Better Late Than Never – LA Auto Show 2016

November 16th, 2016 at 12:33pm

The B-Segment for CUVs is the hottest in the US market. But Ford has a gaping hole in it’s line-up because it doesn’t have one…until now, that is. Cristina Aquino from Ford gives a quick snapshot of what the new EcoSport is all about.

3 Comments to “Better Late Than Never – LA Auto Show 2016”

  1. Bradley Says:

    early 2018 for availability?

  2. MARK TILTON Says:

    This is late— about 3 years too late, Ford has been asleep at the wheel. Maybe Ford thinks the used little JEEPS and others will be prime trade ins to sell on the lots. Ford’s bring back the BRONCO that will be 10 years too late. 10,000 new jobs for Mexico, is anyone awake, Hello -Hello——–

  3. AM2 Says:

    Nice to see the little Ford crossover finally make it to the US.

    @Bradley, production begins in late-2017 according to the press release.

    @Mark, Ford is moving the lower volume C-segment Fords like the Focus to Mexico to make room at the Wayne,Michigan plant for the New Ranger and New Bronco.