AD #1836 – Ford Heads South of the Border, Spain Starts Testing Mega Trucks, Cadillac Cancels Flagship CT8 Sedan

April 6th, 2016 at 12:01pm

Runtime: 9:54

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- Ford Announces New Mexico Plant
- Spain Starts Testing Mega Trucks
- Two Luxury Sedans Get the Axe
- Nvidia Provides Supercomputer for Roborace
- You Said It!

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41 Comments to “AD #1836 – Ford Heads South of the Border, Spain Starts Testing Mega Trucks, Cadillac Cancels Flagship CT8 Sedan”

  1. Bradley Says:

    Kudos to GM for realizing there wasn’t a market for the CT8. Or maybe they just realized Medicare won’t pay CT8s?

  2. Chuck Grenci Says:

    I think it is a mistake for Cadillac to drop the CT8 especially if Cadillac is looking for ‘cred’ from the other ‘big boys’; they could charge enough to cover production (if it’s good enough), and we would be talking six figures easy. Cadillac, if you want the respect of the world (which you once had), get this flagship done. And as was reported last week, Cadillac is still a cash-cow for GM; don’t get ‘cold feet’ now.

  3. Bradley Says:

    Should be won’t pay for CT8s.

  4. Bradley Says:

    VW Styling/Naming -

    I love the names! Golf, Passat, etc.

    The Styling of VWs were magnificent until they decided to make changes for the American Market.

    If I wanted a Chevy Impala looking car…I would buy one.

  5. Bradley Says:


    One of VWs biggest problems are the dealerships. I have been to 3 VW dealerships in my 2.5 year ownership of my Jetta Sportswagen TDI.

    They all have this same disposition. That VW is this massive mother ship with no communication to them.

    Toyota Dealers give me a feeling that Toyota cares what the Dealers and I think.

  6. G.A.Branigan Says:

    Looks like ford is trying to sneak out the back door with the new plant in Mexico.Ford,you guys are coming off like washington politicians now.WE need the jobs here Ford,not south of the border,(what border)…

  7. JWH Says:

    John – Last I knew plastic headlamp lenses are still made of Polycarbonate (for impact resistance) which will suffer UV degradation if not properly coated. The coatings are proprietary to the various headlight manufacturers & there can be a significant difference in life of the coatings. This was the reason why some headlight lenses yellowed & other ones of the same age remained clear.

  8. Jon M Says:

    “Interestingly, Ford kind of buried the announcement. It did not even mention Mexico in the headline of its press release. At the same time it made a big deal about a small investment it’s making in South Africa.” Shocked look, everybody :-O Politically, it’s the elephant in the room, but I think most everyone else is too desensitized to care.

  9. Lisk Says:

    Cadillac’s move to cancel the XT8 makes financial sense. I think the money would be better spent on a CUV, despite my disdain for such vehicles. Cadillacs were the everyman’s luxury car, something even the middle class could afford. I think a $100,000+ competing with the established brands would be foolish. One only has to look at the Hyundai/Kia/Genesis model. They didn’t start out selling Sonatas for Camry money; they earned their way there.

    As for headlamps, what new material are they made out of? The 1973-87 Chevy full size trucks had the rear tail lamp lenses made from Lexan, and rarely do you see a badly weathered one, even of 30-40 year old trucks.

  10. RumNCoke Says:

    I forgot how gorgeous the Cadillac Elmiraj is. I think Caddy has a really great advanced styling team. GM should unleash them once in a while.

  11. Rob Says:

    A convoy of three autonomous Mercedes-Benz Actros heavy-duty trucks began a two-day journey from Stuttgart, Germany to Rotterdam, Netherlands as part of the Netherlands European Truck Platooning Challenge 2016.

  12. Bradley Says:


    My favorite GM styled vehicle available is the Buick Regal (without the portals on the hood).

    The portals are clearly a nod to the past..but they look so stick-on, etc.

  13. Rob Says:

    Instead of Mega trucks maybe they should look at some type of mechanical quick connection that could link multiple trucks together leaving the lead truck to do all the pulling. Then engage start stop technology for the tag vehicles to help out during acceleration or uphill climbs.

  14. Martin Says:

    I think the Europeans are a little late to the market with “Mega Trucks”. Manitoulin Transport has been running similar trucks in Northern Ontario for over 20 years. The link is to an example of one of their fleet.

  15. JWH Says:

    #9 – Lexan is GE tradename for Polycarbonate. Over the years put effort into specifying material spec or generic material on drawings instead of specific tradenames. Most rear lighting lenses (except for a few as you mentioned the GM trucks) are made of acrylic since impact resistance on rear lighting is less of an issue. GM obviously made a decision to use PC on some truck signal lights to protect against operators being careless when loading the vehicle. In addition, they used a pretty good UV coating.

  16. Ken Says:

    If the state’s must observe the federal standards for Autonomous driving, Then how did California’s CARB require unique emissions standards in california? These stricter standards have now been adopted by several states, So we have federal (EPA) cars and 16 states requiring CARB standards

  17. Kit Gerhart Says:

    4, 5 I’ve had a few VW’s, most recently, an ’04 TDI Jetta wagon. My dealer experience has been the same as yours, Bradley.. They just don’t seem to know, or care about what is going on. That, and the sparse dealer network, is part of why VW hasn’t done well in the U.S., even before the TDI scandal.

    As far as the cars, I like the appearance of most VW’s, and the names are just fine. A lot of people buy cars called Camry. I don’t think names like Golf hurt VW sales in America. It’s the other things.

  18. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Glass always made a great material for headlight lenses. It stays like new, unless it gets broken, and in about 30 years of driving with glass headlight lenses, only one ever got broken.

  19. Rob Says:

    #17 Yes but PC lenses saved weight and had better design flexibility.

  20. Fernando Menendez Says:

    Ford is going to build more cars in Mexico, well i am buying a car in the next two months ,guess what make i am not going to buy FORD

  21. Fernando Menendez Says:

    whatever car i buy ,will be built by Americans . Listen ford you will loose long time customers like me. shame on you

  22. OMEGATALON Says:

    Cadillac’s decision to cancel their CT8 is sort of a just as well situation because they could stretch the CT6′s wheelbase by 2.5 inches to get possibly the rear passenger legroom the bigger car would have offered and since this is a CUV market, it’s smart to try getting more CUV to the market place as they still need a 3-row CUV possibly sharing the Omega platform.

  23. Chuck Grenci Says:

    Short term thinking got Cadillac in trouble to begin with (i.e., CUV’s now, to cash in); you’ve got to elevate the brand (and keep it there). CT8 (and 9), for the long haul. Cadillac is half-way back (from what they were), keep going, and make the mark back where it used to be. Another CUV, okay, but in addition to the ‘Flagship’.

  24. Brett Says:


    Seems like the radio link MU concept utilized by the railroads could be a starting point for linked units.

  25. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I’m sorry to see the CT8 cancelled, but I’m not surprised. Mercedes sells only around 20,000 S-Class a year in the U.S., but they have a global market to help justify making the car. Even if a CT8 were genuinely competitive with the S, it wouldn’t sell as well, even in the U.S., and it wouldn’t sell at all outside the U.S., except maybe a few in China.

  26. Kit Gerhart Says:

    HtG, are you still around? Haven’t seen you here lately.

  27. Todd T Says:

    Cars names: Mostly it just doesn’t matter, who would have thought Beetle would be a good name? Certainly wasn’t VW, because the car that was known as the Beetle never was actually called the Beetle. If you have a great product, you could call it the Rabbit even, or god forbid a Corolla (I mean really, what the heck is that?). Heck you could call a car the Squash and it’d be fine if the product resonates with enough people to achieve stand out status. It’s the mediocre products where names are more important, hence Acura’s disaster with adopting names that mean NOTHING. I dare say this will be a challenge for Cadillac soon too.

    Ford down South: Can’t wait for Trump’s latest on that one.

  28. Bob Wilson Says:

    Late thought about the FTC suit against false advertising of the VW cheat-diesels. The ad agencies were not sued because they had no way to know VW was selling cheat, not clean diesels. That is fair but what happens if VW is found guilty of false advertising?

    The settlement might ask VW to contact the ad agencies to ‘correct the record.’ But what about all the press reports that cited the false claims?

    I’d asked Edmunds if they were going to put an “*” on their earlier articles about the cheat-diesels. They said no but that was before the FTC suit which is filed and not settled.

    A fair argument could be made that it is too expensive to try and survey ever barber shop for the print copies. However, the electronic articles exist online and updating or footnoting them would be fairly easy.

    Bob Wilson

  29. wmb Says:

    Canceling the CT8, is it a good move? Only time will tell. What it does do, is give the CT6 space to move up into in its next generation. IMHO, while I see and do understand that Cadillac was attempting to go their own way, it made no since to have the CT6 between the CT8 and the CTS for the type of vehicle it turned out to be! The German Big Three have turned that space between their midsize and full size vehicles into place for stylish/sporty four door coupes, which the CT6 is not. The only way it makes since, to me, is as a replacement for the XTS! Now they can use the resources for the CT8, to make the CT6 the proper sedan flagship it could/should have been! Here’s a thought: Who says their flagship needs to be a sedan??? What if they made their flagship a CUV/SUV, to sit above the Escalade and more directly compete with the Ranger Rover, G Wagon/Maybach, future X9 and the Bentayga (with the Escalade being body-on-frame and truck based, these other vehicles are mostly unibody and therefore not as heavy and have other benefits in ride and handling)? Just ramblings of a Madman!

  30. wmb Says:

    To expound on what I said earlier, consider: The Escalade is already one of Cadillac’s biggest salers at or around 80-90 thousand dollars. IMHO, I believe potential buyers would more willingly purchase a 100k (+) Cadillac CUV and in greater numbers, then they would a similarly priced flagship sedan that’s attempting to compete with an S Class! Going the full size CUV route automatically opens such a vehicle up to the US market, but also to Russia, the Mideast and even China to name just a few. To help defray the cost of the vehicle, a few years later GM could do a decontented, COMPLETELY restyled Buick version off the same architecture. While it would/could cost about the same as the Escalade, with the Buick full size CUV not being body-on-frame, they would not directly compete with each other.

  31. Eugene C. Says:

    Regarding VW names…I see nothing wrong with them with some exceptions VW names their cars after Winds:
    -Golf is German for Gulf aka Gulfstream
    -Passat is German for tradewind
    -Jetta, German Jetstream
    -Scirocco is a mediterranean hurricane force wind from the Sahara
    -Corrado another name for Jetstream
    As for their styling VW was borrowing a page from Toyotas playbook with their ultra boring cars that we can’t seem to get enough of

  32. W L Simpson Says:

    Born with a wrench in my hand , 85 years ago , still got a resto project in my shop. Caddy was once “The Standard of the World” Now
    Consumers Reports gives the brand low marks on dependability. Owned 3 in my lifetime road tested several more recently , too often they were rebadged lower price ranged GMs. Owned 3 cuv’s in the Equinox class , very disappointing over all, cabin noise my pet peeve. Backed up to last year of the Envoy , probably last me.

  33. FSTFWRD Says:

    Car names, who cares? I believe Carroll Shelby one said about naming the GT350. “If it’s a good car, the name wont matter and if bad car the name won’t save it.” Not sure that is the exact quote, but it was something like that, and I think that is so true. So….. Yes, call them what you want and we will get used to it. I really don’t think any of VW’s names were the problem with the cars, it is the cost of keeping them on the road that hurts them.

  34. Bradley Says:


    Most Toyota names especially the ones pre 2000 are names from parts of flowers.

    Corolla is part of a flower.

  35. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The car names that have always annoyed me are deliberately mis-spelled real words. GM has been especially fond of this with Prizm, Aztek, Savana, and Cruze. I would have bought a Prizm, except for the disgusting name that resulted in thousands of people not knowing how to spell prism.

  36. aliisdad Says:

    NEVER another Ford… They are happy to collect the dollars US workers for their products; however, they are made by others displacing those US workers jobs…
    Probably should buy a Honda, Nissan, or Toyota made in the US… Pretty ironic, huh?!?!?

  37. Kit Gerhart Says:

    35 All major car companies assemble cars, and source parts all over the world. You can find US/Canada content, assembly location, and other info by car model here:

    Unfortunately, the data is combined for US and Canada, not too useful to hard core “buy American (USA)” folks.

  38. Rob Says:

    #35 Ford is no different that any other automaker and they all do it. FCA is also moving most car production outside the country and moving truck production here. Ford is not displacing workers but making room for the Ranger and Bronco production to be in the states. Its a financial move to avoid the chicken tax on importing trucks. So imagine what would happen if our government put that tax on the cars being imported?

    I’m all for buying American and that’s all I own but I also agree that the American auto industry would not be at the quality and reliability level its at without losing their a$$ to the Japanese like they did. Competition pushes us to be better. We just need to find the balance that entices manufacturers to stay in the states yet compete world class.

  39. Rob Says:

    Everyone thinks having a global economy is great and from the perspective of the consumer it is. We can buy the best products in the world at the best prices. From the manufacturers perspective you have to build the best product in the world and do it as cheap as everyone else in the world. So if folks in the US want to make the same wages as workers in China and India and if we didn’t have to meet EPA, OSHA, and tons of other federal guidelines that some of these countries don’t have then we can compete at their prices. Until that time there should be an import tax that compensates for those differences to level the playing field. Otherwise we here in the US can expect more jobs to move away and our wages to balance to the rest of the world. IMO its that simple.

  40. Rob Says:

    #38 My point was don’t blame Ford blame your government representatives as they are the ones that make it a good financial decision for companies like Ford to move production. They are in the business to make money #1 for their investors maintain US jobs #2. Without #1 there is no #2

  41. Phred Says:

    For the cheerleaders of autonomous cars…look at the original movie Total Recall for how much driving enjoyment these future cars (electric boxes) will be. Pick out your classic car now to have something that is fun to drive.