AD #1695 – Jaguar Cuts Prices, VW Names New Chairman, BMW Uniquely Integrates Carbon Fiber

September 4th, 2015 at 11:49am

Runtime: 7:52

- VW Names New Chairman
- Lexus Hopes To Regain Mojo with RX
- Jaguar Cuts Prices
- BMW Uniquely Integrates Carbon Fiber
- Autonomy Could Hurt Truck Driver Recruitment

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43 Comments to “AD #1695 – Jaguar Cuts Prices, VW Names New Chairman, BMW Uniquely Integrates Carbon Fiber”

  1. G.A.Branigan Says:

    That cow catcher front end on the lexus is still fugley.

  2. pedro fernandez Says:

    This just in: Autonomy could put Uber out of business.

  3. HtG Says:

    “You know, for too long I think Lexus had the image of being staid brand…not a risk taking brand, not a dynamic brand; not a brand for me, It was sort of the brand for somebody else.”

    How many times do you think the Lexus rep had to practice saying that line before he stopped saying the brand was ‘for old people?’

  4. Buzzerd Says:

    BMW is really getting into the C.F.
    Autonomous trucks- someone should invent a system where you could group up a bunch of trucks together and maybe even give them there own road so they don’t beat the hell out of ours, you could send them to a central area where smaller trucks could deliver the load……. oh wait, trains, what ever happened to them?

  5. Brett Says:

    I will reserve judgement on the RX until I see one. The Jeep Renegade looks bog-awful in pictures, but pretty passable in person. Hope the same goes for the RX.

    I’ll be celebrating my 60th on Monday. Everybody have a terrific, safe, and happy Labor Day.

  6. Buzzerd Says:

    auto blog has a pretty good test of the Cadillac ATS-V and Mercedes AMGC63….. bunch of other stuff.

  7. Rob Says:

    YES! Lexus you went too far with the grill. I think their designer watched too many fast and furious movies.
    Autonomous Truck driving, why not? At first they will end up paying a driver to just be along for the ride. Could be years before they allow one completely unmanned.

  8. Rob Says:

    #4 Buzzerd we did put a bunch of trucks together and give them their own road, but then the rail system fell to the automobile.

  9. G.A.Branigan Says:

    Happy birthday Brett.

  10. Rob Says:

    Lexus you went too far with the grill. I think their designer watched too many fast and furious movies.

  11. Bradley Says:

    The commercial truck industry will be the first segment to be 100% FULLY autonomous.

    This may not happen for another 25-50 years, but they are the perfect candidate. The key element will be the acceptance that the trucks will not have a driver at all on the vehicle.

  12. Bradley Says:

    I really don’t mind Lexus’ front ends.

    Maybe this is because I live in state where front license plates are required. So the license plate obstructs part of it.

  13. Kit Gerhart Says:

    “Lexus had the image of being a staid brand.” Maybe that “staid” image is why so many real estate sales people use RXes to drive customers around to look at houses. Do these people want something that looks like the new RX? Maybe so, but I’d be surprised.

  14. Roger Blose Says:

    The RX is one of the worst looking cars I have seen recently. The new AZTEK has arrived. The grill looks like I could pick one up at Home Depot in the screen and window department. There is not a good straight line on this beast…yikes!

  15. gary susie Says:

    Maybe their is a market out there for a staid looking car? Must have been because their new style looks awful and isn’t selling.

  16. gary susie Says:

    Maybe their is a market out there for a staid looking car? Must have been because their new style looks awful and isn’t selling.

  17. Dave Forslund Says:

    Lexus looks:
    It is difficult to develop a new market. It is best to “go home from the dance with the one’s who brung ya.” Women and over 60 people brought the original RX to the forefront. Keep the RX there and give the “new RX” a different designation to attract the younger more aggressive market. Both might be smaller in market size, but in the end they will sell more product totally.

  18. len Simpson Says:

    Autonomy will slow the flow.

    Screens should have replaced mirrors 5 years ago , & digital speed indicators are 10 years overdue. Tachs have always been superfluous in a passenger car.

  19. Kit Gerhart Says:

    18 Don’t all cars have digital speedometers, at least as one of the options in the display?

  20. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Tachs are superfluous in automatic transmission vehicles, but are very good to have in manual transmission passenger cars, minivans, or any other manual transmission vehicle.

  21. HtG Says:

    Happy Labor Day Weekend, all.

  22. paul G Says:

    I don’t think complete autonomy in trucks would come anytime soon. Cars itself are long way to go(my assumption at least 10 years).

    For trucks, forget it. Only features like lane keep assist, auto braking etc:- would come in near future(may be 5 years or so).

  23. aliisdad Says:

    Ditto #21… I am reminded of how much I enjoy Autoline and hearing the varied opinions of all of you… In fact, I have begun to think of you as friends although we have never met elsewhere…
    Here’s to more great discussion, respect, and opinions… Happy Labor Day Weekend, Autoliners!!!

  24. G.A.Branigan Says:

    @ aliisdad: Agreed 100%.Have a great holiday weekend to all.

  25. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Summer is arriving late in central Indiana, with 92 degree temp predicted for Labor Day.

  26. Earl Says:

    It’s official….Lexus has lost its way. That front end of the new RX has brought back the old saying ‘only a face a mother could love. Toyota has really brought in that ‘already been in an accident’ look to a lot of their vehicles. Have you ever seen the Yaris..OMG, if there was a trophy for being ugly it would win hands down.
    While I’m at It, took a close look at the new MKX. Some may argue that it looks like a swollen MKC. But, both are are a lot easier on the eyes than what’s at the Lexus dealership these days.

  27. Roger T Says:

    Autonomous trucks – won’t likely be a $30k option for long. Payback may be initially with reduced liability on transport of dangerous cargo. Drivers complain of compensation being too low, so perhaps this would be easier to recruit if the job itself was easier. Finally I don’t buy the risk of job losses, we would still have full service gas stations and freight trains would be illegal if things worked that way.

  28. Marshall Says:

    I would only buy the previous gen Lexus. Quality, craftsmanship and luxury bring me to a brand. But ugly styling cues will drive me away. I wouldn’t get behind the wheel of the new age Lexus’ even if it were free with that truly awful front grill.

  29. Kit Gerhart Says:

    We on this forum seem to universally dislike the new RX’s styling, but it’s too early to know the reaction of people who actually buy such vehicles. If sales numbers drop 50%, they will quickly come up with a “revised” front end. I suspect people are already working on it, just in case.

  30. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I didn’t often agree with the no-longer-here CK, but I like his choice of CUVs, the outgoing Benz GLK. It has a tallish greenhouse with windows that you can actually see out of, a rarity in today’s designs.

  31. C-Tech Says:

    It remains to be seen if autonomous trucks will eliminate truck drivers. It will change truck driving, someone will need to be present in case of an emergency. After all we still have cashiers at self – service gas stations.

  32. C-Tech Says:

    Question : if you buy an autonomous car will it deliver itself?

  33. Kit Gerhart Says:

    You can order the autonomous car from Amazon, and have it deliver itself full of other stuff you add to the order.

  34. HtG Says:

    Buy a car, get free delivery of everything that fits inside.

  35. Mike Ma Says:

    What about a merger between Volkswagen and FCA especially if Sergio Marchionne wants a company that has leading edge automotive engineering technology there’s no one bigger or better than possibly VW; Volkswagen can fix Fiat and even Dodge.

  36. G.A.Branigan Says:

    Then they could build the VW Amarok(sp) here and sell it as a midsize Ram pickup.

  37. Kit Gerhart Says:

    With two “personalities” like Marchionne and Winterkorn, a merger would be, well, interesting. There would be something to offer both companies, though. Chrysler is fairly strong in the US and Canada, and has some decent products, especially in segments where VW has nothing, like pickups, big rear drive cars, and the Jeep brand. Also, FCA, unlike VW, has a comprehensive dealer network. VW has some good products where Chrysler is week. A merger with the current top management at the two companies, I don’t think so.

  38. MJB Says:

    #28. “We on this forum seem to universally dislike the new RX styling…”

    Ah Ah Ah… Not so fast there Kit. ;)

    I’m not on that bandwagon. I like the Styling of the new RX. In fact, I’ve seen several on the road, including one in the showroom last week when I went in to have some service done on my LS.

    Now, the new LX and GX grilles, I’ll agree are hideous. But I honestly have no qualms about the execution on the RX.

  39. MJB Says:


    Good point.

    I think this is the reason the interviewee was emphasizing to John that Freightliner (or whichever trucking company it was) flatly refuses to initiate an autonomous fleet. It would take years and years of real-world, full production runs (not just test runs) producing markedly better safety stats than what we have today with manned trucks. And during that transition period, they’d have to pay a driver to essentially babysit the computer. Good luck keeping that driver awake when he’s no longer driving…

    My guess is that if fully autonomous trucks don’t “out-safety” manned trucks by a margin of at least 50%, the trucking companies won’t touch them with a 10′ pole.

  40. Kit Gerhart Says:

    37 OK, I should have said “almost universally” dislike it.

    Within a few months, we’ll know if large numbers of people have learned to love it, and demonstrated that love in the form of sales. I now like the appearance of the Cherokee pretty well, but I didn’t like it when I saw the first photos, or even the first vehicles on the road.

  41. MJB Says:

    Well, regardless of my tastes, I think the reactions here have merit.

    Let’s face it, a company can’t do a 180 on the design philosophy that has helped get them where they are without completely alienating a good portion of their base.

    Wonderful thing about it though, is that there are millions of other people who will like their new direction.

    Loose some over here, gain some over there…

  42. MJB Says:

    Hope everyone had a good extended weekend.

    The wife and I took the boys to Great Wolf Lodge (indoor/outdoor water park). It was nice being able to just chill out by the pool (for 6 straight hours on one stretch) doing absolutely nothing while the Energizer Bunnies wore themselves out…

  43. HtG Says:

    These days, with all the attention designers pay to surfacing and details I’ve learned to wait until I see a car in the road. Photography isn’t capturing what’s key to the feel anymore, imho.