AD #1683 – Audi Targets Tesla, Big Data Finds Parking Spots, Tacoma’s Sales Strong

August 19th, 2015 at 11:53am

Runtime: 8:56

- Audi Targets Tesla
- Big Data Finds Parking Spots
- Tacoma’s Sales Strong
- Tech Interns Wanted
- You Said It!

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27 Comments to “AD #1683 – Audi Targets Tesla, Big Data Finds Parking Spots, Tacoma’s Sales Strong”

  1. MJB Says:

    I can feel the comments about to pour in about the high belt-line on that Audi E-Tron Quattro SUV concept sketch now.

    But perhaps their thinking is that with all the cameras, sensors, radars and thing-a-ma-gigs they put on cars these days we have (almost) made blind spots a thing of the past.

    Maybe we no longer ‘need’ the unobstructed 360-degree line of sight common to the likes of the low belt-line Subaru’s…

  2. Ron Paris Says:

    I have always assumed that another reason truck manufacturers have standardized on the “lift kit” ride height (regardless of how many wheels are driven) is that it’s cheaper for them to only have to make one type of suspension setup. I for one would have much preferred that my 2007 Nissan Frontier 2WD would have traded a couple of inches of ground clearance for a little cushier ride!

  3. dcars Says:

    FYI from my frinds who work at a large Toyota dealership in regards to the Toyota Tacoma, after many years of replacing the frames on these trucks they are still at it and will continue will into the future.

  4. Bradley Says:

    I will keep my eyes open for a used 2016 Tacoma in a few years. Assuming someone else hasn’t offered a true compact truck or the Hyundai Urban Truck doesn’t grab my money.

    A 2004 Tacoma (true compact truck) with the new 3.5 liter engine and other improvements would be my ideal truck.

  5. HtG Says:

    I’m so glad that around here almost the only trucks you see are being driven by folks that, you know, use them for work that requires a truck. Somehow, people ‘that need to go to Home Depot on the weekend’* manage with their SUVs and sedans.

    *I love that line

  6. Bradley Says:


    Read the WIKI on it. Yes, Toyota is honoring a 15 year frame replacement warranty if there is a corrosion problem.

    My 1999 was bought back in 2013. After almost 13 years of ownership (I was second owner), Toyota paid me back to within $1500 of what I paid originally.

    The best $1500 Iever spent. I loved that truck.

  7. Brett Says:

    Still waiting for a regular cab RAM 700 to go on sale in the USA.

  8. Chuck Grenci Says:

    When the Colorado/Canyon hit the streets, and subsequently were tested, accolades for driving dynamics, general refinement, etc. were pretty much universal; any driving impressions on the new Tacoma yet? I’m sure it is a better truck than it replaces, just curious on how it would do in a head to head comparison. And then there’s the Frontier; guess we wait and see.

  9. Ron Paris Says:

    #5 HtG: Yes we do manage, with a CX-5 in my case. But I’m here to tell ya’ after driving 2 Frontiers and one Dakota (don’t get me started on that one!) for over 20 years in my work, it was damned hard to give up the sheer utility of a p/up. A two (or three) box design just does not cut it in many circumstances. And I NEVER considered myself a “truck guy”!

  10. Rob Says:

    Am I the only one that sees a huge similarity from yesterdays Kia Sportage and the Audi in todays show. Sure the fascias and some of the body lines are different but the overall shape and beltline look like designers are using a paint by number outline. jmho.

  11. C-Tech Says:

    If Toyota stays true to the production philosophy as explained in the book The Machine That Changed The World they should have no problem with a 3rd shift. Personally I like the design of the Colorado / Canyon better.

  12. C-Tech Says:

    Personally the best full-sized suv was the 1977 Chevy Caprice Wagon. Room, power,maneuverable and tow capacity with style and comfort at a reasonable price.

  13. Kit Gerhart Says:

    9 I had a pickup for a while, and didn’t see much utility in it. There wasn’t that much stuff I wanted to transport exposed to the weather, and that I didn’t mind having stolen. I find a hatchback, wagon, or van to have a lot more utility.

    I’ve heard people say they had a pickup so they could save delivery charges for appliances, etc. That sounds like a lot of truck triving, for the amount you save in delivery charges. My washing machine is 30 years old, and my range is 51. Both work properly.

  14. HtG Says:

    Fightin’ words, right there.

  15. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The Tacoma will continue to offer a regular cab. One of those, lowered 3 inches, might look pretty good, for a pickup truck.

  16. G.A.Branigan Says:

    As much as I loved my pickups,that is done now.My new van will serve me well,carry just about anything I need or want to,all enclosed with no muss,no fuss,and no more tonneau covers to deal with,and bed liners etc.BTW,my dealer just called this morning,my van will be here around the 2nd of next month.It’s in Wyoming now,shipped form the pprt in Maryland.I think the car carrier will wait for the others to bring in a full load,just my guess.

  17. Bob Wilson Says:

    Good call on “The Automotive Career Development Center” and Craig Van Batenburg. They also offer video and web-based training for those who want to learn about hybrids but don’t have the time to study full-time.

    I’ve used one of their recorded Web-training sessions and found it fully met my needs. Then if something came up, I could send them my questions and get a reasonable answer in a day or so.

    He also maintains a lookup of past graduates so when someone is stuck, we send him to find someone who can do more than spell hybrid. We like independent shops because they do it for love . . . at a fair price.

    Bob Wilson

  18. Kit Gerhart Says:

    17 Interesting, regarding the internships. I assume that so far, nearly all service on hybrids and EV’s is done by dealers, but as they get older, and off warranty, that will change. I don’t plan to keep my current Prius to the end of its life, but if I did, I would want people at independent shops to be able to work on it.

  19. C-Tech Says:

    In the trade magazines, they did an article on shops servicing hybrids and electric vehicles. Most of the independent shops were in the west, one was run by a woman technician, and the biggest concern was not finding customers, it is finding technicians.

  20. Kit Gerhart Says:

    19 I’m a little surprised they have customers. I guess the batteries are starting to die in those early Insights and Priuses.

  21. HtG Says:

    Anyone have a sense on how the hybrids are aging? A specific issue?

  22. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Mine is 5 years old, and is aging well so far. The only problem has been clunky feeling steering, from a bad u-joint between the steering wheel and steering gear.

  23. Rob Says:

    HtG maybe a better question is how are the hybrids holding value compared to a conventional vehicle? I just dont see man people wanting to pick up a 6+ year old Prius or Volt at least not without getting a new battery pack in the deal.

  24. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I looked up the value of a 2010 Prius on KBB, and it is worth about half the price of a new one. I’d rather (and did) buy a new one, but they seem to hold value as well as most cars.

  25. ukendoit Says:

    #12, The Family Truckster!!
    The whole time we owned our Dodge van, there was only one item I wanted to haul that didn’t fit in the cavernous interior, in fact, it would have fit if we could have gotten it in the door. In that instance, we borrowed a truck. I bet truck usage percentages are probably similar to what we hear for off road vehicle usage with only a small percentage ever using its capability, but people will buy what they like.

  26. Rob Says:

    25 I dont this to be a fact but I believe Texas does account for the highest level of truck sales in the US. I think its more of a cultural thing rather than need for a truck.

  27. BobD Says:

    15 – Tacoma dropped the regular cab in 2014. Only the extended and double cabs are offered now.