AD #1996 – RV Sales Running Strong, VW to Build All-Electric Bulli Van, Prez Trump Could Give Industry Regulatory Relief

November 29th, 2016 at 11:46am

Runtime: 6:45

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- RV Sales Running Strong
- Volvo Truck Pulls Paraglider Up Mountain
- Meet the New Ford Fiesta
- OEMs Team for EU Charging Network
- Porsche Sets Lofty Sales Goal for Mission E
- VW to Put All-Electric Van Into Production
- President Trump Could Give Regulatory Relief

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18 Comments to “AD #1996 – RV Sales Running Strong, VW to Build All-Electric Bulli Van, Prez Trump Could Give Industry Regulatory Relief”

  1. Chuck Grenci Says:

    Choppy show (for me); five seconds of content then five seconds of pause, but I got through it.

    Nice commentary on “regulations”; a coordination of agencies would be a great place to start.

  2. David Sprowl Says:

    Government’s role should be what is best for it’s citizens. Now what is more important, safety?, fuel economy? price? I’d like to know why a Buick Verano sells for 4500 less in China than it does in the US.

  3. Buzzerd Says:

    Volvo truck commercial- when ever I see these types of commercials I always think they are a huge waste of money. People including myself don’t appreciate the amount of time and money required to do the stunt.
    Regulation co-ordination? come of John, are you trying to introduce common sense into government?

  4. Drew Says:

    We can greatly simplify government rule making and efficiency by eliminating nearly everything presently done by NHTSA and the automotive branch of the EPA. It’d get replaced by government “participation” in the SAE… in some cases to help set standards for new technology… in other cases to set the SAE agenda. Other countries have such a collaborative relationship between industry and government (e.g., Japan’s MITI).

    Americans need to mature past the cynicism of an adversarial industry-government relationship to a collaborative relationship that grows for mutual good. I recognize the historic birth/need of the cynicism (Nader era), but today’s information technology obviates that need.

  5. Bradley Anderson Says:

    Bully – is not a positive word. Even if you spell it differently. Soccer mom’s will not want a family hauler called “Bulli”.

  6. Bradley Anderson Says:


    VW is totally silent on the Diesel Buybacks.

    They said they would start in Mid-November, but nothing has changed. No evidence any have been bought back or any communication with us (the owners).

  7. Albemarle Says:

    I agree with Drew (4). For almost everything related to consumer safety we have UL, CSA, or CE. Yet for auto safety and performance, there are enormous monolithic organizations that only represent 1/2 of the situation; the government half.
    With SAE, you have an organization that is pro-industry but also pro-economy and pro-safety. What better group for the government to partner with? It would cost a bunch less, because SAE is currently industry supported, so the government wouldn’t be carrying all the burden. Not to imply that government organizations aren’t lean, mean and efficient.

  8. FSTFWRD Says:

    Good point about all the regulations. We should have one department and only one. No overlapping rules and regulations and fewer bodies to make and/or enforce them.
    I don’t think the regulations are really bad, just need to be more coordinated. They have forced better economy and safer cars, all the while the manufactures said it couldn’t be done. My two pennies.

  9. MJB Says:

    That VW Budd-e has got some nice, clean lines to it. A VERY welcome shift from what Nissan is doing with all those swoopy, wispy, sea-sickness-inducing character lines these days.

    And don’t get me wrong. It’s good that there is marked differentiation between brands. But I sometimes wonder, how many bisecting French curves can they jam into one car profile?

    Sorry – end of rant ;)

  10. GM Veteran Says:

    Bulli must be one of those names or nicknames Europeans use that are virtually unknown in America. I don’t recall anyone using that name for the VW Bus/Camper/Transporter models. Kind of like Golf was used in Europe for many years while the US version was called the Rabbit. I think VW should think long and hard about the name for this van, if it ever really makes it to market. Their batting average with model names is pretty dismal. Let’s face it, Touareg is neither easy to spell or pronounce. Who wants to drive a car they can’t pronounce?

  11. MJB Says:

    #5. So then you don’t think people might revert back to it’s former connotation of, ‘A fine young chap’? :)

  12. BobD Says:

    Volvo commercial… Interesting presentation, and the I-shift dual clutch might be new to Volvo, but power-shifting transmissions for large trucks have been around for 50 plus years (Allison) and in Europe for 30 years (ZF). Europe has resisted non-manuals and only recently have moved towards automated-manuals. It’s nice for Volvo to move into the 21st century and appreciate the advantage of power-shifting, but they are not a trend-setter by any means.

  13. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I’d like to see coordination of regulations between the EPA, NHTSA, and the equivalent groups in other markets, especially, the EU. As far as the SAE, if they were making the rules over the years, cars wouldn’t have had seat belts until about 1990. They are very good at some things, but, historically, they have needed to be prodded.

    The name Bulli should go well with the incoming president.

  14. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The old, type 2 VW bus has the nickname “bulli” with collectors, as with “caddy” for the Golf 1 (Rabbit) pickups.

  15. Tuck&Roll Says:

    The auto industry sure needs regulatory relief. And, like you said, John, coordinated. And longer phase-in periods are also needed. The bureaucrats do not consider the industries interests in their unmonitored, unelected law making. And, if these have the weight of law, then Congress must engage. It might slow the implication down and hold our Congress accountable. I sure hope this change will happen. It should be good for us as consumers. I hope.

  16. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Things are pretty good for customers now, except that there are almost no car-height wagons, and few hatchbacks sold in the U.S.

    Things aren’t bad for people with limited income either, since cars last so much longer than they once did. You can get many miles, and years of use from an 8 year old used car with 100K miles.

  17. Greg Cooper Says:

    9 different angencies not communicating? Seems I read about that in Order of the Death’s Head, a book about Nazi Germany.
    It nevery ceases to amaze me at what expense to consumers the agencies pass laws. Such as DPF, DEF, and the push for higher MPG’s with ethanol blended fuel as THE fuel source.

  18. Bradley Says:

    How did the old VW bus get a “bully” nickname. I still think its a BAD name.

    VW is finally providing information. My uncle got his buyback paperwork. Still haven’t got mine.