AD #2003 – Bolt Could Lose 40% of Battery Capacity, Wireless Charging for Buses, Ranking OEMs by R&D Spending

December 8th, 2016 at 11:54am

Runtime: 9:24

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- Bolt Could Lose 40% Battery Capacity Over Warranty Period
- Scania Testing Wireless Charging for Buses
- Ford’s Automatic Return to Park Feature
- Ranking OEMs by R&D Spending
- You Said It!

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19 Comments to “AD #2003 – Bolt Could Lose 40% of Battery Capacity, Wireless Charging for Buses, Ranking OEMs by R&D Spending”

  1. C-TECH Says:

    1 of the things I find interesting is with all the development and advancesin Electric vehicletechnology, there doesn’t seem to be as many electric trucks and vans on the road as there should be. Most trucks and van stay in a local area, drive within a daily specific range, and seems like a very useful target to reduce pollution and costs.

  2. Buzzerd Says:

    wireless charging for buses- I thought it was bad for batteries to be partially charged often instead of a complete charge less often. Would this idea hurt battery life ? maybe a lot?
    R&D spending, you have reported on this before but doesn’t it get a little muddy when you consider racing budgets? Don’t some companies consider their racing budgets as part of R&D while others don’t?

  3. Bradley Says:

    Congrats on 2000! I started watching this after the Speed Channel stopped air’n the Autoline show.

  4. Bradley Says:

    VW finally has the ball rolling on the buybacks. My uncle and I are just waiting to take the car to the dealer. At least in Iowa, they are aren’t accepting buybacks each day-only a couple days each month.

  5. Bradley Says:

    To replace our not-so-clean diesel my heart wanted to get a Subaru Outback of any flavor…my wife’s heart wanted a 2014 Lexus IS-250 with AWD. Still haven’t come to terms with owning a Lexus (I am not a showy type of guy), but its a great car.

  6. Drew Says:

    I am curious about Hyundai/Kia R&D spending. They are way down on the list, but sell more vehicles than everyone except Toyota, VW, and GM. Could it be the manner in which technology is developed in-house versus purchased by suppliers?

  7. MARSHALL Says:

    Do you seriously believe that VW spends 13+ billion on R&D?! Get real. They are just cooking the books with more false information.

  8. Arcade Mike Says:

    7, I believe VW did spend 13+ billion on R&D. They surely spent it on trying to find ways to get out of the dieselgate scandal. HAHA

  9. Scooter Says:

    I guess the degradation of the battery pack is not getting any better than before, when my hybrid vehicle got the same mpg as the standard version in the winter, but got 40% more mpg in the spring-fall. Maybe if they can get to a 500 mile range, the 40% drop will not seem so bad.

  10. Ukendoit Says:

    Catching up on my comments for a few days,
    Congrats on 2000, I too found ALD near the beginning from the Autoline TV show.

    From yesterday, isn’t Dodge already the first to offer AWD in a pony-car? Does the AWD Dodge Stealth not count? Maybe the Stealth was “sports car” or “muscle car”; subtle differences sometimes blur the lines -Pony:less expensive, Muscle:chunkier, Sports:sleeker?

    #1) I have also been saying that. The vans have more floor space for batteries, could use the lowered center of gravity to offset their height, high commercial miles where the minimal fuel costs will be appreciated with “money back” sooner, as well as all the items you listed.

  11. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I didn’t consider the Stealth to compete directly with “pony cars,” because it was front drive based. In capability, though, some versions certainly competed.

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I’m not surprised that VW spends the most on R&D, given that they have brands from mass market VW and Skoda, to luxury brands Audi and Bentley, and Porsche. You can share only so much, with such disparate brands.

  13. BobD Says:

    Perhaps VW’s definition of R&D is “Repurchase and Destroy” and they are spending $13 billion on their diesel buyback and scrapping activities?!?

  14. Bob Wilson Says:

    R&D dollars are not enough when a company abandons their technology like GM did with their EV1s. In contrast, 1,484 of the 1997-2003, Toyota RAV4 EVs escaped the crusher and ~500 are still rolling around California, a decades long endurance study.

    When GM downgrades Bolt EV range, it is the same thinking that crushed their EV1s; guts the Bolt battery warranty and; weakens sales for the Bolt “Car of the Year.” For what it is worth, my 2014 BMW i3-REx has a 150 mile range vs the worst case, 143 mile Bolt range (see link).

    Kudos for using the last three months to detect early softening in the car market. We’ve also seen that in the fuel efficient and plug-in sales. Only the Fusion hybrid and Volt are showing positive sales trends.

    Bob Wilson, Huntsville, AL

  15. Ukendoit Says:

    Oh yeah, the comment-catch-up I left off pertained to suped up minivans. Chrysler has supposedly approved a Hellcat Pacifica! 707 horsepower and 0-60 in 3.6 seconds would not be a sluggish minivan. I’m sure the price will be sky-high, but it would make for quite the halo van. Click on my name for all the specs.

  16. Ukendoit Says:

    Okay, the Hellcat Pacifica hasn’t really been greenlighted, but there are an awful lot of “sightings”, concept pics, and rumors floating around about it. Do we have any Autoline insight as to the feasibility of it coming out?

  17. BobD Says:

    The Hellcat Pacifica article was well written, but considering it was originally posted on April Fools day, and the technical reality of going from a cross drive to a longitudinal drive would be nearly impossible for a production vehicle needing to pass safety standards, etc, I don’t think you will ever see one in real life.

  18. Gene E Says:

    Might some of the R&D savings for Hyundai/Kia be due to their propensity to copy other manufacturer’s designs?

  19. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I, for one, commend GM for stating worst case battery degradation over time, rather than just letting customers “find out,” as with Nissan, Tesla, and most others.