AD #1568 – Volkswagen Spends Big on R&D, More Ford GT Details, Bentley Breaks Its Mold

March 3rd, 2015 at 11:51am

Runtime: 6:54

- The Confidence of AWD
- VW Spends Big on R&D
- VW’s 4-Door Coupe
- Infiniti Shows All of QX30
- Nissan’s Future Euro Hatch
- Range Rover Cuts Top Off Evoque
- More Ford GT Details
- Bentley Breaks Its Mold
- Lexus Reveals Funky Ultra-Compact Car

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27 Comments to “AD #1568 – Volkswagen Spends Big on R&D, More Ford GT Details, Bentley Breaks Its Mold”

  1. Chuck Grenci Says:

    The Murano convertible was such a hit that Range Rover said, ‘we got to have one of those’…….not. I feel if the Evoque makes it to production that the results will be similar.

  2. Bradley Says:


    That Bentley looks like an Aston Martin, Ford Mustang, etc.

  3. Tony Gray Says:

    Topless Evoque? Not for me, but maybe for some exotic resorts looking for upscale ways to pick up folks from the airport, or maybe as an alternative to the Jeep tours in Sedona, AZ and Jordan, etc.

    Either way it looks better than Nissan’s recent attempt at chopping off the top of the Murano.

  4. Brett Says:

    Considering what a smashing success the Murano roadster was for Nissan, I can see why Land Rover wants to cut the roof off the Evoque.

    (sarcasm off)

  5. Brett Says:

    I expect that if they offered a fringed, surrey top for it, there might be a market in the islands for the topless Evoque.

  6. Rob Says:

    Range Rover trying to compete with the Wrangler maybe? Good luck! Meanwhile, I wish GM and Ford would bring back the old full size blazer, Bronco’s with removable tops.

  7. Kit Gerhart Says:

    1 That was exactly my thought, even before I saw your comment. I think I’ve seen one Murano convertible on the road, ever. Land Rover must think something similar, only pricier, will sell better.

  8. G.A.Branigan Says:

    Wow….that range rover drop top is just plain fugly.I guess beauty is in the eye of the beerholder.

  9. Kit Gerhart Says:

    That VW 4-door “coupe” must be the next generation CC, but if they build it as an almost 400 hp plug-in hybrid like the concept, it will need to sell at Benz, rather than VW prices.

  10. RumNCoke Says:

    Will somebody please tell the marketing wonks that four doors and a long wheelbase does not qualify as a coupe, even if you have a swoopy roofline. These are the people who call your sparkling cider “champagne”. Maybe their next trick will be to convince you that your sweet Dockers khakis are actually shorts. Enough already.

  11. Jon M Says:

    I don’t think a bathtub Range Rover will be an overall success; however, there may be enough housewives in Beverly Hills who just may jump at the chance to be the first to parade around town in a drop-top Range Rover.

  12. FSTFWRD Says:

    Topless SUV? I don’t think so, not for me anyway. What will be next, a roadster pickup? In my way of thinking, there is only one other thing that should be topless besides a 2 seat sports car, and it’s not a SUV.

  13. HtG Says:

    This Land Rover topless concept wasn’t so bad at all…

  14. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Maybe Land Rover are going after some of the Jeep Wrangler market.

  15. Kit Gerhart Says:

    12 Dodge and Chevy have both done roadster pickups, the Dodge (Dakota) moderately priced, and the Chevy (SSR) not so moderately priced. Neither was much of a sales hit.

  16. Tony Gray Says:

    The new Evoque concept reminds me of another compromise.

  17. Roger T Says:

    I think Land Rover recognizes that most of their vehicles never get out of metropolitan areas, and for that a convertible makes sense. People that buy these things aren’t interested in off-roading, no way they’re trying to compete with the Wrangler. And I thought common sense and good taste in cars had died with an SUV by Porsche, this is just another step in that nonsense direction.

  18. merv Says:

    can a coupe have 4 doors? I was always under the impression that coupes had 2

  19. Kit Gerhart Says:

    17 I was being facetious about the Range Rover thing competing with Wrangler.

  20. HtG Says:

    woooHeeeeeee!!!! It’s snowing again!


    (also being facetious)

  21. XA351GT Says:

    Well I’ll be definitely getting a Ford GT when they are released. In 1/18 scale that is $400K Wow !!

    That Lexus LF-SA reminds me of the Scion IQ part 2 with a huge sticker price. I predict if produced it will crash and burn as bad as the IQ.

    The Bentley is Bad A$$ . Great looking car and nice proportions. The Evoque convertible eh ,why not ?

  22. XA351GT Says:

    HtG I’m getting ice currently . I’d rather have the snow.

  23. Gene Says:

    12 & 15….Dodge originally had a roadster pick up in 29-30.

  24. Dave Forslund Says:

    Good show Sean!! It is always exciting to see new and concept cars.
    I don’t believe that Bentley is breaking any mold. I believe that it is going back to its roots. In the 1930′s and into the mid century, Bentley built some beautiful cars for the sports minded.

    While it’s sedans were the same as RR except for the wheels and grill work, they produced some extreme (for the time) cars for the sports minded that are true classics today.

    Always enjoy your presentation manner. (I’m 78 and like to see new “young blood.”)

  25. C-Tech Says:

    Bentley roadster – very good. Evoque roadster – not so good.

    The Sway will sell in the U.S. at the right price and right power train.

  26. HtG Says:

    24 That Bentley grill. Such a legacy

  27. Larry Says:

    The VW GTE Coupe? How can you say “it’s actually a coupe” when it isn’t? Might as well call it a truck and get the fuel credit! But beyond that it is a nice looking car!