AD #1864 – Suppliers Rate The OEMs, Max Verstappen Youngest F1 Winner, Honda Ridgeline Design Walkaround

May 16th, 2016 at 11:52am

Runtime: 7:52

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- Hyundai Taps Bentley… Again
- Tesla Snags Audi Manufacturing Guru
- Cadillac Names New VP Of China
- Max Verstappen Youngest F1 Winner
- Suppliers Rate The OEMs
- Ford GT Prices Could Skyrocket
- Honda Ridgeline Design Walkaround

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21 Comments to “AD #1864 – Suppliers Rate The OEMs, Max Verstappen Youngest F1 Winner, Honda Ridgeline Design Walkaround”

  1. Chuck Grenci Says:

    While the Ridgeline in not for me, I predict that it will be somewhat of a hit (but I don’t know which sales it is going to hijack from; perhaps some crossover buyers and of course some softer truck-type buyers). Just my two cents.

  2. Brett Says:

    Now Honda can produce and sell a downsized pickup off the CR-V called the “Shoreline”.

    Might make me buy a Honda.

  3. lisk Says:

    Foolish people with the “gotta have it” attitude continue to ruin the joy of ownership from a true collector standpoint. The thought of someone paying a million dollars for a car that lists for less than half that will end up being a very bad investment. I can only think back to the last ’76 Eldorado Convertibles, the 1978 Corvette pace cars, 1990 ZR-1s, Hellcats and even PT Cruisers that sold for outrageous sums over sticker when new. Unless you’re Ferrari, and you are willing to sell one car fewer than the market demands, supply will catch up with demand and you’ll have over a half million in water to deal with.
    On a side note to the Ford GT, I feel with no pedigree, the $400,000 is a bit steep but the “gotta have its” will want one.
    For a little while.

  4. Rob Says:

    I do like the swing feature of the Ridgeline tailgate. The few times where I have had items loaded in my bed using a forklift and the drivers like to smack the mast into the top of the down gate. Or lifting heavy items that you don’t want to set on the gate and slide in would be a nice feature.

  5. Marshall Says:

    Frankly the Ford GT is an overpriced, under-performing piece of crud. But if people are foolish enough to want one then go build as many as the demand calls for.

  6. Rob Says:

    Max Verstappen (18) Youngest F1 Winner; Guess that proves that a legal driving age of 16 should be just fine, its a matter of training.

  7. RumNCoke Says:

    The bed on the new Ridgeline seems quite shallow. Is that just the pictures I’m seeing?

  8. Buzzerd Says:

    The Ridgeline being able to open that way looks handy but I wonder how strong it is with out support cables or arms? If I have to hall my motorcycle with my Avalanche the back tire sits on the tailgate, no problem but with the Honda’s design ???

  9. W L Simpson Says:

    Rob says–”it’s a matter of training”
    Just imagine how many lives could be saved by requiring professional level training for a street license.

  10. pedro fernandez Says:

    What Honda has done to make their “truck” more desirable is not enough to improve sales much at all.

  11. G.A.Branigan Says:

    I can see a lot of ‘Mary Marshmallows’ buying the ridge line so they don’t spill potting soil in the back of their subaru outbacks,or foresters.

  12. Phil Says:

    Hi John,
    I watched your styling walkaround on the new Ridgleine on daily and afterhours but I was wondering about the “joint” line between the bed and the box. On the previous generation you could see it was all one unit. I’m assuming the new version is also a one piece cab and box but they have added a visual separation which seems to be there only to make us knuckle dragging pickem up buyers think they are separate units. Was this added due to customer feedback that all pickups must have separate boxes?

  13. Tuck&Roll Says:

    It’s still a Honda. Honda’s pickup is in name only. You did not speak to what PUs do, I.e. tow. How about some PU speak? Torque, horsepower, gear ratio, engine specs? Or is this one of those millennium mobiles? There’s more to a PU than a double swing tail gate.

  14. Buzzerd Says:

    I’m guessing embargo is on for the Honda so John isn’t allowed to say

  15. John McElroy Says:

    #12. Phil, i’m so glad you raised that issue. I should have pointed it out in my walk-around and am kicking myself that I didn’t. The original Ridgeline used a one-piece body side for strength. It actually posed a huge manufacturing challenge for Honda because the piece was so big the stamping dies didn’t fit in the press, they stuck outside like an oversize load on a semi trailer. Sure would have loved to see that in action!

    But customers hated the look of the flying buttress and the one-piece look. So on the new truck Honda created a separate bed and cab. The two are welded together, but Honda wanted to keep the bed looking like it’s completely separate from the cab. So to your point, they added that rubber gasket to create a strong visual line of separation. It’s only there for appearance.

  16. John McElroy Says:

    #13. We didn’t dwell on the powertrain because, as we mentioned on the After Hours show, the Ridgeline uses the exact same engine, transmission and 2WD and AWD system from the Honda Pilot and Acura MDX.

    But we did talk about towing (5000 lbs) and hauling (1500 lbs).

  17. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The new Ridgeline will sell better than the old one, because it looks better. It would serve the vast majority of pickup buyers very well. As we all know, only a small percentage of pickup buyers actually tow anything, or haul anything heavier than a couple sacks of groceries. The likely good ride and handling should be appealing to these people.

    The Ridgeline will not be on the shopping list of those who actually need a pickup for serious hauling or towing, but those people have several good choices.

  18. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I hope Ford keeps making the GT a long time, after the demand is filled, so the people who pay 4X sticker price can contemplate their stupidity in a few years.

  19. BobD Says:

    #8 – I too question the tailgate design with only one support cable. Looks like a disaster for anyone that actually uses the pickup as a pickup, although I suspect Honda is hoping most buyers will not treat theirs like a pickup. I see lots of pickups with bowed tailgates from putting too much weight on them, and I don’t see how the alignment with the dual-open function can survive. Perhaps a great feature, but durability remains to be seen.

  20. Kit Gerhart Says:

    #18 Yep, it won’t be so good for carrying a 900 pound bike with one wheel on the tailgate.

  21. TJWatson59 Says:

    Max Verstappen Go!