AD #2005 – Chrysler to Reveal Pacifica EV at CES, Aston Recreates Classic DB4 GT, VW Lays Out EV Infrastructure Plan

December 12th, 2016 at 11:50am

Runtime: 9:13

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- Denso Tests Car Sharing
- Michigan Enacts Self-Driving Laws
- NVIDIA Tests Autonomous Technology
- Aston Recreates Classic DB4 GT
- VW Lays Out EV Infrastructure Plan
- Chrysler to Reveal Pacifica EV at CES
- Henry Ford’s Secret Innovation Room

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13 Comments to “AD #2005 – Chrysler to Reveal Pacifica EV at CES, Aston Recreates Classic DB4 GT, VW Lays Out EV Infrastructure Plan”

  1. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I assume the electric Pacifica will not have “stow and go,” but the minivan platform seems perfect for an EV. When I am under my first generation Caravan to change the oil, I am impressed with all of the wasted space, the result of having a flat floor that clears the suspension, exhaust, etc. By filling that space with batteries, they should be able to get a lot of range.

  2. C-TECH Says:

    It will be an interesting mix of drivers and driverless cars on Michigan roads in future winters.

    Since the Chrysler museum is closing, any chance of it reopening somewhere else?

  3. C-TECH Says:

    What goes around comes back around. I believe Chrysler offered an electric Caravan for sale in the 80′s.

  4. cwolf Says:

    Being a British car guy, I love the Aston and wish I could afford an original. Are the three Weber carbs the ol’single type like I had on my 68 Healey and 69 MGC?
    Finally, my “C” is fully restored, except the rear leaf springs need re-worked. Finding a someone to restore them in the US is near impossible. The re-pops from China and India are junk, but the EU still has many sources.

  5. Lisk Says:

    The Pacifica EV makes a lot of sense but doesn’t Ford offer a C-Max all electric that is stagnant in the marketplace? In order to fill the bottom ot the Pacifica with batteries, won’t that push the price upwards of $50,000 for a low end piece?

    I know I’m not the target market, but $1.9 million for a low tech and seemingly simple to build DB4 seems like an awful lot of money for a “re-creation”. Have the Shelby Cobras that were built on the late 1990s using “discovered” serial numbers kept pace with the “real” Cobra market? I wonder if these buyers will ever see a return.

  6. Kit Gerhart Says:

    5 There is a C-Max plug-in hybrid with about 20 miles of electric range, but no pure electric C-Max, at least not in the U.S.

    Yep, I’d think the Pacifica EV would be pricey, if they fill all of that space with batteries, to get 200+ miles of range. It a big vehicle.

  7. Chuck Grenci Says:

    While a lot of minivans do ‘pedestrian’ work around town and short trips, their claim to fame in my opinion, is over the road vacation stints. I wonder how many will be willing to pay the price to have a minivan and not be able to take it on those family vacations (where they really shine).

    Maybe DB4′s need to rest on the laurels; I think if Chevy decided to rebuild the iconic ’63-67′ vettes, it would put me in an early grave (or maybe make me roll-over in one if it happens after I make that trip to the ‘race-track’ in the sky). :D Getting a little tired of “retro”.

  8. MARSHALL Says:


    I live in Michigan and this scares the hell out of me. Was our legislature high when they passed these rules? No drivers and no driver controls. Sheer stupidity. These vehicle will malfunction at some point. Everyone’s computer, cell phone, DVD recorder, any electronic device has glitches and breaks down on occation. The difference is when the autonomous vehicle malfunctions people will die.

  9. Albemarle Says:

    We are seeing a higher accident rate with distracted driving than even drinking and driving, so some half baked computer drivers probably can’t do worse!

    I read recently about a woman driving a minivan climbing the curb and wiping out a grandparent and 2 kids on the sidewalk. No explanation for her actions and no alcohol or drugs in her system. I bet they would all be alive if a computer was driving for her.

    Perfection is not needed, just a better driver than most.

  10. Kit Gerhart Says:

    8 I’m with you. Completely autonomous driving is ready for “prime time,” only on lightly traveled interstates, if that. Even on the interstates, what would they do, drive in the passing lane at exctly the speed limit, disrupting traffic flow?

  11. Mark Brichacek Says:

    Yes,Chrysler built about 50 TEVans full electric minivans in 1993 for about $100,000 each.I never saw any at my dealership in Iowa,I think they were sold in only California.They had 30 6 volt NiCad batteries for 35 continuous horsepower and 70 peak hp.

  12. Rick Says:

    I’m with 9 on this one. My wife was just rear ended while waiting at a red light by another driver Friday who somehow didn’t see her huge SUV in front of him. Totaled his car, though my wife’s car is not nearly as bad. I have always teased her on her choice of such large cars when she is so tiny, but not anymore.
    The point of this story is that humans are by no way perfect and therefore this is not a reasonable standard for computers. In the US, there were 38,000 road fatalities in 2015. All computers would have to achieve is 37,000 road fatalities to have saved 1000 lives!

  13. Brett Says:

    I’ve consistently stated that a mediocre computer driver that paid 100% attention and obeyed 100% of the traffic code would be far less prone to collisions than the average distracted human driver.