AAH #112 – Time Vampire

July 29th, 2011 at 3:13pm

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This week get ready to be “electrified” and you’ll be “shocked” at how much it’s going to cost the industry. Our two guests will both be talking about the future CAFE standards that automakers are going to have to meet in the U.S. Jay Baron is the Chairman, President and CEO of the Center for Automotive Research (CAR). According to CAR’s findings, in order to meet future fuel economy requirements, prices of cars are going to skyrocket. We’ll be asking what cost the regulations will have on jobs. We’ll also be asking what technologies will enable us to meet those requirements, and clearly our next guest has part of that answer. Mark Perry is the Director of Product Planning and Strategy for Nissan, and he is intimately familiar with the all-electric Nissan LEAF. The company can’t seem to get enough of these electric cars out the door, and we want to find out what’s going on. John McElroy is joined in studio by the one and only Autoextremist, Peter De Lorenzo.

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