AD #1987 – Samsung Bolsters Automotive Business, Toyota Feeling a Little Rusty, 48V Technology to Bridge EV Gap

November 14th, 2016 at 11:35am

Runtime: 8:02

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- Samsung to Buy Harman
- Toyota Settles Frame Rust Lawsuit
- Continental’s 48V Technology
- Ram Shows 2 New Models
- Consequences of Leaving NAFTA

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9 Comments to “AD #1987 – Samsung Bolsters Automotive Business, Toyota Feeling a Little Rusty, 48V Technology to Bridge EV Gap”

  1. MJBTV Says:

    About Trump and NAFTA, Trump will simply rewrite that agreement with Mexico. There maybe a tariff issue with cars coming over the border. But I see it all working for the better.

  2. Roger T Says:

    Agree with Jon M, and think he will have to find a way to keep it as is but spin it like he did something. Or else manufacturing in The US would actually shrink

  3. G.A.Branigan Says:

    I’ll say it again,the sky ain’t falling. Give the man a chance.Our trade agreements never favored us.Whatever he does,and gets passed by both houses will be the way it is.

  4. Duke Says:

    Pres-elect Trump made several not-so accurate statements during the campaign and many are aware that he is already beginning to walk-back on several (within 1 week).

    One of those was that the Dems (Bill Clinton) gave us NAFTA. While it is true that Bill Clinton was a supporter of NAFTA who eventually helped push approval through Congress, but it was negotiated and signed by President Geo H.W. Bush.

    More Republicans than Democrats voted for the deal, as the trade pact was opposed by labor unions. Guess who pushed and aided Clinton for support? The then Minority-Whip and later Speaker of the House – Newt G.

    NAFTA was the successor to a free-trade pact with Canada. Bush had viewed NAFTA as a political opportunity, an achievement for his reelection campaign. He initialed the deal in Aug 1992, before the GOP convention, and then formally signed it in December 1992, after he had lost the election to Clinton.

    Clinton had said that he supported the pact during the presidential campaign in 1992 but he wanted to negotiate side agreements with Mexico concerning enforcement of labor and environmental laws. He didn’t pursue ratification in Congress until those agreements were reached in August 1993 – but those deals were denounced by labor and environmental groups – as too weak.

    The real problem (IMO) is our membership in the WTO (World Trade Org). All of our legislators are now aware of it and yet nothing has been done to correct the fact that it (WTO) is a biased, undemocratic organization of over 150 nations that limits America’s ability to act in its own best interest. Nine out of ten times a complaint has been brought against the United States, the WTO panel has ruled against us.

    It is going to be hard to ‘put America first’ as long as the WTO agreement remains in tact – as it now exists.

    Again, JIMHO

  5. cwolf Says:

    I think it wiser to return the manufacturing of components to the U.S rather than the making of small cars. But perhaps it would be more realistic to stop giving away all of our technology and new developments to the many countries we deal with. Unfortunately, it has become a trend for manufacturers to share in many of the developments. maybe we have become caught in our own vortex.

  6. Lex Says:

    How many times greater is the salary paid to Mary Barra or Mark Fields than what is paid to the line workers in their assembly plants or the workers in their suppliers. There is room for some belt tightening. The US Government Bailout the US Auto Industry, which Ford claims it did not receive a bailout – true, but the bailout did help save several of it’s suppliers which it relies on for components for their vehicles. Therefore Ford did benefit from the bailout. Look Chrysler was bailed out twice and it now owned by the Italians and is incorporated in London. What a travesty to the hard working US citizens who funded both of Chrysler’s two bailouts. The US Government has let down the American Worker again. The President Elect wants to create jobs so let’s give him a chance to do so and not belittle him every chance you get. The Silent Working Class has spoken in this election year and the press and media better start listening to them. If American do not have jobs then who is going to buy those imported vehicles?

    If we did not have the Electoral College then the New York, Northeast and Southern California who decide nearly every presidential election. The Founding Fathers were very smart in building the Presidential Election process in this manner.

  7. Ziggy Says:

    The Electoral College is a dinosaur that needs to be killed off, it is an insult to every one who takes the time and trouble to vote thinking that their vote really counts when in reality it doesn’t, it just goes towards a total in that particular state, and the electors don’t even have to vote the way the popular vote demands. Join the 21st century and help get rid of the Electoral College when you are asked to sign a petition or voice an opinion on the matter. For those that believe in the KISS principle, now is your time to put it into affect concerning how we elect a president.

  8. Earl Says:

    # 4…I was of the openion that NAFTA was negotiated and signed by Ronald Reagan.

  9. David Sprowl Says:

    Leaving NAFTA, oddly enough the US survived before NAFTA, it is likely we will survive after. NAFTA has contributed to wage stagnation in this country. That is not a good thing when governmental coffers depend on income.