AD #1852 – Youth Dominates Chinese Market, Improve Fuel Economy by 25%, DeltaWing Working on Motors for EVs

April 28th, 2016 at 11:58am

Runtime: 8:19

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- Ford Posts Record Q1 Profits
- Ford Performance Races to Chinese Shores
- Mitsubishi Faces EPA & CARB Investigations
- OEMs Need to Shift How They Market to Millennials
- Youth Dominates China’s New Car Buyers
- Continental Updates 48-Volt Hybrid System
- DeltaWing Technologies Working on Powerful, Lightweight EV Motors

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9 Comments to “AD #1852 – Youth Dominates Chinese Market, Improve Fuel Economy by 25%, DeltaWing Working on Motors for EVs”

  1. lisk Says:

    All the claims of new (?) technologies that improve fuel efficiency by 3%, 5%, 12%, etc. reminds me of the days of the 70s when I would get the J.C. Whitney catalog out and add up all the gas saving innovations I could bolt on my car and improve the gas mileage by 250%. I wonder if the magnets that align the gasoline molecules work in today’s Direct Injection engines? That’s and easy 30% improvement!


    The auto industry is forgetting the importance of one of the most basic sales tools – the sales brochure.

    Let me explain how I new car shop. First I peruse a new vehicle buyers guide to see what is available, then the research begins. I read reviews in car magazines, read online reviews, and watch online videos at YouTube. At this point I have narrowed my choices down to a handful of vehicles. At this time I will request a sales brochure from the companies I am interested in.Lately I have contacted several manufacturers and the results have been very disappointing. Only a couple responded promptly and sent the material requested, others sent a (useless) mini pamphlet or worse yet nothing at all.

    I use these brochures to scrutinize and compare the final details of each model and make my final decision. The only time I actually set foot inside a dealership (which I hate doing) is when I have made every single decision beforehand – the make, model, which options I will want and the price I am willing to pay. If a manufacturer is unwilling to provide me with the materials I require – an actual sales brochure, then they are eliminated from all consideration.

  3. Bob Wilson Says:

    Now that we have more technical details about the Continental, 48V system, having two clutches, one for engine and one for transmission, it potentially is OK for small cars. For example, put it in a 2016 Prius.

    My web-link shows “HP vs mph” for the 2016 Prius. At speeds up to 40 mph, the sustained speed power required would be:

    1 hp @5 mph – 15.5A@48V
    2 hp @15 mph – 31.1A
    3 hp @25 mph – 46.6A
    4 hp @30 mph – 62.1A
    5 hp @33 mph – 77.8A
    6 hp @35 mph – 93.2A
    7 hp @39 mph – 108.8A@48V

    We’re looking at just under 110A, a big not not impossible conductor. The problem is electrical power losses increase by the square of the current which means conductors grow fat (heavy and expensive) very quickly.

    So this approach works for cars much smaller and lighter than the 2016 Prius but it doesn’t scale well for any equal to or larger than the 2016 Prius. Too much current is needed for ordinary vehicle rolling and aerodynamic drag.

    Bob Wilson

  4. Sean McElroy Says:

    @Rob if you’re out there – I got in contact with the folks at Kia about the rear wheel wells on the inside of the new Sportage. They say the driver’s side is larger because they had to work around the fuel filler neck.

  5. Lex Says:

    This may be a opportunity for Subaru to purchase the idle Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Normal, Ill or the other manufacturing plant it owns in Chaffee Crossing. Subaru has been on an upwards curve for several years now and limited manufacturing capacity has turned off or away numerous buyers. Obviously Subaru is gearing up it’s North American Operations by building a new Headquarters in Camden NJ. That is all well and good but you need to produce the vehicles to grow the brand. Mitsubishi has been on the downward spiral for many years and it might be time to say Good Bye to the USA and give a better equipment competitor a boost in the arm.

  6. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Sean, do you know if the Continental 48v hybrid system uses electric a/c, so it will work during extended engine-off periods?

  7. Rob Says:

    Thanks Sean, Kind of thought that was the reason but couldn’t see the filler door in any of the pics.

  8. BobD Says:

    #6 – If you look at the details on the Continental page, you will see that the housing that attaches to the engine that mounts the motor, also mounts the A/C compressor and the belt drives both of them, so yes the A/C can be driven while the engine is off. Likewise, all of the other engine driven accessories (vacuum pump, water pump, power steering, etc) are shown as potentially electrically driven, so lots of potential for off-engine operation.

  9. veh Says:

    #2, you’re old school (me too). Just went to a Dodge dealer this weekend to look at a GC and I walked around the dealership looking for that formerly ubiquitous rack of brochures. They seem to have gone the way of the dinosaurs.