AD #2097 – Good & Bad Q1 Earnings, VW Considers Selling Off Ducati, All-New Cadillac XT4 Production Details

April 27th, 2017 at 11:58am

Runtime: 7:35

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- Daimler Q1, 2017 Earnings: Printing Money
- FCA Q1, 2017 Earnings: Bolster Bottom Line
- Ford Q1, 2017 Earnings: Profits Off
- Volkswagen AG Considers Dropping Ducati
- All-New Cadillac XT4 Details
- Kia Hedges China, Invests in India
- GM Trains the Unemployed

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11 Comments to “AD #2097 – Good & Bad Q1 Earnings, VW Considers Selling Off Ducati, All-New Cadillac XT4 Production Details”

  1. Lex Says:

    Yes Ford maybe investing heavily in mobility which is affecting it’s bottom line but there are also other factors to consider. The relaunching of the Lincoln brand and the decreased demand for passenger cars. Ford did a good job updating the Ford Escape on the outside but the interior is not spacious enough for most Americans. The flatter interior dashboard for the Edge and Explorer is less intrusive to the driver and front passenger space in these vehicles than in the current Escape. Ford also needs to look at it’s telematics supplier for a more robust system like you find in Jeep products IMHO.

  2. Buzzerd Says:

    XT4 production to start in July of next year? It seems to me that GM is pretty slow to respond to their need for more cross overs. There should be 3 or 4 new ones slated for july production, and at least one of them for this july!

  3. Buzzerd Says:

    oh and why would they make the XT4 ” slightly larger than the equinox”? Does that not make it a smidge smaller than the XT5? Seems like there should be a larger spread in size between them.

  4. Roger T Says:

    Your sales figures for MB, FCA and F tell an interesting story. MB averages $51,458 per vehicle sold, while FCA averages $25,181 and Ford $23k. Considering the number of trucks Ford sells, I would have expected it to average much higher than FCA. When looking at profit per vehicle, MB is in another league altogether:
    $3,713 / unit for MB, $582 for FCA and $941 for Ford.
    Also interesting that exercised discounts, rebates, etc commonly way surpasses the average profit per vehicle. I guess MSRP is almost never practiced.

  5. Chuck Grenci Says:

    I have an XT5 and I already consider this slightly larger than the Equinox. I agree with Buzzard, unless the production is this July, Cadillac is still woefully behind the curve in CUV introduction. This is just my opinion but Cadillac should have aimed at producing a CUV slightly larger than Buick’s Encore (even if they decided to call it the XT3). Two CUV’s so close to size, XT4 and XT5, seems folly.

  6. Drew Says:

    Ford’s BoD should be asking some tough questions:

    1. Why spend funds on an independent autonomy effort as opposed to creating an industry-wide consortium (every OEM’s autonomous vehicle needs to behave and react the same if they are to safely share the roads)?
    2. Aluminum pickups and large SUVs are at a cost disadvantage versus GM’s entries, yet GM is getting more impressive weight savings in their recent re-designs. Why isn’t Ford as weight- and package-efficient as GM, Hyundai, and Honda? The key word here is “efficient” as it entails a ratio of attributes… weight per shadow area, passenger space per shadow area, weight per material cost, etc.

  7. Kit Gerhart Says:

    5 From what I read, the latest Encore has almost Cadillac-like quietness and ride, though it’s kind of slow. Unfortunately, Buick already charges almost Cadilkac-like prices for well-equipped versions, so a Cadillac version seem unlikely.

  8. Len Simpson Says:

    Cadillac , trying to be jack of all trades has devolved into master of none. I once considered moving from Chevy CUV to Cadillac CUV ,. When I closed my eyes while idling in the driver’s seat , I could not tell them apart, cabin noise/wise. Now driving a cherry ol one previous owner Envoy,. not a tinny roar or rattle in the whole vehicle. Have new respect for that ol zuzu high torque 6. Last wheels in a very long list , dating from 1947. Paid 1,850.00 for my 41 Cad conv in 1948 , ebay wants 42k for one just like mine

  9. Len Simpson Says:

    Spent my working lifetime in auto repair
    & resto/mods.

  10. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Unfortunately for them, Cadillac has put their serious effort into sedans, which are so unfashionable in America these days. The CTS and CT6 are very good cars, but people in their markets want German or Asian. I think they should put Chevy V-8′s in the Cadillacs. That would differentiate them from the turbo 4 5-series and E-class, in a good way, and with only a little worse mpg, and they could “officially” use regular gas.

  11. wmb Says:

    I agree that if the XT4 is just a little bigger then Equinox, then it would be too close in size to the Xt5, IMHO! Again, IMHO, Cadillac missed the boat by not style the XT5 to look like a baby Escalade. My hope is that they can fix this by styling the XT4 to look like Cadillac’s uber SUV. For those who do not feel it can be done, look no further then Jeep’s new Compass! Even though the Grand Cherokee is RWD, the Compass aped it’s styling even though it has FWD/AWD under pending!