AD #1865 – Startup Developing Autonomous Semi, FCA Axes Pacifica-Based CUV, Ranking OEMs by Production

May 17th, 2016 at 11:40am

Runtime: 7:33

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- New Startup Developing Self-Driving Semi Trucks
- FCA Axes Pacifica-Based CUV
- BMW’s Most Powerful Diesel Ever
- Ford GT Gets Carbon Fiber Wheels
- Ford Develops Components from Captured CO2
- Chinese OEMs Bigger Than Most Realize

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11 Comments to “AD #1865 – Startup Developing Autonomous Semi, FCA Axes Pacifica-Based CUV, Ranking OEMs by Production”

  1. G.A.Branigan Says:

    Wow,that is some news on China’s car production.Heading to a dealer near us soon I imagine.Any rankings on the quality? Safety testing?

  2. Bradley Says:

    FCA is being ran like a cash machine.

    However, axe’n a CUV may be wise. I just had a Dodge Journey as a rental car…it was horrible.

    No backup camera with horrible visibility.
    The controls were very confusing via a touchscreen smaller than most smartphones.
    Handled like a minivan too.

  3. Bradley Says:

    Is the new foam made from CO2, recyclable itself?

  4. lisk Says:

    FCA’s decision not to build a CUV off the Pacifica platform will come back to bite them. While there is still a market for minivans and little competition, the CUV explosion will grow greater in the coming years. A real 7-seat CUV would e perfect for FCA.

    Ford’s GT with carbon fibre wheels? A two pound weight reduction nets a inertial decrease of 25% ?. How is that calculated? The attraction of large diameter wheels is mostly superficial unless you fill them with big brakes. 19 inchers would have saved more weight and with a smaller overall diameter would have increased steering sharpness. I know what the answer is; people want it.

  5. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The Journey was never very good, and it certainly hasn’t aged well. A CUV based on the new van would/should have been much better, but would have cost money to tool.

    If FCA can convince people that minivans are “cool,” as Americans now consider CUV’s and pickup trucks to be, they won’t need a replacement for the Journey, and the Pacifica should sell very well.

  6. Kit Gerhart Says:

    #4 I bet the 25% inertial decrease is for the wheels, without the tires. Much of the inertia of wheel-tire combinations is the tires.

    Those carbon fibre wheels will probably increase the cost of comprehensive insurance of the GT a few hundred dollars/year, if the insurance includes coverage for damaged wheels.

  7. Rob Says:

    Not sure what FCA is thinking. They don’t seem to have any clear direction. Killed the Dart and 200 and now this CUV. The Challenger and Charger are mediocre cars at best.
    Its like they only want to build Jeeps, Rams and this Pacifica and keep pushing the 500.

  8. Kit Gerhart Says:

    7 Maybe FCA think a CUV based on the Pacifica would be competing too much with the Durango., which it would, in size, but not in “capability.” Also, maybe they hope to reverse the image of minivans as un-cool. The Pacifica might have a better chance at that than most minivans. Surely, CUV’s will soon have the mommy-mobile image that has been hurting van sales for years.

    They are getting a lot of mileage out of the 300/Charger/Challenger platform, but how much longer can it last? Even the Crown Vic has had its day, even though taxi companies and police departments still wanted more of them.

  9. WineGeek Says:

    What is wrong at FCA? Does Sergio just want to have Jeep left to sell? The CUV would be a welcome addition to their limited line-up. There certainly seems to be a lack of foresight in the corporate suite.

    Keep building a generations old minivan and don’t use the production capacity to build an up-to-date CUV that might increase overall sales. Bad idea!!

  10. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Maybe Sergio is just waiting for google to buy the company.

  11. BobD Says:

    Maybe FCA is hoping Jim Gaffigan can do for the Pacifica what Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) did for the Durango in sales, so they will not have to invest in other new products.