AD #1936 – Germany Accuses FCA of Cheating, Lamborghini Wants a Gentle Bull, 2017 Fusion Sport Impressions

September 1st, 2016 at 11:52am

Runtime: 7:58

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- Germany Accuses FCA of Using Defeat Devices
- Kia Shows Off All-New Rio
- Bumblebee Heads to China
- Water Injection Going Into Mass Production
- Lambo Wants a Gentle Bull
- 2017 Ford Fusion Sport Impressions

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19 Comments to “AD #1936 – Germany Accuses FCA of Cheating, Lamborghini Wants a Gentle Bull, 2017 Fusion Sport Impressions”

  1. Bradley Says:

    Does this mean Lamborghini will change their logo to be more like Horizon milk’s logo?


    Bosch’s water injection system works best in engines that makes at minimum of 107 horsepower per liter; this means it can be adapted to almost all of the turbocharged 4-cylinder engines that General Motors is building and being able to squeeze another 13-percent in fuel efficiency would be incredible as the 1.4L DOHC-4v 4-cyl turbo used in the Chevy Cruze is capable of over 45 mpg as a water injection system could increase mileage to over 50 mpg.

  3. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I remember hearing about water injection in some WW II fighter engines, like the Rolls-Royce Merlin. Also, didn’t either a Corvair or Olds turbo use it in the 1960′s?

    There must be some tradeoffs, or it would be widely used. I guess we’ll wait and see with the latest revival of the technique.

  4. buzzard Says:

    Water injection- Honda used it on some of their NSR500 two stoke race bikes, soooo what happens when I park my water injected car outside on a cold night?
    Lamborghini Anus or er uh Iris…. Urus, yea, Urus, only makes sense to have a product people can actually use a car, the rest of their lineup is fairly useless in day to day life.

  5. Henry Says:

    1962 and 1962 Oldsmobile Jetfire was turbocharged and equipped with water injection

  6. Tuck&Roll Says:

    You’re correct about water injection. As a prior USAF Aircraft Maintenance Officer. My training discussed water injection on reciprocating engines back on the ’60s. As a young officer I was definitely surprised at to the use of water in a piston engine. I even believe there was water injection in jet engines. Please correct me if I’m mistaken.
    Also, what are these govt’s on, a witch hunt? Are they going accuse every car manufacturer of defeat device and then they must defend a negative? Guilty until proven innocent? Another way of squeezing money.

  7. Lisk Says:

    5) The KC-135 used water injection in the J57 Turbojets. My father has less than fond memories as the plane he was in ran out of water during it’s take off run leaving DaNang on his way home. He said the loss of power was so severe it was like a parachute coming out. Thankfully the plane clawed its way into the air and made it home.

    I remember after the ’73 energy crisis the Mk III Vapo Injector being advertised heavily in the auto mags to give a mpg and performance boost.

  8. G.A.Branigan Says:

    Water injection is also a fairly common performance mod to the diesel crowd when they hop up their rides.

  9. gary susie Says:

    VW got caught and now they want to take everyone else down with them. Bad move, it just like when you were a kid and caught at something, and say well he did it too.

  10. curley Says:

    Edelbrock used sell a water injection add on system …installed one on my Ford pickup back in the ’80s..problem was engine heat caused the minerals in the water to crystallize on the injector nozzle = clogged nozzle…had to use distilled water to make it work reliably.

  11. Brett Says:


    I can’t remember if mine was a Holley or Edelbrock kit. I installed it on the 429 in my 1969 Thunderbird when lead was being phased out. For serious duty, I would buy a case of rubbing alcohol and fill the reservoir with that instead of water. :)

  12. W L Simpson Says:

    The Rio would make a great EV.
    Never owned a 4 dr, modified all my 2 drs . Only hatches for the last 30 years. First wheels was a 11 yr old 37 Ford 2 dr fastback , it had cabled brakes , which stretched in a panic stop You kids missed some fun cars.

  13. RumNCoke Says:

    A little late commenting on yesterday’s segment on aero wheels. Seems to me that these are nothing new. I recall the 1984 Corvette had wind cheating wheels which also assisted brake cooling. Everything old is new again…

  14. Kit Gerhart Says:

    5 That is an interesting article about the Jetfire. That car was clearly high tech for the time, but its performace dramatically shows how far we have progressed. The turbocharged, water injected V8 powered Jetfire did 0-60 in “under 9 seconds,” probably meaning about 8.9 seconds. Now, a Prius is barely slower, doing 0-60 in around 9.5 seconds in published tests. How far we have progressed.

  15. roger t Says:

    Ford Fusion Sport – very mild appearance tweaks, and in the video clips you can see lots of suspension travel over bumps. Sounds like the version should be caller Fusion Cruiser, not sure if this will be such a big hit.

    Lamo Lambos – Porsche risked lots of cache & street-cred with their SUVs & 4 door toad sedan, but Lambos are just for show-offs anyways, they never had much street-cred to begin with. I think a SUV Maserati is much more of a sacrilege than a girly Lambo.

  16. Chuck Grenci Says:

    I couldn’t find todays show on the autoline website (directly); I had to use the re-direct from my email reminder.

  17. Ukendoit Says:

    Thanks for the heads-up, Chuck. I’ve been periodically looking for today’s show since noon. I was getting worried about our Autoline friends!

  18. Ukendoit Says:

    For anyone else looking for today’s show, you can click on the YouTube link above, and find today’s show under “Videos”.

  19. Kit Gerhart Says: