AD #1503 – BMW Tests Google Glass, F1 Boss Old-Fashioned, Sprinter’s New Crosswind Feature

November 18th, 2014 at 11:56am

Runtime: 8:21

- NADA Forecasts Continued Growth
- BMW Tests Google Glass During Assembly
- Volvo Partners with DHL
- F1 Boss Too Old-Fashioned
- CR Warns of Counterfeit SUV Tires
- Sprinter’s Crosswind Assist Feature

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13 Comments to “AD #1503 – BMW Tests Google Glass, F1 Boss Old-Fashioned, Sprinter’s New Crosswind Feature”

  1. Bradley Says:

    The Sprinter Crosswing Assist is interesting. Does it wear out brakes faster?

  2. Bradley Says:

    Oh yea, the BMW Google Glass seems to be the first practical use of Google Glass that I have seen.

  3. marshy Says:

    1. So if I drive from LA to Vegas on a hot gusty windy day, what kind of mess are the brakes going to be in? This is kind of like how on some rear wheel drive cars, the rear brakes get destroyed during winter snow driving.

    2. Google glass, although interesting, isn’t being developed actively anymore – many key team leaders have left the project and more than half of the companies developing for it have stopped.

  4. C-Tech Says:

    Are Volvo’s getting so expensive that you really are living in them? Why else do I need a package or food delivered to my vehicle?

    That use of Google glass could also be useful for troubleshooting glitches with vehicles at the dealership. Great for intermittent problems on a test drive.

    Wow! So NASCAR is more technically sophisticated than F1, at least in connecting with their fans

    @ #1 From what I have seen on brake wear with vehicles which already have this type of feature (Chrysler Minivans have had a variant of this for a few years) your brakes do not wear out any faster or unevenly.

  5. Chuck Grenci Says:

    Sean I just re-visited you Autoline Garage that dealt with reading the tire. As before, there was some very good information (in it). But since you were talking about counterfeit tires (from China), one has to wonder whether they would ‘fudge’ on the side wall description (of that) too.

    I didn’t read the transcript on the F1 television coverage, but if they are talking about U.S. viewership, a lot of the decline (here) is coming from the demise of Speedvision and the ‘potpourri’ of coverage from NBC, NBCSports and CNBC.

  6. Buzzerd Says:

    Some of the comments made by Bernie were kinda sounding like someone who is losing it a bit, a little dementia perhaps.
    Crosswind thingy sounds like a very complex answer to a simple question, couldn’t I just steer in the direction of the cross wind, you know, like we do now.

  7. HtG Says:

    King Lear, I mean Bernie

    It’s hard to take at face value the things Bernie says. RedBull and Monster drinks aim at youth. There’s PepeJeans and Adidas and Puma. There’s B to B sponsorship programs. F1 even has grid girls and a fashion show during MonteCarlo, attracting women’s attention. For Bernie to focus on the 70 old set is just weird, and it’s well worth considering that the full time F1 press reminds us never to underestimate Bernie Ecclestone. James Allen of BBC even writes that the sport has does plenty of work learning about the new media.

    Bernie’s got some strategy in mind, but what is it? But is he not as sharp as he could be? You want to try him?

  8. HtG Says:

    And now there’s a story from Bernie’s favorite journo that he’ll be looking into the race accreditation of websites. Take the story as seriously as you like, as it’s the FIA that gives credentials to the media.

    Man, that Bernie is doing a lot of interviews recently. Man in a hurry?

  9. Sean McElroy Says:

    #5 – You’re right they could just “fudge” the info on the sidewall. But as I said, it’s not a good idea to skimp on tires. Tires are cheap for a reason. And in this case even the non-counterfeit tires were cheap.

  10. Bob Aubertin Says:

    Hey Marshy,
    Do you know anything about cars or trucks? The rear brakes on most cars / trucks last longer, with one exception,the proportioning valve is leaking.Otherwise,your front brakes will always wear faster, nothing to do with winter driving.

    THe Cross wind assist will Not be applying the brakes Hard Enough to affect the Brake wear factor.

    So now you can go out and buy your M/B Sprinter and enjoy your drive from LA to Vegas.

  11. BobinAtlanta Says:

    The rear brakes on my ’07 VW Passat with EPB (electronic parking brake) are prematurely down to zero. The tire/brake shop says they see this in many VW and Audi vehicles with EPB. Any others with this problem?

  12. marshy Says:

    @ Bob

    You missed my point – rear drive cars with traction control CAN and DO wear out their brakes faster – my buddy burned through his rears in about 24 months with his Lincoln LS. Fronts were fine – blamed it on “spirited” driving in the snow.

    And yes, somewhere in my vehicle dynamics courses and short race car building hobby, I recall somewhere that the front does do a lot of the braking work…

  13. Bob Aubertin Says:


    I drive a 300C Hemi-powered Chrysler with Traction Control and over 60,000 miles. I have yet to replace my rear brakes and have changed my front pads twice.Mileage is the criteria, not months.

    Oh, by the way, I live in Eastern Canada where we have lots of snow on our roads and the Chrysler Traction Control system is the Best i’ve driven yet.