AD #2091 – Renault’s Future F1 Concept, New Platform Enables Full Autonomy, Chevy’s Wild FNR-X Concept

April 19th, 2017 at 11:44am

Runtime: 8:07

*If you’re having difficulty viewing today’s show, catch it on YouTube.*

- New Platform Enables Full Autonomy
- BMW’s 3D Measuring Technology
- Lincoln’s Design Evolution
- Audi Reveals e-tron Sportback
- Renault’s Vision of Future F1 Car
- Chevy’s Wild FNR-X Concept

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13 Comments to “AD #2091 – Renault’s Future F1 Concept, New Platform Enables Full Autonomy, Chevy’s Wild FNR-X Concept”

  1. WineGeek Says:

    Sean there are problems viewing again today. This has been better for some time but today it went backwards.

  2. Buzzerd Says:

    Love the Chevy concept, they definitely could use more product like that.

  3. Chuck Grenci Says:

    I’m getting slow load problems today as well; load, wait, plays 5 seconds; repeat.

    I’ll read the transcript and check back later for the audio/video.

  4. Chuck Grenci Says:

    Shouldn’t the industry be working together on one standard type ‘autonomous’ platform. It would certainly be easier to institute V2V communications (instead of different solutions having to somehow be integrated so they can work with each other). We certainly don’t need another Betamax vs. VHS type formatting war.

  5. Lex Says:

    That Chevy FNR-X concept looks a lot like the Toyota C-HR.

  6. Lex Says:

    When will Acura put Apple Car Play into the RDX?

  7. M360 Says:

    #1 and 3 – I found no problems on You Tube.

  8. Dwagner1239 Says:

    I had no problem viewing at on Comcast/Xfinity.

    Probably have seen this, but this shows a situation where the Tesla system didn’t work. Would the Mentor Graphics/Siemens one avoid the crash? Would a human? Did the driver have their attention on the road?

  9. Bobby T Says:

    Imho, Lincoln has always had a design continuity problem. If you go back to WW2, every time Lincoln would do an all new car, it bore no resemblance to the ones before it. Packard and Cadillac had certain identifying features that made it easy to identify the marque, even when all new. Lincoln finally got it right in 1961, but they eventually lost it again. That said, I do like their latest products and hope that they can maintain some design continuity going forward.

  10. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Yep, while 40′s and 50′s Cadillacs were easily recognizable, and in most cases looked good, the Lincolns were not distinctive, except a few that were distinctively ugly.

    I like the new Continental pretty well, and tbey are going in the right direction with it, by not going for “sportiness.” Most people in that market just want a quiet, comfortable barge, with no concern about times around a road course. I think they are making a mistake in dropping the MKZ. Not everyone wants an SUV.

  11. Rick W Says:

    Just wanted to say I had problems viewing this show on Comcast/Xfinity. Resorted to watching it on You Tube.

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I just read tbat Jaguar is going to sell the F-type with a turbo four. Do people want that?

  13. fstfwrd Says:

    #1 & 3 I had no problems viewing at all.