AD #2145 – Billions Will Be Wasted on Autonomy, London’s Black Cabs Go Electric, Toyota Forms New AI & Robotics Subsidiary

July 12th, 2017 at 11:44am

Runtime: 9:01

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- Billions Will Be Wasted on Race for Autonomy
- Acura Teams with Penske for IMSA
- BMW to Field Own Cars in Formula E
- Ford New Sponsor of Woodward Dream Cruise
- London’s Black Cabs Go Electric
- Takata Airbag Recall Gets Bigger
- Toyota Invests More in AI & Robotics
- Why the Demon Uses a Supercharger

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7 Comments to “AD #2145 – Billions Will Be Wasted on Autonomy, London’s Black Cabs Go Electric, Toyota Forms New AI & Robotics Subsidiary”

  1. Michael Myers Says:

    Geely seems to have several different irons in the transportation fire. South China Morning Post and Aviation Week are reporting that Geely has bought flying car maker Terrafugia located outside of Boston.

  2. Chuck Grenci Says:

    And the Black Cabs electric vehicle was camouflaged………..why?

    Nice to see someone else picked up the Woodward Dream Cruise (didn’t matter too much who, as that someone did).

    No lag (no matter how small) is probably why Demon went with supercharger; guessing same thing went for the LT4 (Chevy’s monster).

  3. phred Says:

    The DNA of a USA muscle street performance car is vastly different than an European Rally or performance Road Car. They got it right by the sales and marketing “hits” numbers. Now if the same bunch could just be given a “green” light to “fix” the other cars in the Fiat Chrysler Line up.

  4. Dwagner1239 Says:

    #2: I’m also wondering about the need for camo, especially when testing in the southwestern US. Note the mountainous terrain and the language of the signs as well as driving on the right and US style road striping. Hard to see if the driver is on the right though. Yes, it’s the best place for extreme hot weather cooling and thermal testing (spent many summer days in California and Arizona testing during my Chrysler Thermal Test employment), but doesn’t China have deserts? Have always wondered if anyone other than the auto paparazzi cared about those test vehicles.

  5. puremoose Says:

    I would have never guessed it was a London Black Cab .Who else would build cars with this shape.
    I love the car.

  6. TomC Says:

    “Billions wasted…” Sounds like a stupid comment from some ivory tower research firm who has never operated in the real world. A more accurate description would be “capitalism”. In the real world there is competition. Some succeed, some fail, but, if you have the entrepreneurial initiative you take your shot and see where it leads. This is how the real world works. Knowledge is still gained from failure, so, there is always a payback even if it is not monetary.

  7. Chuck Grenci Says:

    Two thumbs up, TomC; I was thinking similarly but couldn’t convey as well as you have. For too many of these statements they are arbitrary and quickly forgotten (if not correct), and then others pipe-in with 20/20 hindsight (and state the then obvious).