AD #2051 – Jeep Says It Can Double Sales, Land Rover Teases New SUV, U.S. Drivers Waste A Lot of Time in Traffic

February 22nd, 2017 at 11:46am

Runtime: 8:26

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- Most Congested U.S. Cities
- New BMWs Will Collect Data for Automated Driving
- Cars Could Become Virtual Personal Assistant
- Cadillac Infotainment Upgrades
- Toyota & Denso Develop New Exhaust Catalyst
- Jeep Says It Can Double Sales
- Land Rover Teases New SUV

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15 Comments to “AD #2051 – Jeep Says It Can Double Sales, Land Rover Teases New SUV, U.S. Drivers Waste A Lot of Time in Traffic”

  1. WineGeek Says:

    Hey Sean will the cars that utilize the new catalytic converter from Toyota cost less due to the use of 20% less precious metals? Yeah, I’m sure they’ll pass along the savings to the consumers! LOL

  2. Bob de Kruyff Says:

    It’s good to see a major step forward in Cadillac’s CUE improvements. However, previous model owners have been refused any updates for their vehicles that have been purchased even as recently as this year. Originally Cadillac touted that CUE would always be up to date for existing customers. Now we will see 2017 CTS owners with new and old systems depending on which car they picked from the lot.

  3. XA351GT Says:

    Did they really need a study to realize that people are stuck going no where? That is where stop/Start makes sense. You can have a car that get 50 MPG but if your taking 2 1/2 hours to move 10 miles you know your idling away more gas than you are driving. In Philly they have the Schuykill Expressway or as it is also known the Surekill Crawlway. It and the roads that lead to it are a parking lot from 6-9 every weekday going and 4-7 coming home. If I had to drive that every day you’d all be reading about me having a road rage attack. The roads were never built with the amount of volume that uses them. The governments State and Federal have left them all go to crap while local government keep approving more development that can’t be handled now.

  4. BobD Says:

    I’m a little suspect about the “average” of 42 hours per year that US drivers spend in congestion. I live and drive in Indianapolis (I think the 15th largest city in the USA) and rarely ever run into congestion. Certainly not 42 hours per year. And while I don’t know the percentage of vehicles that operate outside of “cities” in the US, I suspect it is perhaps half. So how did this company get this “average”? Is it only vehicles within the 240 cities they studied, or an average for all the cars in the US? Also the report never really defined what they are calling “congestion”. Is that stop-and-go traffic, or simply something slightly less than being able to drive the posted speed limit.

  5. W L Simpson Says:

    Remedies for congestion–virtual home office, more self contained business campuses , virtual banking w/Credit Unions , which we’ve been doing for almost 20 years ! Tesla has mentioned campus life for his factories,but I think the big batt era is going to fade.

  6. gary susie Says:


  7. Lex Says:

    I believe the New Jeep Compass will be a “Big League” boost to the Jeep line up! I am so glad that FCA did not put a small turbo charged engine in the new Compass. My only concern are the 20 inch wheels on the “Limited” version. I much prefer the 17 inch wheels on the Trail hawk edition. I hope the 20 inch wheels are optional and not standard on the “Limited”.
    The panoramic dual sunroof is also a welcome option. I can not wait to take a test drive.
    This would make a great second vehicle for my household. Does anyone know when this vehicle will be available in dealers lots?

  8. Lex Says:

    I have also written before that FCA should give the Cherokee a new front clip refresh similar to the Grand Cherokee and the up coming Compass.
    I am really turned off by the way the Cherokee front end looks especially those horrible headlights and slanted grill. The front clip just reaches to far ahead of the front wheels making the whole vehicle look unbalanced. I hope someone reads my suggestion and implements it for the next model year.

  9. Roger T Says:

    Will say I waste 10x the average US figure for time spent stuck in traffic. around 40 minutes per day I will be bumper to bumper, unfortunately.

  10. kate Says:

    I hope BMW’s plan of invasive capture of information in 2018 models and then transmitting that data back to them is ruled down by the public and the courts.

    I don’t want MY CAR to be used by BMW to gather information WITHOUT MY CONSENT and that data transmitted to others entities.

  11. Lisk Says:

    Jeeps success is pretty incredible but for a single brand to basically prop up two corporations. If FCA would have used the Jeep profits to further improve the breed rather than flushing it away on Alfa, I can only imagine what Jeep would be like today.

  12. teamsc10190 Says:

    I drive an average of 25 hours a week commuting at an average speed of 28 mph. I spend more than 42 hours stuck in traffic every MONTH. I don’t even want to think about every year. Even that my Prius has stop/start, the engine is running almost constantly because of HVAC requirements. While I’ve always loved driving in the past; driving is no longer possible in Southern California – I’d sign up for autonomous in a heartbeat.

  13. Barry T Says:

    4 BobD – I would say count your blessings! I spend plenty of time in both LA and Atlanta traffic and the struggle is REAL! I’m all for the driving and have 2 “fun” (aka old stick shift cars) but in that nasty stop and go, give me autonomy and hybrid power!

  14. Kit Gerhart Says:

    #4 Yeah, that does sound suspect, less than 7 minutes a day. The data includes rural Montana, though, where there would be very little congestion.

  15. Ukendoit Says:

    Yeah, in Atlanta the average commute is easily close to an hour. Some people even come down from close to Chattanooga for work, so they must be driving for hours. My commute is just about 5 miles and it takes “only” 15-20 minutes if I leave early enough.