AD #1689 – Used Car Prices Soar, The Bronco and Barracuda Return, FCA Scores Video Views

August 27th, 2015 at 11:54am

Runtime: 6:53

- The Bronco’s Back…
- …And So’s the Barracuda
- FCA Scores Video Views
- Used Car Prices Keep Climbing
- GT350 Transmission Details
- U.S. Rare Earth Mine Closes

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28 Comments to “AD #1689 – Used Car Prices Soar, The Bronco and Barracuda Return, FCA Scores Video Views”

  1. Ron Paris Says:

    Why should it come as a surprise that used car prices keep rising? With average new car prices topping $30k, an $18k 3-4 year old car sounds like a bargain. Remember the old adage “A rising tide lifts all boats”!

  2. pedro fernandez Says:

    Seems like Chrysler is going back to the Iacocca era where most of their cars were derived from the K-car platform, now its the Giulia’s turn. Will it stay FWD or will they adopt Subaru’s business model and go AWD all the way?

  3. MJB Says:



    Used car sales and leases will both continue to flourish indefinitely – (or until there is a correction in the economy to account for pay not keeping pace with inflation – which we know will never happen)

  4. HtG Says:

    Do higher used car prices filter back into lower leasing costs? Is it the obvious answer? Do lower gas prices also increase demand for trucks and SUVs, further increasing residual calculations?


    Here’s a piece and video of a ‘halo style’ idea for protecting drivers.

  5. Lisk Says:

    I’m sure the Bronco will be a greatly watered down version of its former self. It will be a better product and most likely, more capable, but will miss the mark. I think of you look at the Toyota FJ40, you can see history repeating itself. There are many folks who wanted to see the Bronco (and FJ40) return, but I think the buyers will be scarce. As for a “DODGE” Barracuda? No thank you. Just stay with the Challenger name.

  6. Lex Says:

    As reported in a previous Autoline Daily, If sales of the Ford Taurus are struggling then why doesn’t Ford consider bringing back the Taurus X. As I remember the Taurus X and Ford Freestyle were pretty cool vehicles with AWD options. These two models could compete against the likes of Subaru.

  7. Lex Says:

    I am enjoying the return of some familiar nameplates from my childhood like Barracuda.
    When FCA acquired Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep didn’t they also acquire the nameplates of what was once known as American Motors Company (AMC).
    AMC had nameplates like the Eagle and Talon which were also cool names. General Motors made one big mistake by not calling the New “Bolt” EV the “ION” from the former Saturn Division.

  8. Kit Gerhart Says:

    2 The upcoming Giulia will be RWD.

    The Giulietta(sp?) is FWD.

  9. Kit Gerhart Says:

    If they make a Barracuda, it should be a Chrysler, not a Dodge, as with the PT Cruiser which was originally to be a Plymouth. Actually, I doubt that a new Barracuda would have either Dodge or Chrysler badges, just Barracuda or ‘Cuda.

  10. Lisk Says:

    I hope FCA understand the importance of the difference between Barracuda and ‘Cuda. I’d really rather not see a ‘Cuda with a turbo 4, regardless of it’s performance level. Mustang and Camaro have stayed true to this formula with the GT / SS models.

  11. aliisdad Says:

    Bring on the Bronco and Ranger… That sounds like the perfect pair to be built on the same structure/platform… PLEASE, PLLLLEEEEEASE, though, don’t make it some wild styled cuteute “whimpmobile”, though…
    It seems like so many of these kinds of vehicles have lost the style and capability that made them so famous and popular…

    As for Dodge/Chrysler, IMO they should use FIAT based products for their cars and go back to selling Dodge pickups… Use Chrysler for FIAT name for cars, and drop that goofy “RAM” name for Dodge trucks and SUV’s..
    There is also a limit to how many times they can tart up the same old products before people wise up; however, they have done pretty well at doing just that for quite a while now… They really need some new models as well as a big improvement in their quality…

  12. G.A.Branigan Says:

    And now it’s time for something completely different: My favorite Barracuda commercial,

    How many remember this?It took me a while to find it,lol.

  13. Chuck Grenci Says:

    I think the used car prices are going to stay ‘healthy’ until the record new car sales take hold and ‘then’ start flooding the market, in say, another year or two. Of course, with the exponential growth of new car prices, i.e., more content, less power of the dollar, etc., the amount of high price is still relative.

    The new Barracuda, well, it’s just a name for a model (in this case a convertible); it really isn’t a Barracuda in the strictest/historical sense, no matter what corporate name it takes. Though Plymouth Barracuda sure is hard to shake.

  14. pedro fernandez Says:

    I guess Klingons don’t like Chryslers ever since the K Kar came out

  15. Bradley Says:


    Yea, and keep it on the small side.

  16. Kit Gerhart Says:

    It seems to me that the “higher” used car prices are closer to what they should have been all along. Not too many years ago, a well maintained car with average miles lost about half its value in three years, though the car would be far from half worn out. Now, it takes about 5 years for a car to lose half its value. That seems closer to what it should be.

  17. Barry Thiessen Says:

    On the Barracuda …. Or ‘Cuda … Both have heritage to work with. Make mine a SRT8 Hellcat edition and everything will be fine. I trust they understand their market… Hopefully.

  18. C-Tech Says:

    I hope Ralph Gilles rolled in a 1970 ‘Cuda into the design studio instead of a 1964 to steal ideas from.

  19. Kit Gerhart Says:

    18 I suspect he did. I have seen a few recent Challengers turned into ’70 and ’71 ‘Cudas and Barracudas with aftermarket kits.

    Off topic: I just read a review of the new, 2016 Smart. It looks like they fixed the biggest problem, the crappy transmission. They now use a 6-speed dual clutch, and a 5-speed manual. The engine is a 900cc turbo triple.

  20. cwolf Says:

    I sure fancied the Broncos during my youth. They were bare boned, hard riding workhorses,though anything over 60 made you think the engine would blow up. Any hopes of keeping its clone “plane Jane” seems impossible.

  21. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Hopefully, the new Bronco will be less tall for its width. The only vehicle I’ve ever known of that was rolled, without going off the road was a friend’s Bronco. Luckily, he wasn’t badly hurt.

  22. XA351GT Says:

    I hope the Bronco resembles the concept of a few years back. I know that retro styling is now frowned upon ,but unless there is something styling wise to tie it to the name it’s just going to be looked as trying to capitalize on a once great model.

    So the Ranger is going to be the global Ranger then? If so why did they leave it so long . I always saw the argument they made about it being too close in size to the F150 as saying we don’t want to hurt F150 sales and lose that coveted best selling vehicle title. My solution is badge it as the F100 . That way it still falls under the F series banner.

    Barracuda/Cuda needs to be a Chrysler a hemi convertible model only. I don’t see the business sense having the Challenger and Cuda both as a Dodge when Chrysler has so few models.

  23. Rob Says:

    If the Bronco is similar to the 4 door Jeep Wrangler in design and capapbility it will do great. I think it would be a waste to offer it in a 2 door though. Like when they launched the Explorer and thought the sales volumes would be 60/40 and the 2 door only ended up being like 20% of sales.

  24. MJB Says:


    Speaking of that ’70 Cuda, it’s definitely on my short list of cars from my birth year that I’d like to someday own and “restore”. Much like this one:

    Heck, there really aren’t many ‘worthy’ cars from 1970 to choose from anyway. So that just may be the one I go with.

  25. A.W. Stevens Says:

    How long until Chrysler now longer exists? I see Fiat as that big creature from the 1960′s movie The Blob. Fiat keeps devouring Chrysler products, and then shitting out rebadged Fiat crap with a c.h.r.y.s.l.e.r nameplate.

  26. C-Tech Says:

    I am guessing that you have not driven a Chrysler 200 or Dodge Dart. The new Cuda, if based on the Gulia platform, should be a hoot, think BMW 3 series with a Hemi and 6 speed manual.

  27. Brett Says:


    There’s precedent for that. The Ranger was originally an “F100 Ranger” and a full-sized F-series pickup.

  28. Kit Gerhart Says:

    26 I see a lot of 200′s in Kokomo, IN, and I think they look pretty good, as a more stylish alternative to Camry, et. al. I haven’t driven one, though.