AD #1788 – Takata Recall Eats Into Honda’s Profits, Hyundai to Boost CUV Production, Cool Tech Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

January 29th, 2016 at 11:42am

Runtime: 7:09

- Takata Airbag Recall Eats Into Honda’s Profits
- Toyota Buys Daihatsu
- Rolex 24 Should Be a Duesy
- Hyundai to Boost CUV Production
- Cool Lighting Tech That’s Not Expensive
- PR & Marketing Battles a Thing of the Past

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19 Comments to “AD #1788 – Takata Recall Eats Into Honda’s Profits, Hyundai to Boost CUV Production, Cool Tech Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive”

  1. Jon M Says:

    “Takata recall eats into Honda’s profits.” Guess who will pay—that is, make up—for that? If not in the sticker price, in the interest rate and lease factor thru HFS. Ugh, just when I’m about to sign a lease on a new Civic. I can only hope to be wrong about that.

  2. G.A.Branigan Says:

    Here guys,have a good laugh,this is fun:

  3. Rob Says:

    Great video G.A.

  4. Buzzed Says:

    @3- funny.

  5. Lex Says:

    Enjoyed that video G.A., but Where were the Police?
    You would think someone would have reported it?

  6. MJB Says:

    Those PR vs Marketing battles of yesteryear your guest talked about sound quite analogous to the old NBA (cut-throat Detroit Piston “Bad Boys”) vs. the new NBA (everybody is best friends with everybody else).

  7. Roger T Says:

    John, don’t think you’ll be paying through your lease interest, you’re much more vulnerable at the negotiating table when finalizing sales price (dealer profit). And if you have a trade, then you’ll be extra vulnerable. Good luck, bring TUMs.

  8. RS Says:

    Some of the European ads demand a slightly “off” sense of humor…

    The VW trailer gag is actually quite tame, especially for cat lovers!

    Also, check out the European Honda ads – they are always entertaining

  9. G.A.Branigan Says:

    I’ve never leased a vehicle before.I just don’t like the thought of doing that.I guess that makes me a dinosorass,but that’s how I roll.

  10. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I’ve never leased a vehicle, and probably never will. The possible exception would be if I wanted an EV, or plug-in hybrid with a very expensive battery. Leasing would take the unpredictable, and possibly very high depreciation out of the equation.

  11. wmb Says:

    With Scion sales in the US not as strong as they once were, while they may still have a strong following among die hard fans, I wonder it Toyota plans to replace it with Daihatsu here in the States or supplement Scion’s vehicle content with product from Daihatsu?

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I suspect Toyota bought Daihatsu as an “investment,” and nothing to do with the U.S. market. That is, unless the U.S. market changes a lot.

    I was surprised to learn that Daihatsu left the European market, and will, or has left New Zealand. They must be the most Asia-centric car/truck company around.

  13. Kit Gerhart Says:

    It looks like Ford didn’t do so well at Daytona, but I’m sure they learned a lot.

  14. HtG Says:

    Maybe get a more distinctive paint scheme? I kept confusing the Ford GT with the Ferraris and DPs. I suggest an all blue car with large blue oval laid out obliquely. Write FORD in the blue oval.

  15. Kit Gerhart Says:

    That would be good, especially if/when they start winning.

  16. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I ran across a facebook thread about Ford GT testing, and a common complaint was that they sound like crap. I’d always thought the flat crank V8 was the proper engine for that car, but “ecoboost” is the buzzword du jour at Ford these days, so they used the turbo V6.

  17. Brett Says:

    Unless you’ve got a big tax liability, you may not be able to take advantage of the entire tax credit for an EV. If you lease, you can apply that to the capital reduction of the lease as the leasing company absolutely can take advantage of the full tax credit. They are the ones, after all, that are purchasing the EV.

  18. Chuck Grenci Says:

    Ford GT is still in the teething (pains) stage; with time I feel pretty sure some success. Agree with HtG that the car needs a more distinct color combination (recognition) on the track; the “Corvettes” (yellow) do it very well. And kudos to the Corvettes; great finish for them.

  19. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Maybe they want to get the “teething” issues resolved with the Ford GT, and then do the distinctive colors. That would make sense.