AD #2070 – Honda Clarity Driving Impressions, Piech to Sell Stake in VW, Tesla Owners Ignore Problems

March 21st, 2017 at 11:58am

Runtime: 8:14

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- Piech to Sell Stake in VW
- Tesla Owners Ignore Problems
- Lear Develops V2V Tech
- Honda Clarity Driving Impressions
- EU Emission Standards Are Easy-Breezy
- Ford’s 3D Printing Operations

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9 Comments to “AD #2070 – Honda Clarity Driving Impressions, Piech to Sell Stake in VW, Tesla Owners Ignore Problems”

  1. Barry T Says:

    Great clarity (sorry about the pun) of European emissions reporting! I can’t help but point out, however, that the European automakers have proven by this that they don’t need to have the world’s toughest emissions rules in their “home turf” to be successful global producers. That argument has been used often to stick it to our automakers and not relax our standards to something realistic and affordable…

  2. Kit Gerhart Says:

    It was the diesels that emitted four times the allowed NOx. Probably about a third of those were VW’s, but maybe the others weren’t much better.

    Yep, the Euro fuel economy tests really deliver high, unrealistic numbers, with very slow accelerations, low average speed, allowing mirrors to be removed, allowing over-inflated tires, and more.

    The thing I’d like to see in the US fuel economy testing, is ratings for steady speed at 75-80, as is typical on the interstates.

  3. Chuck Grenci Says:

    Got to hand it to Tesla that they continue to keep their “bubble from bursting”, however, I don’t think that they can go on forever without some dead reckoning to deal with (eventually).

    Thanks for not backing down to the critics, on the easier to meet European pollution standards; hard facts beats rhetoric every time (again though, eventually).

  4. George Ricci Says:

    I also was able to drive the Honda Clarity last week in the San Francisco Bay Area. I found the car to better than the Toyota Miri but only slightly better. Both cars are mid to full size on the outside, but defiantly intermediate size on the inside. Remember Hydrogen cars have everything an electric car has (battery, electric motor, motor controller) plus full tanks, fuel cell, and fuel cell controller, which takes away space for passengers and cargo. Half of the truck space in the Miri and 40% of the truck space in Clarity is taken up by one of the fuel cell tanks. The Clarity can hold 3 medium size people in the rear seat where the Miri can only hold 2 people in back.

    Both cars drive well with 4 cylinder type power levels, but with a gear whine type noise that fairly loud in the Miri and much quieter in the Clarity. You can NOT buy the Clarity, you can only lease it. It is a 3 year 20,000 mile a year lease, $2868 at signing and $369 per month. They do give you a $15,000 credit card for fuel, but here is where the problem is. In the entire SF bay area there are only 6 stations to fill up at. The Honda representative said if one of the refueling stations in not with 5 miles of where you normal drive, then this car is not a good fit for you as it would take too long to get fuel. Well 5 miles could take 15 to 20 minutes in city traffic, he really should have said 2 miles. When the $15,000 credit card is used up you will pay $16 per Kg with fuel tank holding 5 Kg. So that works out $80 to go 366 highway or 210 mile city.

    If you’re an environmentalist and want to buy green, Hydrogen is NOT the answer. Making Hydrogen is very energy intensive and in the US, 95% of all Hydrogen is made by burning fossil fuel. So much for zero emissions. At this point Kit Gerhart is going to write in and say “For hydrogen vehicles to make any sense at all, the hydrogen would need to be electrolyzed from water, using renewable sources of electricity.” Making Hydrogen whether it is by burning fossil fuel or by using electricity to electrolyzing water takes a lot of energy. Using electricity from renewable sources does not make it free or an efficient use of this resource. You be much better off using electricity from renewable sources to power your house or charge electric car batteries.

  5. George Ricci Says:

    One other thing about the Honda Clarity, there will be additional cars joining the Clarity family. Late this year there will be a full electric Clarity and plug-in hybrid Clarity at a later date.

  6. Kit Gerhart Says:

    4 George, you made me curious, so I looked some things up. From what I could find, and with a little calculation, it looks like it takes about 33 kWh of electricity to electrolyze 1 kg of hydrogen. Yep, using hydrogen to run cars, even electrolyzed using renewable power, is much worse than I realized, and the 33 kWh of power could be much better utilized by charging batteries.

  7. omegatalon Says:

    Imagine if the Chevrolet Volt having a gasoline fuel cell to generate electricity instead of the gas powered 1.5L DOHC-4v 4-cyl engine as the Volt would have almost no emissions and function the same way as well as the flexibility of tanking up no different than today.

  8. Brett Says:

    Fuel cells work great when there’s a readily available source of free hydrogen. GM has or had semi-trailers filled with fuel cells parked at at least one refinery in the Houston/Texas City area that helped power the refinery with free waste hydrogen from the cracking process.

  9. Earl Says:

    Tesla owners have lots of reliability issues yet they still love them doesn’t surprise me. There’s lots of this going on with Chrysler owners for ages.,I know people that had a Sebring that gave them nothing but grief and then they traded it in for another one. It wasn’t as bad as their first one and recently bought a new 200 with Amish wheels.They had it about a week before someone told them it was being discontinued. I knew this but it wasn’t my place to tell them. Now someone told them their 200 could be a collectors item. I said it just could be