AD #1784 – Ford Pulls Out of Japan & Indonesia, Cadillac CT6 Technical Specs, Chevy Bolt Goes Non-Traditional Route

January 25th, 2016 at 11:32am

Runtime: 7:31

- Sales Momentum to Keep Pace
- Ford Pulls Out of Japan & Indonesia
- All EcoBoost F-150′s Get Stop/Start
- Cadillac CT6 Technical Specs
- Fairfax to Get Cadillac XT3
- Chevy Bolt Takes Non-Traditional Marketing Route

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36 Comments to “AD #1784 – Ford Pulls Out of Japan & Indonesia, Cadillac CT6 Technical Specs, Chevy Bolt Goes Non-Traditional Route”

  1. Tony Gray Says:

    Lets hope the XT3 has some rear seat leg room, unlike the torture chamber in the ATS.

  2. Denis M Says:

    Tony Gray.
    It will. The Chinese market demands it.

  3. Jonathan Says:

    DOES THE NEW NEXT GENERATION CADILLAC CT3 epsilon Etul chassis mean that the ATS rear wheel drive chassis WILL NOT be used on the CT3 ?

  4. Jonathan Says:

    The new Chevy Bolt is quicker to sixty mph than the fiesta ST….!

    We want a Porsche Macan cuv like bolt for gmc!

  5. Discotea Says:

    Looks like de Nysschen is on another renaming binge that will just confuse customers as to what they are looking at.

  6. Buzzed Says:

    @Tony – and some head room in the rear.
    GM seems to be knocking out some great product lately.

  7. marshy Says:

    Hey – I just learned my manual jeep has a new feature – 1 pedal driving in stop and go…

  8. ukendoit Says:

    Tell us more about it, marshy!

  9. ukendoit Says:

    Ok, you got me. I thought you had a new Jeep feature that eliminated the clutch from a dead stop. I used to let the transmission slow the car in heavy traffic, too, but not if you really have to “stop”.

  10. aliisdad Says:

    The other day, I was one of the few that really liked the design of the new Lincoln Continental…and now, here’s a new Cadillac that also looks pretty impressive (especially shown going down an urban street!!)… My only real complaint is that the Caddy design is getting very dated, and the cars all look too much alike in a segment where one probably wants to stand out a little in the upper-level models…
    Regardless, it is good to see Cadillac, and Lincoln, attempting a comeback; and although the designs may not be as “stylish” as some had wanted, I think they are just right as far as being reserved and yet a bit classy in their styling… However, I still think regaining their images as premium luxury cars that someone aspires to have might take a while….

  11. JB Says:

    While I agree Cadillacs art and science design is less fresh than it used to be and across the model lineup.

    BMW 3.5 and 7 are equally guilty of making small medium and large versions of the same design.

    Mercedes does the same thing with the c class, the E class and S class.

    Wouldn’t be right to leave Audi out …as it’s a4. A6 and A8 follow the same pattern.

    Some would say its a way to build brand identity.

    Fwiw I really would like to see a bolt AWD that looked like a real CUv.

  12. MJB Says:

    Is the C-pillar ‘DLO pinch” an official design requirement now on all new EVs?

    Just wondering, because the BMW i3 has it

    The Nissan Murano’s got it (I know, not an EV, but the styling cue is so ever-present on this vehicle I had to toss it into the mix as well)×262.jpg

    And now it’s front and center on Chevy’s new Bolt as well.×551-02.jpg

    What gives!?

  13. Kit Gerhart Says:

    7, 9 Do Jeeps still have a key to turn on and off, and no clutch interlock, for one pedal driving?

  14. W L Simpson Says:

    Way back when , Cadillac had “individuality”

  15. OMEGATALON Says:

    It might be interesting to see someone like Dale Earnhardt Jr pushing the Chevy Bolt EV because if he has name recognition world wide and people would listen to what Dale Jr talked about the driving dynamics of the Bolt EV.

  16. HtG Says:

    13 CT6′s softer edges are designed for Chinese tastes, not us.

  17. OMEGATALON Says:

    One has to wonder whether Cadillac will adopt the ATS-L (long wheelbase) that started in China as their standard car as part of their mid-life freshening as the ATS-L has a 3.4-inch longer wheelbase to give a couple of extra inches to rear passenger legroom.

  18. OMEGATALON Says:

    Cadillac’s design has soften as the lines aren’t as harsh as the CTS of a generation ago; but most consumers thought the evolution was acceptable as well as still allowing Cadillac to be recognized unlike the other sedans that look about the same whether they’re made in Asia or Europe.

  19. OMEGATALON Says:

    Ford appears to have run out of ideas as their new Lincoln Continental appears to have borrow some styling cues of the Jaguar XF sedan as it looks to compete with the 2017 Buick LaCrosse than Cadillac’s CT6.

  20. RS Says:

    I was able to get a first-hand look at the 2017 Continental at Cobo Hall and came away much more impressed with the design than I was with the release photos published on Autoline Daily. The trunk has been shortened a little (not sure why) but the overall look is actually very elegant.

    If you have ever seen a new vehicle at an auto show, you know that you really need to see the car on the street before you get the real measure of its proportions. It makes a difference when you see the car in its natural habitat.

    That said, think this car can actually make it for Lincoln. As long as it has an engine – not like the remake of the 2 seat T-bird a few years ago. A great engine compensates for a multitude of sins!

  21. RS Says:

    The Bolt looks very impressive. Too bad it’s a GM product. That will never happen in my driveway!

  22. HtG Says:

    19. I agree 100% about needing to see a car on the road before one can tell how it looks to one. With regulation and market forces homogenizing cars, designers are doing their work in the details like surfacing and jewelry. The street and natural light are where it all comes together.

    I know this because I’ve made a fool of myself more than a few times. I know now.

  23. kit gerhart Says:

    19 The Lincoln will have a turbo V6, which should work fine, as long as you are ok with the “image.”

    @RS, what was wrong with the engine in the Thunderbird? A friend has one which runs ok, and hasn’t blown up.

  24. kit gerhart Says:

    You’d think they might make ’59 Cadillac clones in China, for the domestic market. I doubt if they have rules regarding pedestrian safely like the EU, or to some extent, the U.S.

  25. HtG Says:

    23 Can you imagine? Red ’59s going by like it’s normal? This is my image of the day. This is a smile.

  26. Bobby T Says:

    I agree with RS. The Continental does look better in the flesh than in pictures. Rather attractive, but not a game changer.

  27. RS Says:

    T-Bird engine – I wanted a little more Shelby and a little less Mustang II

  28. kit gerhart Says:

    26 Makes sense. My friend wanted a “cruiser,” which is what the T-bird turned out to be. I thought they should use the Crown Vic 4.6 engine and Mustang chassis, to keep the cost down. Most potential customers wouldn’t have cared, and the car would have sold much better at a lower price.

  29. Anthony Thomas (@djfourmoney) Says:

    Why is it important that the Bolt is faster than the Fiesta ST? It cost more and the savings won’t be reached for years to come.

    Who is going to cross shop the Bolt with a Fiesta ST anyway?

    There a few ST’s over 300hp…

  30. ukendoit Says:

    RS, I used to think that way about GM and Ford. I went for the underdog Chrysler, appreciating their style and power (and having good luck with no transmission issues). Now that all the manufacturers are fairly even on quality, reliability, and style (and Chrysler is now Italian owned), I think its time to rethink brand loyalty and not let previous conceptions cloud my purchase choice.
    Is there a reason you dislike GM other than maybe being a “Ford guy”?

  31. Rob Says:

    #13 I agree with you and I liked it when Caddy had the Coupe/DeVille, Eldorado, Seville etc.. Even better was they didnt all look like the same car in different sizes. Brand recognition is what the emblem is for get a little creative Cadillac. Besides the problem with the small medium and large version of the same design is when your design is blah your whole lineup sucks.

  32. kit gerhart Says:

    28 The Bolt’s quickness makes it more fun, regardless the type car.

    Yeah, people won’t cross shop Bolt and Fiesta ST much, for various reasons. The Bolt is pricier and needs to be plugged in, but it is much roomier than the Fiesta, with its barely usable rear seat. I like both cars.

  33. ukendoit Says:

    12, Kit, from what I read, the clutch interlock is bypassed on the Jeep by adding a 10a fuse in the right slot (#20) in the small fuse panel behind the glovebox, in 03 and up they moved the panel to the PDC under the hood but supposedly it is still there.

  34. kit gerhart Says:

    Tnx for info.

  35. Marshall Says:

    #16 Gotta STRONGLY disagree. I have hated the Cadillac styling since they went to that crappy hard edged look several years ago. Looked like it was designed by some middle schooler using a ruler. E-Yuck! Glad they are finally realizing their folly and smoothing down those lines.

  36. Marshall Says:

    So Ford sold 5,000 vehicles a year in Japan, while Japan sold several million units here each year. Seems rather one sided to me. [sarcasm implied]