Autoline LIVE with Ford Chief Economist

February 6th, 2009 at 11:45am

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John McElroy’s LIVE discussion with Ellen Hughes-Cromwick about her forecast for the American economy and outlook on the state of the automotive market.

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7 Comments to “Autoline LIVE with Ford Chief Economist”

  1. /nick Scott from Tampa Says:

    John / Ellen,

    do you think there will be a priority when consumer confidence comes around, to consumers buying houses then cars, or visa versa or am i coming from left field?

    thx, Scott

  2. John Says:

    John McElroy, thank you for this interview.

    The scope of the evaluation for the cause of the current economic disaster soon to be depression is not BIG ENOUGH.

    A pretty little package with a “U.S. bank failure” “bow” on top is NOT REALITY. The cause of this economic disaster has been building for DECADES.

    You CAN NOT solve a problem until you correctly define the problem.

    And, the reason these experts don’t know if this wasteful “throw it against the wall and see what sticks” approach will work, is because THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND THE PROBLEM.

    If they understood the problem, there would be a precise solution that would TARGET the identified problem in a efficient way and not RISK FUTURE INFLATION.

    So, we are watching the worlds biggest crap shoot with luck and time not on our side.

    THE PROBLEM IS ROOTED IN THE MASSIVE POPULATION GROWTH IN CHINA AND INDIA. Corporations that put more value on Wall Street than the PEOPLE and Families of the U.S. Middle Class have used “GLOBALIZATION” to DESTROY THE “LEGAL” U.S. MIDDLE CLASS CONSUMERS EARNING POWER so they can profit.

    Consumer confidence will rise when LASTING TANGIBLE GOOD JOBS come back to the U.S. and TANGIBLE BANK ACCOUNT BALANCES RISE.

    YOU CAN NOT CON and LIE to the U.S. Middle Class any more. These lies are transparent and will fail to raise consumer confidence. And toss that “HOPE” term in the dumpster too.

    It takes between 10 and 20 Million NEW jobs PER YEAR in India and China just to keep up with their population growth.

    Where do you think those 30 or 40 MILLION jobs are being STOLEN from ???

    Let me tell you.

    Jobs are and have been stolen from “LEGAL” U.S. Middle Class Citizens for DECADES due to globalization. Then add H1-B visas and H1-B visa overstays, and 20 MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS to the wrecking ball. This is the root cause of the problem.


    Any other approach is a “band aid” and will FAIL.

    Read this:

  3. Mark Green Says:

    The technology development system being used by the automakers, does not allow people from outside the industry to contribute. Since they hire people educated in the same box, they all think the same way, which makes it very difficult to come up with “NEW” ideas. If I could find financing ($ 100,000 approx) I could easily assemble a prototype ZEV with enhanced range and the ability to provide the owner with no fuel cost transportation (trough renewable energy). Can you imagine marketing a vehicle that costs nothing to drive? If that is not a marketers wet dream, nothing is.

  4. Episode 77 - Chrysler Faces Lawsuit, China Eyes Mexico, Ford Anticipates Higher Sales - Autoline Daily Says:

    [...] is gaining market share and that its dealers are ordering more of them. And those of you who saw our live webcast last Friday with Ellen Hughes-Cromwick, Ford’s chief economist, know Ford expects industry sales to pick up in the second [...]

  5. John Says:

    Your Children’s Tax Dollars Stimulus to pay for Criminal Illegal Aliens.

    “E-Verify hiring mandate dropped from stimulus bill”
    February 13, 2009 (Computerworld)

    “The move is a victory for those who called the E-Verify requirement unnecessary and said it would seriously delay numerous projects, especially “shovel-ready” ones in the construction sector. But it is likely to come as a disappointment to those who felt the provision would prevent illegal immigrants from getting stimulus jobs paid by taxpayer dollars.”

  6. andre Says:

    Ford the best car :)

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Ford is a good car :)