Autoline Daily Insight – EV Battery Prices Dropping Faster Than Predicted

May 4th, 2015 at 5:00pm

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Could electric vehicles be poised to compete with gasoline-powered cars? John McElroy gets an update from EV expert Chelsea Sexton on the state of battery prices and technology.

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4 Comments to “Autoline Daily Insight – EV Battery Prices Dropping Faster Than Predicted”

  1. HtG Says:

    Awesome new feature, Autoline. Tweet these segments out please, so we know when they’re up. (00psy!, I see you have) I wish Sandy Munro had spoken more about what his team learned from studying the BMW i3′s batteries.

  2. Dcars Says:

    Very interesting! The unmentioned cost is the upgraded infrastructure required for so many electrical devices. Utilities are seeing their systems straining to keep up with peak loads and higher demand during off hours.

  3. Loboc Says:

    I think the infrastructure need is way less than some folks are posting/thinking.

    If we use off-peak energy (that is currently being thrown away) the grid can handle loads of EVs. Also, fast charging infrastructure is not needed at all for most people.

    I charge my ELR at night and have plenty of time to charge a larger-battery EV for my daily driving. The only straw man left is driving ‘coast to coast’ which personally, I have never done.

    In reality, most EV owners also own several other vehicles for other specialties. I own a RAM HEMI for hauling and other non-car duties, for example. No way my Caddy would handle 20 bags of mulch.

  4. Dan Says:

    Nice discussion. But I think $250/kwh is going to be WAY too high to make a capable EV competitive with an ICE vehicle. The upcoming Bolt is based on the Sonic platform and will start at $37,500. I’m sure it will be well equipped at that price so a comparable Sonic might be in the low $20ks. That’s a HUGE price disparity.