AD #1930 – Volvo Trucks Sets 2 World Speed Records, Kia Teases the New Rio, Tesla Boosts Performance & Range

August 24th, 2016 at 11:49am

Runtime: 8:19

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- Tesla Boosts Performance & Range
- The Iron Knight Sets Speed Records
- Olli: The Autonomous Trolley
- Chevy Cavalier Makes A Comeback
- Kia Teases the New Rio
- Opel Ampera-e To Debut In Paris

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6 Comments to “AD #1930 – Volvo Trucks Sets 2 World Speed Records, Kia Teases the New Rio, Tesla Boosts Performance & Range”

  1. XA351GT Says:

    The Rio has very VW Golf styling to me.I guess we’ll see for sure when the real deal arrives

  2. Lex Says:

    Not the nameplate again Cavalier!!!! How about the Corsica or Lumina? My pick would be Lumina!

  3. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Cavalier would probably not be a good name to revive in the U.S., but the second generation cars weren’t too bad, for the time.

  4. puremoose Says:

    I like the idea of OLLI, BUT how would I get on it in my wheelchair ?

  5. Ziggy Says:

    I owned the last generation of Cavalier and I actually liked it, got rid of it for the exact same reason I bought it, the manual transmission. Had a Jimmy automatic and wanted to get back into shifting myself so I got the sportiest Cavalier they made with a five speed stick and had a blast shifting for myself until I got a new job and had to sit in stop-and-go traffic twice a day. Got tired of shifting it then and got a Grand Prix with an automatic. Still miss the Cavalier sometimes though.

  6. BobD Says:

    The GM press release said the Cavalier is a “compact midsize family sedan” that will compliment the new Cruze. So is the Cavalier bigger or smaller than the Cruze? It appears to have a larger engine than the Cruze, so that would suggest it is larger, but that would seem to conflict with the Malibu, which is also sold in China.