AD #1812 – FCA CEO Wants to Build Apple Cars, Goodyear’s Autonomous Concepts, Companies Wasting $ on DOT Inspections

March 3rd, 2016 at 11:44am

Runtime: 7:28

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- FCA CEO Wants to Build Apple Cars
- Goodyear Develops Tire Concepts for Autonomy
- Ford Upgrades Super Duty Trucks
- Transit Lineup Gets New Features
- Survey Shows Consumers Have Short Memories
- Companies Wasting Money on DOT Inspections

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12 Comments to “AD #1812 – FCA CEO Wants to Build Apple Cars, Goodyear’s Autonomous Concepts, Companies Wasting $ on DOT Inspections”

  1. Lisk Says:

    Sergio and Apple? Who is he kidding? Granted Apple could use the experience of an experienced car maker but I don’t see FCA as being on the short list. Look for a Chinese partner to be picked. That’s where the rest of the Apple line come from.

    The spherical Goodyear tire is out there. Turning the tires 90-degrees seems like quite a challenge.

  2. dcars Says:

    I’ve had the impression that hackers like big targets that effect a lot of computers/people ie Microsoft’s latest browser or google chrome. Other than people that can show that they can do it, is anyone really interested in taking the time to hack in to a car’s computer via wifi; that’s a small group of cars and hardly worth the effort.

  3. HtG Says:

    Sergio M. is making public overtures to the world’s most secretive company? Did Apple already rebuff FCA?

  4. Jon M Says:

    Is it a coincidence that the image of the super duty Ford tow truck is towing a Chevy p/u? Hmmm, I rather think not! Certainly they don’t want put an image of a broken down Ford being towed. But that it is of their arch cross-town rival is indeed not a detail lost on the crowd in this forum.

  5. Rob Says:

    So someone at Goodyear watched I-robot too.

  6. MJB Says:

    Wow. Sorry, Sean, but when you mentioned the HP and Torque specs on those new Ford Super Duty trucks, all I could think was that the V8 in the Bentley Mulsanne has each of those engine options beat with a staggering 752lb.ft. of torque. Not that they’re competing or anything. That stat just kinda popped into my head…

  7. Ukendoit Says:

    If Goodyear is using mag-lev for the spherical tires, 90 degree rotation wouldn’t be difficult, and the tires self rotating for optimal wear sounds great, the difficulty would be all that interior room that is taken up by tires that are as wide as they are tall (plus the room for the magnetic suspension).
    I wonder if the tires are solid or hollow? Four solid rubber balls with mag-lev & sensors sounds very heavy, so I’m guess hollow.

  8. Ziggy Says:

    Having companies do self-inspections sounds like the fox watching the hen house to me. What is to keep the companies from cheating and just signing off on a vehicle even if it fails an inspection? Not only don’t they have to pay extra for the inspection but they don’t have to pay for a repair if they don’t want to. We all know what happens when car companies are allowed to self-certify things like fuel mileage and safety testing. As Reagan used to say, trust BUT verify.

  9. G.A.Branigan Says:

    Here’s some more FCA news.:

  10. Kit Gerhart Says:

    8 Reagan used the “trust but verify” phrase in regard to U.S.-Soviet relations, but may well have started the “trust, and don’t worry about it” in regard to mpg, emissions, or safety testing.

  11. Albemarle Says:

    I think Sergio should think a bit betore offering to manufacture for Apple. Apple’s profit margin continues to rise while their contract manufacturers are razor thin.
    In 2012 Apple’s margin was over 30% and Foxconn, their major manufacturing contractor made 1.5% Apple’s margin is over 40% now.
    Working with Apple may be exciting, but when most of the excitement is trying to keep your head above water, it may be more excitement than your investors deserve.

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    If FCA manufactured for Apple, they’d have to do it in China. Other companies, like VW, have more experience there.