AAH #15 – Battery Park

July 9th, 2009 at 8:57pm

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It’s a big night of battery talk on Autoline After Hours this week as University of Michigan Professor, CEO of her own startup and battery expert Ann Marie Sastry joins John, Peter and BusinessWeek’s David Welch to discuss automotive’s electric future. The crew also discusses GM’s impending exit from bankruptcy as well as someone’s idea (and we hope it wasn’t President Obama’s) of changing the color of the company’s iconic logo from blue to green. Of course there’s also an update on who might be the big winner of our GM Bankruptcy Bonanza as well as an announcement on Jason Vines’ AAH absence. All this and more on this week’s edition of Autoline After Hours.
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9 Comments to “AAH #15 – Battery Park”

  1. AAH #14 - Brand Flakes - John's Journal on Autoline Detroit Says:

    [...] video version and archived chat discussion after the jump [...]

  2. Todd McGlynn Says:

    Why do non union workers hate unionized worker? Answer is jelousy.A group of workers get together to make there jobsites safe and more productive and intern receive better pay should not be dismissed.It is tipicle that in stressful economy’s workers will attack/shootdown other workers,instead of the ultra rich owner/managers of big business.Some of which are criminals.

  3. nj Says:

    I could listen to Ann Marie forever. Smart, insightful and totally hott.

  4. G.A.Branigan Says:

    @Todd McGlynn:The union is an outdated overstuffed,overpaid relic of the past.Deadwood gets to keep their jobs,draw good pay,and whine and snival because they HAVE to work.jealous?Get over it man,we can’t stand the overpaid suits you have to work for any better then we like union workers.UAW workers are the biggest crybabies in the country,and they STILL can’t put a car together with the quality we want.Funny,non union auto workers seem to do the job much better.Damn cry babies…

  5. Darron65 Says:

    Why does it take so long for the audio podcast to be available? I hate waiting over 24 hrs for the mp3.

  6. Alex Kajdi Says:


    Please pass-on my congratulations and best wishes to Jason Vines about his new job.

    His weekly contributions to Autoline After
    Hours will missed.

  7. Jeff Taylor Says:

    This was a very enjoyable and informative episode. Please have David and Anne Marie on again in the future.

  8. Scott K. Says:

    So who won the Bankruptcy contest? And is Autoline using their own tracking? During the episode John mentions 40 days already but the “official” accepted number for the GM bankruptcy was actually 39 days total.

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