We Want a 150 MPH Speed Limit!

May 26th, 2011 at 9:01am

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As long as we have traveled at great speed there have been those seeking to limit that speed. Highway speed limits have not increased in 50 years, while car technology and driver abilities have greatly improved in that time. John McElroy pleads his case as to why high speed on the highway is an achievable goal.

3 Comments to “We Want a 150 MPH Speed Limit!”

  1. JJ Says:

    John, since I’ve seen “I, Robot” I see the future you are talking about.

    OTOH, as a regular driver, in a minivan no less, of the deadliest highway in America, I-95, I’ll point out that no amount of computer chips, no amount of google GPS, no amount of German engineering will save me if the guy in front of me is doing 150mph and his tires are part of the next Firestone tire debacle.

  2. pedro fernandez Says:

    This is ridiculous, any such speed is inherently dangerous, I find it ironic that the video shown is under wet conditions which would make anything above today’s limits downright careless. Yes jobs would be created, funeral parlors, casket making and anything involved with massive amount of carnage on the roads.

  3. Al Jadczak Says:

    Hi John, I would love to have a vehicle that would go 150MPH and a place to drive it in this country. However, I would also want the other vehicles on the road with me traveling at the same speed. I understand your comments on the technology to make 150 MPH travel safe, but as long as there are inconsiderate drivers, trucks, others towing stuff, and unskilled drivers being on the road at the same time I don’t think that this would be possible. In a country like the US today, everyone has the right to drive regardless of their capability.