AD #1894 – VW Fine Continues to Grow, Supplier Puts Brakes on Door Dings, Behind the Wheel: Mopar ’16 Ram Rebel

June 28th, 2016 at 11:54am

Runtime: 7:48

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- VW Fine Continues to Grow
- Nissan Strengthens Fuel Cell Push
- Audi Introduces New Q2 Crossover
- Technology Supplier Puts Brakes on Door Dings
- Behind the Wheel: Mopar ’16 Ram Rebel
- Aussie Ute Finds Its Way to the UK

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15 Comments to “AD #1894 – VW Fine Continues to Grow, Supplier Puts Brakes on Door Dings, Behind the Wheel: Mopar ’16 Ram Rebel”

  1. Todd T Says:

    I was one of the guests on the Autoline this Week program. My proposal was about the same amount of money but would have ended most if not all of the continuing litigation, and would have turned around the ill-will about the brand. Volkswagen AG apparently has money go burn, and thinks their sales recover is just around the corner. I think they are banking way too much on the launch of new CUV and MUV. Even if those vehicles are exceptional in the marketplace, making inroads with brands already established in those segments will not be easy.

  2. Todd T Says:

    stet: money to burn

  3. Lisk Says:

    VW is pretty slick. The EPA fine was originally going to be $18 billion and they whittled that down to 1/6 of that including the settlement with CARB? The other $2 billion for clean emissions technology had to have already been in the works.

  4. Todd T Says:

    Yes, Lisk and now VW garners the added image assault of “getting away with it”.

  5. MARSHALL Says:

    The post on door dings has the whole problem backwards. It’s not car owners opening their own doors too far, but the clods in parking lots slamming THEIR DOORS into OUR vehicles.
    That trick and expensive system will not protect your new ride from other careless people damaging your car.

  6. Lex Says:

    The VW Diesel Cheating Scandal would make a great thesis subject for those of us who have not already completed an advanced college degree. If I were back in Grad School I would have been all over this topic looking at Economic, Social and Health impacts of a company bent on world domination. VW going into developing pure and clean EV’s might be the only way for them to repair their tarnished corporate

  7. Kit Gerhart Says:

    VW has pretty much gauranteed that I will never buy one of their products again, and I have had five of them in the past. The deliberate way in which they flaunted the law is what really bothers me.

  8. G.A.Branigan Says:

    VW makes nothing I would want.And I doubt they ever will.My days with VW ended decades ago.

  9. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I still like the Golf and Sportwagon, but now, would be unlikely to buy either.

  10. Chuck Grenci Says:


    I was thinking the very same thing. As a car-guy I already am extremely careful that I don’t ding others but you are correct, for the others, that they just don’t care, and put the dings in our rides.

    This technology could, if incorporated in all future cars be a panacea, but not for a long long time, and I’m thinking, it ain’t gonna happen (plus it adds weight to the vehicle).

  11. Roger Blose Says:

    We don’t need door stop brakes but rather sensor controlled inflatable side moldings that catch the other car doors before dinging my ride. My last visit with the Dent Wizard ran about $125 per ding. And how about the front and rear soft bumper covers that get scuffed all the time. Can’t someone help us in the industry with these real problems?

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    11 If only the general public were even a tenth as careful as we “car people.”

    I am very careful not to ding other people’s cars, but I usually park far out in lots, doing what I can to avoid dings in my car.

  13. ADK Says:

    Anti-bump doors? Why would anyone want a death trap like that in the case of an accident? Forget the Terminators, it’s things like these that will sink us.

  14. Tman Says:

    Yeah that door brake thing is a solution to the wrong problem. The Citroen Cactus “Airbump” is a more cost effective solution for door dings.

  15. georges jean Says:

    THE VW BUYBACK IS A RIPOFF. I spent 25,000 on my 2010 Jetta, but the proposed buyback (including the ‘we’re sorry’ bonus) is only 11,000. THAT’S A 14,000 DOLLAR LOSS FROM MY INITIAL INVESTMENT, but if I keep the car then it won’t pass smog tests, so it loses registration
    I am faced with two choices, neither of which is good for me or my wallet. Per usual the corporate elite gets off relatively unscathed (a business expense they will write off), while the customers get a large financial burden they cannot afford