AD #2125 – Continental Develops New Charging Solution, Ford Delays All-New EV, Kia Teases New B-Segment Crossover

June 7th, 2017 at 11:49am

Runtime: 7:23

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- Carlos Ghosn Prepares for His Successor
- Nissan Gives Free Gas to Promote EVs
- Global EV Market Grows
- Continental Develops New Charging Solution
- Ford’s All-New EV Delayed
- When to Make the Switch to Synthetic Oil
- Kia Teases New B-Segment Crossover

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5 Comments to “AD #2125 – Continental Develops New Charging Solution, Ford Delays All-New EV, Kia Teases New B-Segment Crossover”

  1. Buzzerd Says:

    I guess we might see how much GM is or isn’t making on their electric cars, if Ford gets the Fed credit and GM doesn’t, if GM lowers their price so it’s close to the Ford product…. I think that will pain the picture.

  2. Len Simpson Says:

    If there’s any common sense left in the world , this type vehicle will someday rule .

  3. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The Note E-power exists only to use some of the excess Leaf motors. There is a reason no one make series hybrids. They would be GAS HOGS at highway speed, combining the inefficiencies of electric motors, generators, and the charge-dicharge cycle of batteries. The Chevy Volt and Accord Hybrid were envisioned as series hybrids, but both companies changed plans, because of the inefficiency of a pure series hybrid powertrain.

    Also, except for the excess of Leaf motors, a car like the e-power wouldn’t be especially cheap to make, with the big electric motor, and the fairly big generator. Those have lots of copper in the stators, and have “rare earth” magnets in the rotors.

  4. stephen Says:

    While Ford will benefit from newer battery tech, it will lose out on in-house understanding of how to sell EVs, service them and build them. In the meantime GM will have an updated Bolt on sale and another upgrade of the Volt. For once I think its a good idea that Ford makes their EV at home. Sales of EVs are minimal in Mexico (even super dirty Mexico city) and Ford will find it easier to attract engineers in EV if they can see the factory and how to cut manufacturing costs as they ramp up

  5. veh Says:

    Stonic sounds like a car for Taco Bell runs at 1 am.