Seat Time: 2014 Volkswagen CC Executive

August 26th, 2014 at 3:00pm

2014 Volkswagen CC

Seat Time is a chance for us to share our impressions of vehicles being tested in the Autoline Garage and at media previews from around the globe.

Reviewer: Chip Drake
Manufacturer: Volkswagen
Make: Volkswagen
Model: CC Executive
Type: Mid-Size Sports Sedan
Competitors: Acura TSX, Buick Regal, Hyundai Azera, Infiniti G37, Nissan Maxima
Price: As tested – $38,260
Made in: Emden, Germany
Drivetrain: 2.0L turbocharged inline four-cylinder with direct injection mated to a six-speed dual clutch automatic transmission
EPA Ratings: 22 MPG city/ 31 MPG highway/ 25 MPG combined

Final Impression:

2014 Volkswagen CC InteriorAs we know, the design of Volkswagens are fairly pedestrian save for the iconic Beetle. The Passat, Jetta, Tiquan, for example, all bare a striking resemblance to a lamb cake mold but less fluffy. So to say the VW CC – in this case the Executive — is the most beautifully designed Volkswagen seems a tad empty if not wholly accurate. The car’s slopey shoulders give it the look of one of its far more expensive Teutonic cousins while its two-toned milk chocolate interior is as luscious as that first summer milkshake on a hot day.

On the inside the car has the tech it’s supposed to have though most of it seems B-list. The RNS 510 Navigation system with its 6.5-inch screen along with the Fender sound system all could stand to be punched up a bit.


But the surprise that greets everyone with a smart phone is the Rubik’s Cube bluetooth mobile telephone connectivity system. It’s as intuitive as the Theory of Relativity. Perhaps I should have paid closer attention to the Monroney which had “requires compatible phone” in parentheses. But even though my iPhone fit the bill It still took me two tries and a call to a VW rep to figure it out. Once connected it worked fine but do you really want to go through so much hassle?

And speaking of hassle, the 2014 CC may look great and have a comfortable cockpit but if it rides like a farmer’s Halloween wagon hay ride what’s the attraction? The media information that accompanied the test car highlighted coil springs, telescopic dampers and aluminum control arms calling the suspension system a “sophisticated arrangement that helps deliver controllable dynamic handling.” Well, we know at least someone is earning his or her money over at VWoA because the Michigan roads where we drove the CC did not elicit quite the definition of the word sophisticated as I’m familiar with, but then I never did get that PhD in English I’d hoped for.

Look, I hate making light of a car I actually think is beautiful both inside & out. But when you’re talking about spending upwards to $40,000 you want your money’s worth. And with the 2014 CC Executive, in my opinion, its best performance is parked in your driveway.

3 Comments to “Seat Time: 2014 Volkswagen CC Executive”

  1. Jim Gordon Says:

    All I know is that I’m very attracted to the appearance of the CC and the Executive model in particular because of its higher content. But, there are four things that keep me forever pondering the purchase instead of making one: (l) VW’s depressing record as to vehicle reliability over the years with its lower-than-usual resale values, (2) an equally depressing set of online opinions about their dealerships’ arrogance, (3) the poor room inside for entering or leaving as well as its back-seat headroom, and (4) seeing pictures that there is a newer VW CC due perhaps as a 2016 or 2017 model. Its an even better looking car! I really don’t like buying a car that’s essentially “last year’s news.”

    The positives of the car as I see them are its LOOKS and its impressively zippy and nice-sounding 2.0T 4-cylinder engine as compared to its immediate competition. Those are the reasons I keep drooling-at-a-distance to purchase one!

  2. Compressor Man Says:

    I know what you mean Jim. By consumer report VW hasn’t made a reliable car in over 15 years. It is just about the best looking 4 door out there at this time but if it does ride like it looks must people can wake away and find something with both beauty and comfort. There are a lot of cars out there in or below $40k that have it all.

    For VW to think they are going to be number one auto maker. I’m still have a hard time buying in to that one. Until I hear that it wanted to buy another car company. That could do it!

  3. Jonathan Says:

    Still a looker and the awesome lease deals being offered make this car one to consider.