches, and was eventually acquired by Porsche.

  27. XA351GT Says:

    Damn , it kills me seeing that everyone has accepted 40 MPG as acceptable. I only say this because mid 80s Honda CRX’ were getting 49Highway MPG. With all the tech leaps since then why the hell have they gone backwards by 20 % ? If the capability was there in 1985 it sure as hell should be way past there 25 years later.
    Attention automakers , make a car with only what is required for safety and emissions. Leave out out all the extra crap that only breaks and runs up the purchase price and repair costs. See what it gets mileage wise and price it to be affordable by anyone and you’ll sell 100K + a year. For those looking for a car to go point A to B it’ll be home run.

  28. tj Martin Says:

    @ Andrew Charles

    I’d though the same but lo and behold there’s still a Frazier Nash from the car builder , that now of all things builds bits for E/V’s and some other goodies , God knows what . And thats the Frazier Nash that just won the right to purchase Bristol Cars from the receiver .

    Doesn’t make up for the fact that the CAR goon got his History completely turned around ( which was the main point of my rant )


    Yeah its pretty obvious when Brake Lines are being cut by the wheel well there’s a serious problem with the design ( JEEP ) Not to mention lousy quality parts ( rear axels rusting to the point of falling off ?? )

    Too bad the Unions can’t get in there and do something to fix it ( its obvious management isn’t willing to ) Because once again my $$$ will most likely be going Overseas instead of into my own backyard which I’d prefer .

    Damn I hate what we’ve become here ( US ) of late !!!

  29. tj Martin Says:


    re; Post # 27

    Simple answer . Size and Weight . The 80′s size 10 is the new Size 3 . Least thats what the manufactures would have you believe .

    Along with the MYTH that that size and the weight is for your Safety .

  30. HtG Says:

    Hey boys, did I tell the story about walking into the Lincoln showroom and speaking to a salesman who used to be a service manager at shuttered Ford dealership? He told me they sometimes had to fix cars that were delivered to them; once they had a car that had had a wrench welded to the right rear fender panel. That’s an angry line worker.

    On gas mileage. I bought my Civic in 2001 thinking its high mileage would drive me into the coming world of expensive fuel. I intentionally got no heavy luxury features except A/C. It gets 43mpg at 65mph, at least on summer fuel, last time I checked. But then I have worked for oil cos, and appreciate the human toil that goes into filling Snookie’s tank. Don’t get me started.

    ps No HtG tomorrow. NY Autoshow in the evening. No HtG Wednesday either; it’s even better!

  31. XA351GT Says:

    HtG I heard a similar story from a co-worker who took his Cougar to the dealership to see a mechanic on a creeper holding on to the door sill of a Lincoln while another drove the car forward and back. He was like WTF are they doing? The manager said a customer brought the car in for a rattle that couldn’t be found. Here a line worker had placed a big nut inside the rocker panel with a note tied to a tag that said wow you found me. A heluva idea for a joke (not) .

  32. HyundaiSmoke Says:

    I dont know Pedro. Let’s see how they run when they hit our shores. NHTSA is now training Chinese brands to get cars ready for the US market as we speak.

    Judging from some of their small car interiors the Japanese are in trouble. Heck, even the Koreans should be a little worried with the materials they are using.

    - I still think outside financial forces (Dollar Collapse+ Weimar Republic style Hyper Inflationary Depression in America) will make Americans only able to buy Chinese Economy cars (built in America), and Korean Premium cars (built in America). CHINA PLANS TO DUMP OVER $2 TRILLION DOLLARS IN T-BILLS OVER THE NEXT FEW MONTHS. They just announced that China ONLY WILL ALLOW $1.3 TRILLION IN OUR NOTES. THEY HAVE OVER $3 TRILLION IN US NOTES. WHERE’S THE OTHER $2 TRILLION DOLLARS GOING, HUMM…?

    Just watch those prices soar.

    - It’s obvious the Japanese are becoming the Americans of the 1970s-2000s= POS cars that are years behind the reat+ putting money on the hood.


    America might even go the way of the British.
    (The same situation occuring in America today is the same situation that killed the Pound Sterling in the mid 70s. A Nice little Mini Depression they had.) THAT WAS THE FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN FOR THE BRITISH AUTO INDUSTRY, AND I BELIEVE THIS COMING CRISIS WILL DESTROY AMERICAN CARS.

    - The Germans are going to be not so good shape either, as the Koreans eat away into their territory with better features, more modern fuel efficient products, with interiors on the same level for lower prices.

  33. HyundaiSmoke Says:

    BTW, Toe Jam you better be thankful of the bloggers and online journalists.



  34. HyundaiSmoke Says:

    You can tell the difference between someone who gets real news, and the rest of the herd that gets their news from Orgs that have CIA personnel to watch what they say.

    It’s like night and day.

    I’m getting to the point to where I cant even talk to many people, because they have ZERO CLUE AS WHATS GOING ON!! NOT JUST THEY DONT HAVE A CLUE, BUT THEY GET DEFENSIVE AND SUSPCIOUS OF AN AGENDA WHEN YOU PRESENT REAL FACTS TO THEM!!!


  35. HyundaiSmoke Says:

    Im on the “shit list” for saying what I say, and the controversial articles I write about the REAL agenda AGAINST cars. The Big 3 , Germans, and Japanese are fully compliant with this Agenda. The Americans were told to make Shit cars for years, the Japanese were told to make ugly dry cars for years. The Japansese are now being told to make Shit cars like the Americans used to make. They get invited to the Meetings. WE KNOW PEOPLE WHO GET THE LISTS!!!

    But who cares, you cant live forever.

  36. HyundaiSmoke Says:

    The Chinese are being told to do whatever it takes to be New Japan. The Koreans as far as I know are not involved, but they could be.

  37. HtG Says:

    Or put another way…


  38. HyundaiSmoke Says:

    You have a point HtG.

    Look at this Chinese Beauty:


    Red Dragon getting ready to Spit Very Big Fire on Red White and Blue Eagle:


    Maybe we should attack first? We can instigate an incident to give us an excuse. They are a Big threat, and we cant allow it.

    We can then declare martial law in America to deputize every man and woman 15-65 years of age into an American Imperial force. China will then drop the dollar, and Americans will have no choice but to join or they wont eat.

  39. tj Martin Says:

    @ Hyundai(whatTheFrickAreYou)Smokin

    Who or what the (_____ ) is Toe Jam pray tell ? Some finment of your chemically demented imagination ?

    FYI; The ONLY thing Online Bloggers are ” Saving ” us from is the Facts , Truth and Reality . All of which Online Bloggers have long lost any viable Touch with .

    Fact is the ONLY thing Online more unreliable of late than 90% of the So Called Legitimate Press is the Online Blogger such as yourself who considers his/hers/its OPINION more viable than Verifiable Facts .

    Ahh but such is the result of ongoing substance abuse as well as Online Dependency created Dementia .

    I can hardly wait to see what your generation will look like in another decade , seeing as how you’re all well and good past any 70 year old in the Addled Dementia department . All self induced .

    So just imagine what you all will look like when the ” Real ” thing ( dementia ) comes into play .

    FYI; The only thing ” Controversial ” about your posts and so called ” Articles ” is the “Controversy” of just which drug or cocktail of drugs you’re ingesting in order to be as Addled and Clue less as you are

  40. tj Martin Says:


    BWTM !

    FYI . NEWS FLASH . Conspiracy Theories are NOT Facts . Just a lot of made up crap invented by mentally challenged and paranoid ( Paranoid Android ) individuals such as yourself .

  41. tj Martin Says:

    XA351GT ;

    My favorite story was when I pulled off the door panel of a friends Ferrari Testa Rosa ( mid engined one ) only to find inside ;

    1)Well used copy of Italian Playboy
    2) Crushed Coke Can
    3) One partially eaten and well molded sandwich
    4) One crushed beer can
    5)Crumpled brown paper bag

    Afterwards I explained to him about the realities of the Ferrari Workers being Italian Communists that hate your guts for the fact that you can afford the car they’re not even allowed to drive .

    That was in a cruel sense a lot of fun .

  42. HtG Says:

    morning tj, I have a worker story. A guy I worked with years ago told me about how he had a job at a Ford supplier when he was in school. They had a quota for production that was easy to meet. So when he had finished the day’s work after a few hours, he’d put up his feet and just read for the rest of the day. This had to have been in the fifties, and the guy was from Michigan.

  43. pedro fernandez Says:

    Toe jam could refer to a barefoot kick in the ass, I suppose. My 1979 almost new Buick Skylark had the bottom panel of the dashboard come down as I was driving because instead of the 4 screws that were supposed to be there, there was only one. Months later, I found the other 3 in the spare tire well. Last American car I bought.

  44. HyundaiSmoke Says:

    Toe Jam, it’s kind of hard to take anybody who listens to corporate news seriously. :D