AD #2107 – Mercedes Won’t Sell 2017 Diesels in U.S., VW Execs in Hot Water, Vehicle Depreciation Accelerates

May 11th, 2017 at 11:54am

Runtime: 9:19

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- VW Execs in Hot Water
- Mercedes Won’t Sell 2017 Diesels in U.S.
- BMW Teases 8 Series Coupe
- BASF Improves 3D Printing
- Vehicle Depreciation Accelerates
- You Said It!

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13 Comments to “AD #2107 – Mercedes Won’t Sell 2017 Diesels in U.S., VW Execs in Hot Water, Vehicle Depreciation Accelerates”

  1. Dave Thompson Says:

    With textile workers in Uganda paid $85 per month is BMW generous but in Mexico can a worker get more working somewhere else then there is other employers poaching BMW’s better employees.

  2. Brett Says:

    With regards to the 37 seconds featuring the Mitsubishi Lancer. I feel that the entire Mitsubishi lineup deserves more credit than you give it.

    Automotive journalists experience a tremendous variety of automobiles and I think they get a little jaded sometimes about amenities and such.

    We just bought a brand-new 2016 Outlander SEL, loaded, for less than $22k. It’s wonderful. There is a place in the market for high-value, reliable vehicles that maybe are not as plush or feature-laden.

    I see many Mitsubishi vehicles in our area, principally because people want a good car with a good warranty and Mitsubishi offers both at an obtainable price.

    Just my two cents. FWIW – the local dealer is selling 2017 Lancers for under $17k.

  3. Kit Gerhart Says:

    It seems that Mitsubishi has multiple problems in the U.S. market. With the EVO gone, and the GT-3000, Eclipse, Starion, and others long gone, Mitsu has abandoned niches they had in sporty cars. Also, their current products, especially Mirage, do not get good reviews. Add the that, the sparse dealer network, and it’s tough for them to do well.

    Brett, your car sounds like a very good value, and you like it, which is what counts. With today’s CUV and truck-centric U.S. market, it would not make sense for Mitsubishi to sell cars like they’ve had in the past, that I liked. I drove a first generation Eclipse turbo, which was a cool car, for the time.

  4. Marshall Says:

    In 2008 we bought a Suzuki SX4. It met our needs for a low cost, well reviewed vehicle with all wheel drive. A couple years later Suzuki surprised everyone when they packed their bags and abandoned the US market leaving customers in a bind when it comes to service and maintenance.

    Honestly I don’t see Mitsubishi lasting much longer in the USA either. Sales are pitiful and so is their product offerings. I wouldn’t touch a Mitsu product regardless of savings over other similar brands. We got burned first by Saturn (a 2007 Vue. Brand discontinued) then Suzuki. From now on we stick with the major brands.

  5. Marshall Says:

    #4 Ya, my mistake, That should read 1997 Saturn Vue. If only we could edit our own posts after the fact.

  6. Marshall Says:

    #5 Ah crude. Had it right the first time. Call it a memory fart.

  7. motorman Says:

    when I started my tool and die maker apprenticeship in 1952 I was paid $0.97/hour and my friends working the shop floor at the steel mills were making $3.00/hour. trainees are always paid less till they learn the job. some internship programs pay no salary.

  8. Kit Gerhart Says:

    4, 5, 6 Can’t you get a Vue serviced ok at a Chevy dealer? Isn’t it about the same as a 1st generation Equinox? Or maybe it’s one with the Honda engine, complicating things.

  9. Brett Says:

    The Mirage sells really well here in Daytona. It’s a decent city car. They go for around $13k here, reasonably equipped.

    I guess my point is that the economic underclasses need to be able to buy reliable new cars, too. The Mitsubishi vehicles, dated and chock full of hard plastic surfaces are still very well engineered and are a good value proposition. We lose sight of that, I feel.

  10. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The Mirage is a more modern version of a car I had about 30 years ago, a Chevy Sprint, sold by Suzuki as Swift. It had a 1 liter triple, 5-speed manual, and no a/c. I averaged about 40 mpg driving to and from work, very good for the time.

  11. Ron Jones Says:

    N B C News had story on that their has been several late model B MW s catching fire after the car has been parked for awhile ?

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Do you know why? Gas leaks?

  13. Ron Jones Says:

    B MW First said it might be rodents but they are investigating also the government department the one car they showed was brand new they just drove it home and parked 5hours later it cauht fire !