AAH #12 – Ankle Deep

June 18th, 2009 at 9:08pm

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This week–despite the requisite beers–a very sober After Hours as we go into the nitty gritty of what’s going on at the bankrupt GM. John McElroy and the regulars, Peter De Lorenzo of AutoExtremist.com and PR master Jason Vines, are joined by Mark LaNeve, General Motors’ VP of Sales, Service and Marketing, to discuss the recovery the company is trying to wade through. What’s with the GM image spots? Why won’t GM create a Chevy version of the G8? How are GM’s dealers handling the end of their livelihoods? Plus, Mark answers your questions in our “Rapid Fire” segment.

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6 Comments to “AAH #12 – Ankle Deep”

  1. Steve Safranek Says:

    This was a great episode……Mark was as candid as possible for someone in his position. Way to go…….

  2. Edwin Benson Says:

    Wasn’t it a little bit Pollyanna? With all due respect, it seemed as though all that Mr. LaNeve said was, “We are in trouble, but it’s not as bad as it could be, we are coming out of it, and it isn’t anybody’s fault.” Unfortunately, it IS somebody’s fault – a lot of somebodys, and one of those somebodys may be Mr. LaNeve and/or his predecessors. I thought his attitude toward Mr. Dollinger was typical of Detroit’s attitude toward anybody who has a different perspective. Maybe Mr. Dollinger is a bit arrogant, but Mr. Dollinger has been a lot more successful at his task than Mr. LaNeve has been at his.

  3. Jonathan Brown Says:

    Great show! First time watcher here..

    I always liked Autoline detroit and autoline daily, but seeing this laid back…shoot the breeze about the auto industry was awesome..

    mark LaNeve..

    Cool guy…awesome dad who brought his autistic son with him! Hey….thats top notch in my book..

    I have a 2008 black Vette and a 2008 Silver AWD 30ohp CTS…both great cars…

    But now that I know a guy like Mark Leneve is at the helm………….

    I’m really proud to own these american beasties!

    The whole cast of the show was great. I just found this…and I’ll be watching all the time….

    GM ROCKS! Best product for the money with out a doubt!

    As a vette fanatic…What can I say..

    The C6 Z51, Z06, Grand Sport, ZR1, Camaro SS at 31 grand…base..

    The CTS, the CTS V! , the G8 GT…(save it as an Impala SS or at the very least make a four door camaro SS and call it whatever the hell you want..

    The new Buick 2010 Lacrosse CSX? DAM FINE CAR! Loving it. Big winner..

    The trucks I won’t go into but they are all cool..

    the chyrsler fiat conversation was cool..

    Thanks for doing this and I’m glad I saw the spot on autoblog for this show…

    First time I saw it and it rocks..

    John McElroy…Your a good guy..Same for Mr. Autoextremists and Mr VInes..

    A big shout out from Jersey Mark LaNeve..

    My kids 13… autistic and digs cruising with his dad in either the cool topless vette or as a family in the AWD CTS! Your son rocks too….

    Good to see him on the show! Mark you’re a great dad! and now my hero too..

    Defeat Autism Now Protocol is the way to build a foundation for a recovery protocol…

    Take that to the bank!


  4. Derek Says:

    I enjoyed the show as I always manage to learn something new about the industry – specifically as it pertains to perspective. I liked Mr. LaNeve’s candid replies, but most of his replies coincidentally run parallel to the annoying GM “Reinvention” marketing campaign. Last week you joked about Honda paying you for a “spot”, well this week it wasn’t as blatant but it was there. I still enjoyed the show, but there were several moments I felt I was watching the brainstorming session for the GM “Reinvention” ad campaign.
    I hope Mr. LaNeve is correct when he said they are at the end of that approach. And I’m glad there wasn’t one of those, “we had to keep advertising but we didn’t know what brand was going to be around, so we focused ads on GM corporate” replies. As you guys have stated in the past, GM needs to advertise their product – forget about the extra focus on corporate or incentives, show the cars.

  5. Phil Says:

    Whoo hoo – Jason asked my question of Mark LaNeve – thanks Jason, I even like the fact that you pretended it was sent in by Fritz Henderson, lol.
    I’m a bit confused by the name of this episode though. The only thing I can think of its that its referring to both the nervous rubbing of his ankle that Mr LaNeve was doing constantly combined with the double entendre of GM being “ankle deep” in pigslop right now. Am I right??? Do I win???

    Keep up the great work,

    Phil H., Burlington, Ontario

  6. Episode 189 - LaNeve Stays at GM, Chery Ready For An IPO, New Stamping Technology - Autoline Daily Says:

    [...] Mark LaNeve, the head of sales at General Motors will not be leaving the company. A few weeks ago GM CEO Fritz Henderson sparked off a flurry of speculation when at a press conference he said LaNeve had sales targets to meet “this month,” which some took to suggest that maybe he wouldn’t be there next month. But the Detroit Free Press reports that LaNeve will be holding onto his job. Just a few weeks ago Mark LaNeve was our guest on Autoline After Hours. [...]