AD #1576 – First Look: 2015 Ford Edge, Defining “Automotive Grade,” FCA Open to Merger

March 13th, 2015 at 12:06pm

Runtime: 8:15

- Marchionne Open to Merger with Rivals
- Transplants’ Influence on Labor Talks
- Defining “Automotive Grade”
- First Look: 2015 Ford Edge
- Jeep Teases Moab Concepts
- Celebrating Pi Day

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51 Comments to “AD #1576 – First Look: 2015 Ford Edge, Defining “Automotive Grade,” FCA Open to Merger”

  1. Chuck Grenci Says:

    My general feelings, concerning wages, lean towards a ‘livable’ wage with profit sharing; just a good wage, with no penalty for mediocrity, brought the automotive industry ‘down’ (a number of times).

    “Automotive Grade” is certainly a fine goal, and the manufacturers meet that goal more times than not; however, it is not always the case.

    The Ford Edge looks nice (more evolutionary in my opinion) but perhaps the upgrades and enhancements can lead it to the ‘mark’ of the field (segment).

    Oh, and make mine: apple

  2. Lex Says:

    I seem to remember that some new Hyundai product (Tucson) has a very similar front grill as this new Ford Edge. This new Edge looks great the only thing is what will it cost?

    Too bad GM did not fully update the 2016 Equinox. I guess Mr. Wilson and his gang have really hurt GM to the point that they are reducing their power-train warranty from 5yrs / 100K to 5yrs /60K. This is a really bad move by GM! It will reduce residuals on all 2016 GM vehicles with this reduction.

  3. Lex Says:

    Marchionne is only putting out this message to see if their are any takers. Do not look domestically or to Europe. The ones who will be interested are the Chinese Auto Makers. Partnering or Buying Chrysler from FCA will put much needed cash into the pockets of FIAT. The Chinese will have an excellent opportunity to gain access to the North American Automotive Market.

  4. Lex Says:

    Ford made a big mistake selling JLR to TATA! Now Ford is wasting big money to revitalize Lincoln. Lincoln will never again have the popularity of Jaguar and Land Rover. The New Land Rover Discovery Sport is going to be a hot selling vehicle in my neck of the woods. That is why JLR is looking to increase production capability in North America.

  5. pedro fernandez Says:

    Just read that Honda is beginning to put turbos in some of their mainstream cars in the near future, starting with the Civic, I guess at this point they’ll try anything to make their compact relevant again. Big gamble if you ask me!

  6. Ziggy Says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! F1 is finally back for a new season, let’s hope it is as close a season as last year, maybe this time with a few teams competing for the final prize instead of just one. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! F1 is back.

  7. TC Says:

    “Automotive Grade”, HA! I’ve been developing complex real time telecom software for 37 years. Software with zero bugs does not exist!

  8. Buzzerd Says:

    new Edge looks nice and the Equinox and SRX soldiers on mostly unchanged, on and on and on. WTF GM?
    Chuck- it doesn’t matter how much profit sharing you give the floor worker if you design a crappy vehicle, they aren’t magicians.

  9. Brett Says:

    #7 – Agreed!

    #8 – Wurd, Buzzerd. 100% Don’t blame labor for bad management.

  10. Kit Gerhart Says:

    2 GM’s “downgraded” powertrain warrant is as good as every other mainstream car company, except HK and Chrysler. The 5/60 is better than warranties for certain expensive cars like Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

  11. HtG Says:

    6 I agree with Ziggy. Here’s a video to get everyone in the right F1 frame of mind. Caution, sentimentality and melodrama ahead…

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    5 It seems that everyone is doing turbos, though Toyota is holding out. We’ll will see if the Honda turbos buy us anything in performance or efficiency. Their current powertrains do very well, especially in Accord.

  13. Bradley Says:

    Yes, Automotive Grade implies more rigor and increased operating temperature over “Angry Birds”…but it doesn’t imply “bug” free.

    Not even the “Military Grade” software I work on is “bug” free. It is impossible to have 100% bug free…

    Now you can design for deterministic behavior and test endlessly for that deterministic behavior. But there are always flares, MTBF for the hardware, etc.

    Good software design will recognize those events and take appropriate action, but nothing is ever BUG FREE.

  14. Bradley Says:

    Today we had “pie” to celebrate “pi” day.

  15. HtG Says:

    I can get irrationally excited by cherry pie. Or blueberry. Or apple. Or lemon meringue.

    I can’t be certain, really

  16. Kit Gerhart Says:

    15. Kinda like vodka?

  17. Kit Gerhart Says:

    15, and yeah, me too

  18. pedro fernandez Says:

    Kit, for the most part, Subaru and Mazda are also avoiding the turbo way, with the latter also avoiding CVT’s as well. 15 I’ll take peach cobbler with some good vanilla ice cream, thank you!

  19. cwolf Says:

    Imagine FCA merging with VW….;What better way to improve reliability!

  20. pedro fernandez Says:

    #19 Huh? you ok, cwolf? If VW merged with Toyota, the latter’s reliability would drop as well.

  21. cwolf Says:

    pedro,….I was being facetious my friend!

  22. cwolf Says:

    kinda like me wanting one of those temp jobs so I can work for sub-wages, less than 40/week and no benefits. What a great way to milk the state out of food stamps, housing and utility reductions!

  23. HtG Says:

    Why is Sergio even talking out loud about mergers? My Machiavellian alter ego doesn’t recognize idle chatter. Is he seeing someone else doing a merger without him? I notice the statements from Ford and GM today affirming their independence.

  24. Маринин Кирилишен (Marion Kershavelin) Says:

    Sheaun! With all the talks of pie have you heard before about the tradition kind from my country. Is made with olive mush, bitter persimmon and cow fats. Pie called пирог с мясом in my language.

  25. C-Tech Says:

    The issue to be resolved with an FCA merger with anyone is Marchionne expecting to head up the newly merged (and larger) enterprise? Can you imagine Marchionne heading up GM? (Mary Barra cannot)

    There is a key lime pie store near Cocoa Beach and Merrit Island Fl. Yummy!

  26. Bob Aubertin Says:

    Who copied Who? The 2015 Ford Edge looks Ford choose Subaru Legacy as their choice vendor to supply the Grill on the 2015 Ford Edge.

    Who came first the Chicken or the Egg.

  27. Chuck Grenci Says:

    Well, Ford had that (similar) style grill a long time before Subaru; of course Ford stole that from Austin Martin so it may go all the way back to whether it was the dinosaur or the bird (that came first).

  28. Chuck Grenci Says:

    Duh, #26, of course I meant Aston Martin.

  29. HtG Says:

    I’m going to give you a Passat this time, Chuck

  30. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Chrysler stopped taking orders for Hellcat Challengers and Chargers, due to excessive demand. It sounds like they need to raise the price.

  31. cwolf Says:

    The problem with the Hellcat is that the male all too often is eaten by its mate after breeding! Doncha know?

  32. pedro fernandez Says:

    When the price of gas goes way up again, the Hellcat will be known as the Cat from Hell!

  33. C-Tech Says:

    If you are using a Hellcat as your daily driver then gas prices are not a concern. Tire prices maybe a concern.

  34. Chuck Grenci Says:

    All good points on the Hellcat; I think people want to get ‘in’ on buying a classic (for the future; some anyway). It (the hellcat Charger/Challenger) are the new “Hemi” supercars (of old) for the new.

    On another topic: watched the Australian GP this morning, and to me, was slightly a yawn. Half the field didn’t finish, a handful didn’t even start, and M/B is still ‘kicking’ butt (though Ferrari shows threads of life). I’ll be following the rest of the season (as I’ve just about abandoned NASCAR).

  35. HtG Says:


    Spoil Sport Alert

    RedBull principal Horner lashed out at Renault’s engine, actually detailing its weaknesses. Incredible. I wonder how Carlos Ghosn will like that. Oh, and then Horner complained that the FIA should slow Mercedes down.

    Pinnacle Rat Pile of a sport if you ask me, and I’m a wretched junkie.

  36. HtG Says:

    OK, the Autoline server won’t let me link to the story at So go there for the Horner piece.

  37. Kit Gerhart Says:

    31, 32 I doubt that many Hellcats will be used as daily drivers. Most will end up being occasion use toys. As far as gas mileage, they probably don’t do much, or any worse than the zillions of huge SUV’s being used mostly to carry one person around town. The Hellcat needs premium gas, though.

  38. Kit Gerhart Says:

    35 I’ll be checking it out later. It sounds like Renault didn’t make a lot of progress during the off season, but FCA did.

  39. HtG Says:

    FCA/Marlboro, that is.

    Oh zzzing!

  40. HtG Says:

    Oh my, Horner is sharing even more details of the Renault unit’s uselessness.

  41. HtG Says:

    Someone please explain to me why Mercedes drivers need to cut across lanes in turns. And why BMW drivers need to hog the left lane, holding up traffic.

    Volvo drivers, you’ve lost your crown as the worst drivers on the road.

  42. HtG Says:

    Audi and Porsche, you guys rock.

  43. Kit Gerhart Says:

    40 Mercedes drivers are uppity, and BMW drivers think it’s safer to be in the passing lane while going slow and texting?

  44. HtG Says:

    Merc drivers think they’re the only people on the road, so they can do whatever they want. This is a 20 year phenomenon for me. BMW jerks can’t imagine anyone else would dare go faster than them. So they block the road.

  45. HtG Says:

    One old phart in an M3 on a mountain road, I’m thinking of at random

  46. HtG Says:

    43 crxn

    BMW jerks can’t imagine anyone else would dare go faster than them, given their own utter and unacknowledged lack of driving skill.

  47. HtG Says:

    You bet I’m hot this afternoon.

    Sorry to the gentle townsfolk of Autoline

  48. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I’m waiting on a plane at San Antonio. One person of the group I’m with has used Uber about a dozen times, while the rest of us walked. He loves Uber.

  49. Rob Says:

    Thanks for explaining automotive grade. So whats the explination of GMC’s professional grade?

  50. C-Tech Says:

    GMC professional grade is a Chevy truck with leather and $3,000 in options

  51. Kit Gerhart Says:

    48, 49
    Those “professional grade” ads worked so well, that they actually convinced people that GMC products are better than the virtually identical Chevy. Because of that, GMC wasn’t dropped during the bankruptcy.