AD #2126 – What Subprime Credit Bubble? Honda Jumps on the AV Bandwagon, Audi Adds Another 48V Hybrid to Lineup

June 8th, 2017 at 11:55am

Runtime: 7:40

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- Report Says There’s No Credit Bubble
- Used Car Prices Going Up
- Honda Lays Out Its Autonomous Plans
- Fisker Teases New Long-Range Electric Sedan
- Elon Musk Teases Model Y Crossover
- Audi A8 Gets 48V System as Standard
- ZF Develops Airbag for Autonomous Cars
- Delphi Dives Deeper into Mobility

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5 Comments to “AD #2126 – What Subprime Credit Bubble? Honda Jumps on the AV Bandwagon, Audi Adds Another 48V Hybrid to Lineup”

  1. Barry Rector Says:


    How big of a threat is Fisker to Tesla in the electric car market?

  2. MJB Says:

    Whoa, Sean! Where’s your trademark black velour sport coat today, my friend? I started noticing several months ago that you and John were using that as your on-camera A.L.D. dress code. ;)

    On airbags for autonomous vehicles, I would imagine that someday they’ll have to be designed into the seats themselves. Given that some car makers are envisioning interiors where seats are getting swiveled around, creating little social interaction ‘living rooms’ or ‘meeting rooms’, those scenarios will not be able to rely upon just the standard pillar-mounted airbags. But may need more of an automatic ‘cocoon’ of sorts to pop up around them in an impact. Because when chairs are facing chairs, you’ve now got people that will be colliding directly with other people in a collision. This could get tricky…

  3. BobD Says:

    RE: Audi’s start/stop predictive feature that “starts the engine when the car in front of the A8 moves, even if the brake is still being pressed.” This sounds like a terrible idea for someone wanting to maximize the impact of start/stop technology. There are lots of time when I’m at a light with the engine stopped, and the car in front of me creeps forward, some times a full car length due to another car further up turning left, yet it is a long time before the light turns green. I really don’t want my engine to re-start due to the actions of others. I want my engine to re-start when *I* want it to restart by taking my foot off the brake, and not a second sooner. Perhaps Audi needs to spend more time on seamless re-starts if they are concerned there is a noticeable delay between the time the driver takes their foot off the brake and when the car accelerates.

  4. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The Audi system sounds very similar to the mild hybrid GM has used off and on for years. Those start quickly, and seamlessly, without the grinding engagement of a regular starter. As you say, BobD, I don’t see much point in pre-emptively starting the engine, since it should start in about 1/4 second when you take your foot off the brake. Surely, they will have a “mode” setting that will allow you to switch between the pre-emptive starting, or foot-off-the-brake starting.

  5. Len Simpson Says:

    Some of these design engineers need to take early retirement instead of trying to justify their existence with ever more cluttering complications of design. That Nissan ePower w/small batt pack & tiny full time eng/gen cannot be beat for affordable simplicity.