AD #1574 – VW Golf Sportwagen Impressions, Buffett Blasts GM, Dealerships vs. Retailers

March 11th, 2015 at 11:58am

Runtime: 8:41

- Buffett Blasts GM
- Hyundai Partners with RE/MAX
- Hyundai Plans New U.S. Plant
- Harman’s Innovative Car Noise Canceling System
- 1964 ½ Mustang Brought To 2015 ½ Standards
- VW Golf Sportwagen Impressions
- You Said It!

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21 Comments to “AD #1574 – VW Golf Sportwagen Impressions, Buffett Blasts GM, Dealerships vs. Retailers”

  1. David Sprowl Says:

    I would think Harmen’s system would be great in a school bus!

  2. Brett Says:

    I imagine the sound system is implementing noise-cancelling in each seating position to negate the sound from the adjacent seating positions along with the requested audio.

    A lot of processing power at play there.

    I remember a show called “Beyond 2000″ where a presenter was driving a tiny little British “penalty box” of a subcompact that was equipped with a noise-cancellation system from, I believe it was Lotus Engineering, and it had a little dial on the dash labelled “Ferrari”, “Porsche”, etc.

    When you selected “Porsche”, it mapped the revs, gearchanges, etc. and sounded *exactly* like you were driving a Porsche. On the inside, of course. On the outside, it was still a wheezing little econobox.

    I thought that would be a great accessory. It’d be nice to be able to drive around town in an innocuous Hyundai Accent sounding like you’re driving a V-12 Aston Martin inside. :)

  3. Drew Says:

    Minor correction – Tom Scarpello was a former SVT Marketeer… not an Engineer.

  4. Jon M Says:

    Sliced bread is now an antiquated and boring thing, usurped by Harman’s Individual Sound Zones noise cancellation. I MUST have this.

  5. Jim Sawyer Says:

    Tom Scarpello was not an SVT engineer, as there were none. SVT engineering was done in the day by Ford Special Vehicle Engineering headed by John Coletti. Tom was Special Vehicle Marketing Manager. He succeeded Tim Boyd.

  6. Bradley Says:

    Your excitement about Harmon’s sound zones is well placed. It sounds like a great use of noise cancelling technology. ;)

    My Sportswagen does lag from a stop. I assume it is turbo lag.

    Glad to hear it will be called a Golf like the rest of the world now. Only if VW can fix the Passat/CC name issue.

  7. RumNCoke Says:

    If you look at the growth of the “restmod” market in the last 5 years or so, values are clearly on the rise. Yes, people do want the classic look of mid 60′s muscle without any of the headaches. Actually, I think a tipping point has been reached where more people will pay $150K+ for a nice restomod Corvette than a NCRS Top Flight car. I expect that the Mustang community will follow that trend.

    Unless you really like futzing around with drum brakes, ignition points, carburetor mixture, numb steering, etc. etc. etc.

  8. MJB Says:

    Great product from Harmon.

    Now, if we could just get it as standard equipment on all vehicles so I don’t have to hear the loud, obnoxious ‘noise’ (that some people call music) blasting from the guy’s car pulling up next to me at the stop-light, interrupting my peace and quiet…

    Of course, I’m not talking about the stereo systems you can hear coming from two-blocks away. Those will always be available on the aftermarket. Can’t do anything about those…

  9. Chuck Grenci Says:

    The Golf Sportswagen looks good, will it make a dent (in the market)…………….probably not; too many other vehicles leaning/touting to ‘sport’. Maybe someone needs to come up with a wagon that is family oriented (not sport), like in the old days (’50′s/60′s/70′s). “Wagon Queen Family Truckster” (in pee/pea green metallic); because even in the day you (Clark) couldn’t get the the ‘Super Sportswagon’ in Antarctic Blue.

  10. C-Tech Says:

    The Golf sportwagen will sell well if VW promotes it right. If they add awd it may give Subaru a run for its money. I wish GM, Ford, or Chrysler gave this type of thinking a chance.

    That Harman sound system seems like a great idea, if it is not too expensive to implement. With the anti-whiplash, powered adjustable headrests, adding speakers will make it crowded up there.

    The Mustang replica sounds good til you get to the price. I thought it would be closer to $80K. I think you could buy it and build it for that without swinging a wrench.

  11. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The Golf Sportwagon looks great. It is the only wagon sold in the U.S. that isn’t overpriced and/or pretending to be an SUV. With the 1.8 turbo replacing the thirsty 2.5 five cylinder, I’d probably get gas rather than diesel. The diesel works well, but it’s not cost effective.

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    10 If they DON’T add AWD it will continue to appeal to those who just want a wagon. Now, they need to improve reliability, and improve the dealer, or is it retailer network.

  13. C-Tech Says:

    If a real estate agent is driving a Mercedes, BMW, Cadillac, Lincoln, or Audi they look successful, not so much in a Hyundai Elantra.

  14. HtG Says:

    13 this is a true thing, from what I hear. Not to throw shade on Hyundai, specifically. I can tell you that there’s pressure on docs not to get too extravagant, and a friend at a big accountancy was also counseled to tone it done when buying a car. Clients don’t like seeing you in an uberwagon.

  15. cwolf Says:

    But I hear Hyundai is working together with REMAX realty. They discovered a good number of home buyers also purchased a new car within a year after moving in. Discounts are offered the REMAX realtor so the prospects may become interested in purchasing a Hyundai.

    How about the big recalls on toyo’s today?

  16. HtG Says:

    15 the link,

  17. Kit Gerhart Says:

    13, 14 From what I see, all real estate sales people drive Lexus RX’s.

  18. HtG Says:

    John said, “Thanks for all your letters and comments. They’re a great addition to the show.”

    I admit there are times I wonder how you guys and gals at Autoline tolerate us.

    Bartender, I’ll have another

  19. pedro fernandez Says:

    #16 here we go again, the wonderful “electrification” of the modern automobile. BTW I drove an 09 Corolla for the first time that I have driven any Corolla newer than mine and I was not impressed at all. Compared to the Civic I drove a few yrs back, it was not even in the same league.

  20. Earl Says:

    # 13….If the person drives up in a Hyundai Geneisis the client might…I say might be impressed.
    When I was selling my house the real estate agent that drove a Merceded two holer on wheels, I think they called it a smart car, got me. 25000.00 more than the agent that drove a BMW 5 series. In fact I asked the agent if I could take a photo of my wife sitting behind the wheel of the two holer on wheels so that she could send it to her family to let them know that she had just bought it. The agent went and washed it before we took the photo. Her family was aghast when they saw the photo. We had a good laugh when they made all there comments and then we told them it was a gag.

  21. Marshall Says:

    Ten minutes later and I’m still laughing over the thinking that any client would be impressed to see their real estate agent driving a Hyundai.