AD #1828 – Autonomy Could Help Improve Efficiency, GM Showing More Discipline, VW and Regulators Can’t Agree

March 25th, 2016 at 11:48am

Runtime: 7:38

- VW Gets Extension
- Chevy Camaro ZL1 Convertible
- Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk
- Honda & Hitachi Develop Breathalyzer Key
- Autonomy Could Help Meet CAFE Regs.
- New Startup Jumps Into Autonomous Car Pool
- Google Maps Expands Ride-Sharing Options
- GM Showing More Discipline Than Ford & FCA
- VW and Regulators Can’t Agree on Diesel Fix

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14 Comments to “AD #1828 – Autonomy Could Help Improve Efficiency, GM Showing More Discipline, VW and Regulators Can’t Agree”

  1. Bradley Says:

    Autonomy will also improve MPG by varying highway speed.

    With my old Yaris, I hit 50mpg varying my speed 50-80mph.

    You let the hills slow you down, and then on the down hills you give just enough gas so your instantaneous MPG is just above the average MPG.

    This is highly annoying to other drivers, but MPG goes way up.

  2. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I don’t really think I want to share the road with a bunch of hypermiling autonomous cars. That sounds pretty awful.

  3. Dave Forslund Says:

    Are our regulators a wolf in sheep’s clothing or actually a sheep in a wolf’s clothing. Appears to me that they are the later.

    It is a shame that those mfg’s who work hard and follow the laws are not rewarded and those who purposely “work hard” to break the laws are somewhat rewarded.

    No wonder there is some mistrust in our government agencies. When it comes to fair play, everyone wants a wolf to be THE WOLF! If it’s $70 Billion, it’s $70 Billion! That’s the price for not following the rules! NO EXCEPTIONS!

  4. Buzzed Says:

    Ride sharing- sounds like a good idea but it will come down to who uses it. If people who would have driven their own car use the ride sharing then that’s a plus, buuuut if people who would have used other transit- buses, subways, LRT… then we are making the congestion worse not better,

  5. G.A.Branigan Says:

    @ Bradley: I use my cruise control everytime I get on the freeway.Max spd is 65mph,and I usually set mine to 68-69mph.I have a van,with a 4 cyl and a 9 spd auto.It holds my speed going up the hills,5-6-and 7% grades,as well as holding the spd downhill.With a bit over 5k on my van,and running winter blend gas.

    On a recent overnight road trip my wife and I did,gave us an average of 28 mpg.On flat land it’s rated at 31mpg.I don’t have any doubts that I will get the 31 mpg’s after I do an oil change,and we start running summer blend fuel.And I do all this without tying up traffic going up our hills,(mountains actually).

    You might want to try using your cruise control and do hard crunching for your true mpg’s.Getting the in dash liar to read high mpg’s doesn’t mean that’s what your real average is.Hell,I could do that with my van and get 45mpg,but it wouldn’t be near accurate.

  6. Gerald T Says:

    The daily rental folks must be feeling the pinch of not having a readily available supply of free or nearly free (with resale) vehicles; I looked to rent a car for a week out of DTW airport in Detroit and they wanted $500.00…no thanks!

  7. pedro fernandez Says:

    In So Fla they plan to have autonomous car lanes, right side of the expressway, will be called the “Buick” lanes

  8. Kit Gerhart Says:

    5 I’ve found, over a few thousand miles of checking, that the mpg readouts of my Prius and MINI both read about 5% high, and the one in the Corvette is spot on, as best I can tell. I’m sure it is deliberate that the Prius and MINI read high. The mfg’s want to make you think you get better mileage than you actually get, but without being so blatant about it, as to have it read 15% high.

    Maybe Chevy thinks most Corvette drivers don’t care too much about mpg, so they make it accurate. In my case, though, I like good mpg, no matter what I drive, and have been impressed with the real world mileage of the ‘Vette.

  9. Kit Gerhart Says:


    Do you have any way of knowing what gear your transmission is in? If so, what is the lowest speed that it will see 9th gear on flat, level ground?

  10. G.A.Branigan Says:

    @ Kit: As far as I know,I’ve never been past 7th or 8th gear because of the terrain here.Minimum speed for 9th gear to engage is 75+ mph.I say + because not many people own one yet,and I haven’t seen a hwy around here that has speed limits that high.I know from 4th gear on,they are all overdrives,and there be a bunch of them ;}>

    I can go into manual mode,then it shifts like a sequential trans,pull it back,it shifts up,push it forward,it down shifts.I have had it reading 8th gear,but I’m not sure if the trans was actually there or not.I suspect not,again,due to the terrain.

  11. Bradley Says:



    I use cruise control. I just did that once. It wasn’t an enjoyable way to drive.

    But, when I am just a passenger in my antonymous car…I won’t car.

    Then I was using Kiwi MPG plugged into the diagnostic port.

  12. Lex Says:

    The reality of Autonomous Vehicles is that the number of vehicles in a given household will be reduced by one or maybe two vehicles due to car sharing. This is not car sharing in a given household but car sharing with in a small geographical area or zip code. Individual with similar work or school schedules will be able to take advantage of car / ride sharing within one of the autonomous vehicles. This basic idea works well in areas where mass transit is unavailable. There will be much compromising on the part of individual who take advantage of this technology in addition time for going from point A to point B if other passengers need to be picked up and dropped off during the trip.

  13. Kit Gerhart Says:

    9 @G.A.
    Thanks for the info. About 60 mph is the minimum speed my Corvette will get in top (8th) gear.

  14. Roger T Says:

    @#2 – Kit, here in South FL I would welcome autonomous cars anytime, even if hypermiling. This would reduce the number of irresponsible drivers that pass by you at 110mph and those others that can`t keep their lane because they`re on the phone. And at rush hour it would stop the frenetic lane changing dance that bogs everyone down. Yes, driving here is not fun to begin with.