AD #1886 – VW Gets Another Extension, Rolls Royce & MINI Look Into the Future, Ram Rebel Gets Moparized

June 16th, 2016 at 11:55am

Runtime: 8:00

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- Volkswagen Gets Another Extension
- Mitsubishi May Have Cheated More
- MINI & Rolls Royce Look Into the Future
- New HUD Connects to Phone & Car
- Ram Rebel Gets Moparized
- Discovery Sport Tows a Train
- Honda’s New Accord Hybrid

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16 Comments to “AD #1886 – VW Gets Another Extension, Rolls Royce & MINI Look Into the Future, Ram Rebel Gets Moparized”

  1. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I’d be a lot more impressed with the Land Rover pulling the train, if it didn’t have the add-on flanged wheels.

  2. Chuck Grenci Says:

    When they do these ‘stunt’ demonstrations (Discovery Sport) they need to show that their competitors can’t to the same. This goes for that Tundra stunt pulling the Space Shuttle (a year or two ago). And even though it makes the vehicle memorable (obviously because I remembered the Tundra), I remembered it in not such a good light (so advantage, zero).

  3. Buzzerd Says:

    I’ve been driving a Sprinter van for the last month or so and it has lane detection and blind spot detection. The best part of the lane detection is the off switch. Blind spot detection has yet to tell me something I didn’t know. I do not want this on any vehicle I buy.

  4. Kit Gerhart Says:

    2 About any vehicle with with a torque converter automatic can pull a lot of weight at low speed, churning away through the torque converter in a low gear. The Tundra had the advantage of low range, but was pulling something with rubber tires, rather than rail cars with steel wheels, which have much lower rolling resistance.

  5. Kit Gerhart Says:

    3 I haven’t tried the off switch yet for the traction control on my Corvette. I’ll wait until it is time to replace the tires.

  6. Lisk Says:

    The whole VW emissions rigging is starting to get old. What is this, the 3rd deadline extension? I think at this point most consumers are numb to the scandal. About the only time there is any mention of it, it’s here on Autoline. If VW can stall a couple more years, 20-30% of the cars will probably be off the road due to attrition. I honesty don’t think VW has any intentions of fixing the 4-cyl TDIs.

  7. RumNCoke Says:

    #5 – I always turn off traction control on the drag strip. On a road course, I leave it on since broken fiberglass is not my favorite thing. ;)

  8. Brett Says:

    When I look at the RR concept, I hear “Thunderbirds are GO!” in my head.

  9. Kit Gerhart Says:

    #7 So far, I’ve driven my ‘Vette only on the street. I may autocross it. I suspect traction control on would be best for that, at least with my skill level.

  10. RS Says:

    I will be very interested in the after-market HUD. At $300 it beats the price of a new vehicle – and the fact that you generally need to order the highest priced model to get those features.

  11. GRP Says:

    The portable HUD system begs one question, is it legal? Looking through the transparent portion clearly would lower the Transmitted Light below the 70% minimum, and it is a big obscuration right in the A vision zone on the windshield.

  12. Buzzerd Says:

    @Kit- when I had my Vette I would leave the traction control on also. I would put it in pro or race… what ever it was called, when I wanted to have fun but still have someone or something smarter than me there to save me in time of need.

  13. Buzzerd Says:

    the lane detection just beeps when it thinks you are straying from your lane. I’m traveling in Europe and down many backroads, you are out of your lane a lot to – avoid bikes, give space to other or bigger vehicles, go around parked vehicles, straighten corners on passes…. pain in the arse.
    The blind spot detection beeps if you hit your signal while a vehicle is in the general area. Soooo when you are say on the autobahn traveling at speed, as you are passing a vehicle you hit your signal the Sprinter beeps cause there’s something beside you but I’m not actually changing lanes for a few seconds, I’m singling before I change lanes. A second or two later with a speed differential of 40km/hr there’s tons of space.

  14. Roger T Says:

    The RR stunt just reminds me how ridiculous owning such a vehicle is, especially considering people use them for Kroger duty while fidling with their phones.

  15. Roger T Says:

    Btw I like the lane detection system in my car but my wife hates the occasional beeping (as a passenger). She turns it off when driving my car.

  16. Bobby T Says:

    The car pulling a freight car is nothing new. Buick did it back in the early ’30s, with a clutch and manual shift. Bet you could smell clutch facing for a couple of weeks. Airstream pulled a similar stunt, but this time it was the towed vehicle (Airsteam) that was being shown off for its light weight. Airstream founder Wally Byam hired a guy to tow it with a bicycle.