AD #1765 – Chinese EV Startups Flock to Silicon Valley, Suppliers Bet on 48-Volt Systems, Ford GT to Use Gorilla Glass

December 16th, 2015 at 11:56am

Runtime: 7:38

- Chinese EV Startups Flock to Silicon Valley
- 48-Volt Could Kill Off High-Voltage Hybrids
- Ford GT to Use Gorilla Glass
- Ford Improves Software Development Skills
- Infiniti’s Refreshed Q50 & QX60
- Rinspeed Puts Own Autonomous Twist on BMW i8

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13 Comments to “AD #1765 – Chinese EV Startups Flock to Silicon Valley, Suppliers Bet on 48-Volt Systems, Ford GT to Use Gorilla Glass”

  1. Doug Watson Says:

    One of the items that I am surprised has not made safety news is yellowing, dull headlight lenses. I think this would ba a great application for Gorilla Glass.

  2. Rob Says:

    Gorrilla glass sounds great, but no word on cost comparision? I’m sure as with many new items the cost is high but is it within reason for something with high volume?

  3. W L Simpson Says:

    48 volts & this —- —— will nullify all other approaches to EV heaven

  4. G.A.Branigan Says:

    @ Doug Watson:Indubitably Mr.Watson

  5. W L Simpson Says:

    or this

  6. fred battle Says:

    I am very pleased with the professional look and information presentation of the “two person Presenter format”. Well done! Fred

  7. HtG Says:

    Google autonomy

    The UK Telegraph is reporting Google boffins have been meeting with the UK govt to discuss autonomous driving laws. The info came as a result of a FOIA. Not sure if this has been reported here in the States.

  8. Bob Wilson Says:

    The 48V ‘mild hybrid’ is a dead end because it continues to run the engine when it should be off. The Prius ‘secret’ is turning off the engine which avoids unnecessary engine overhead.

    Starting motors run just under 5 HP, the mechanical overhead of the engine. Even at idle, the engine has to burn enough fuel to overcome engine mechanical overhead. So a Prius sized car needs 5 HP at 45 mph to maintain speed (see username link.) By running the engine constantly, at 45 mph, 50% of fuel is wasted on engine overhead.

    In contrast, the Prius frequently turns off the engine, saving 5 HP of engine overhead and maintains speed with the stored energy. When the electrical energy runs low, the Prius starts the engine and runs at just over ~15 HP: (1) 5 HP for the engine, (2) 5 HP to keep the car rolling, and (3) ~5 HP banked into the battery. Only 5/15 or 33% of the fuel is wasted on the engine overhead.

    Until the non-Ford engineers in Detroit realize maintaining speed with the engine off is the ‘Prius trick’, stunts like these 48V systems will cost too much for too little.

    Bob Wilson, Huntsville, AL

  9. GM Veteran Says:

    The story on hybrids is interesting, but a few examples would help to clarify. Getting lost in the terminology. Can you provide an example of a high-voltage mild hybrid? Does the Prius fall into this category? Does it utilize more than 48 volts? More than 60? This article makes it sound like there are hybrids on the market that use more than 48, and maybe even 60, volts. Is that true?

    My thought was that mild hybrids, like the previous Malibu hybrid and Buick system, only provided a small mileage improvement and cost very little more than a gasoline-only vehicle. These seem to be going away anyway because consumers have not seen the benefit in buying one. So, I am a little unclear about what is going away, and what will replace it and the mileage and performance the new type of hybrid will provide. Can you provide a few examples?

  10. Lisk Says:

    FYI, the 2010-2015 Chevrolet Volts had a 390 volt battery pack at full charge. I’m curious what the full electric Tesla & Leaf are.

  11. Tony Gray Says:

    Glad to see the 2016 retained the looks of my 2014. It IS a handsome ride. I’d be interested in the 400 hp model, although my 360hp Hybrid is quite potent as it is. I would be interested to check out if they improved the ride as they mention, and improved the speed of the center stack controls, which, in my car, are a bit slow to boot at startup.

  12. Rob Says:

    #10 I believe the Tesla is a 375 Volt and the Leaf is 360.

  13. Bob Wilson Says:


    From memory, 374 V for 2001-03 and 202 V since 2004 for the Prius.

    Bob Wilson