AAH #238 – LIVE (to Tape) from New York, it’s Autoline After Hours!

April 17th, 2014 at 10:23pm

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Mark Fields, Ford COO
Dave Zuchowski, President and CEO, Hyundai Motor America
Harlan Charles, Product Marketing Manager, Corvette
Raj Nair, Group VP, Product Development, Ford
Pierre Loing, VP Product Planning – Nissan North America
Michael Sprague, EVP Sales & Marketing, KIA Motors America
Moray Callum, VP Design, Ford
Alanna Tracey-Bahri, Product Manager, BMWNA X4

All that and more with Host Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design & Production

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3 Comments to “AAH #238 – LIVE (to Tape) from New York, it’s Autoline After Hours!”

  1. Ron Paris Says:

    Wow! Who is this bozo Niel Pollack and what in the world is he doing posing as an automotive journalist?! Nice to see Krafcik subtly put him in his place at the end of the interview!

  2. Brent Adams Says:

    @Ron: Absolutely, Neal Pollack’s segment was wincingly embarrassing. From his 20 year out of date view of US makers to his fantasy-land expectation of market advancements, it was just awful. Every time he opened his mouth, I just wanted to scream “just shut up and let Krafcik educate us!” Aaahh!

    In contrast, Krafcik is a great interview. Please have him back and magically lose Pollack’s contact info…

  3. John Reid Says:

    He was ridiculous. Also enjoyed the comment from the BMW lady about ‘quick is good’. It can be.