AD #2184 – Nissan Reveals Updated LEAF, MINI’s Wild GP Concept, Who Might Buy FCA?

September 6th, 2017 at 11:54am

Runtime: 8:23

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- Nissan Can’t LEAF Good Enough Alone
- Ford EcoSport Pricing
- Hyundai Runs into More Problems in China
- Continental’s Active Purge Pump
- MINI’s Wild GP Concept
- Who Might Buy FCA?

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21 Comments to “AD #2184 – Nissan Reveals Updated LEAF, MINI’s Wild GP Concept, Who Might Buy FCA?”

  1. David Sprowl Says:

    I see FCA being sold, yes. Few in the US want a Fiat or Alfa. Few elsewhere want a Chrysler or Dodge. The real reason to buy FCA is for the Jeep and Ram brands as well as dealer networks. I don’t see anyone buying keeping FC in FCA alive.

  2. Dale Leonard Says:

    If FCA get’s sold to a China company we might as well start teaching Chinese in our schools as sooner or later they will own the whole USA.

  3. Barry Rector Says:

    Hey John,

    Did my invitation to the 20 year celebration get lost in the mail? I feel left out!
    Congrats to you and all your staff for many hours of awesome informative programs!

  4. Lambo2015 Says:

    As soon as a Chinese company buys FCA, Ford or GM would be smart to start develop on their own version of the Wrangler. A small SUV Convertible, removable doors offered in a 2&4 door and pickup version. Kind of surprised they never have anyway. Jeep folks are a loyal group and push Jeep to keep the vehicle traditional in many ways. A fresh look without trying to maintain a historical heritage could bring about an amazing vehicle.

  5. Lex Says:

    What about an auto company from India buying up FCA? What about PSA and an un-named partner might buying up FCA and keeping Jeep & Ram while converting Chrysler manufacturing to produce PSA/Partner vehicles for North America.

    If VW did not screw up with their emissions cheating disaster they would have been the most likely (and had the cash) to purchase FCA IMHO. VW would have jettisoned both Alfa and Fiat from North America or sold them off because either has much of a presents in North America and would probably not be missed.

  6. Lisk Says:

    If China buys the Jeep brand, does that mean American companies can start building knock-offs with no regard to patent laws? Tesla Model JP anyone?

  7. Lex Says:

    @ #4 Lambo2015
    GM already has it’s own Wrangler type vehicle brand “Hummer”!

  8. Lex Says:

    I believe the New Nissan Leaf is too little and too late getting to market. The Tesla Model 3 which is at the Leaf’s price point and with more range will out sell the Leaf. Nissan needs to rethink it’s EV strategy and incorporate a very small ICE to extend range like the Volt. I would recommend a CUV body style with increased interior space over the new Leaf.

    Honda should also be test market an EV version of the HR-V. I could see more demand for this type of EV over sedan based EV’s rather than sink anymore money into Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles IMHO.

  9. Kit Gerhart Says:

    7 Hummer is extinct, and never sold a Wrangler-like vehicle anyway. There’s nothing to keep them from reviving the brand, and making something different, though.

  10. Albemarle Says:

    A good Chinese owner could be just what FCA needs; a fresh look at the product portfolio. No wasting money trying to get Italian cars selling in volume in NA.
    Look how JLR and Volvo have done with better ownership.

    Keep what’s working; ditch the rest. The costs come with all the models, the profits from Ram & Jeep.

    Have a leg up in engineering for their local market.

    If the Italian owners don’t care about their own country’s car heritage, those brands will be sold off 10 cents on the dollar. Jeeps will sell everywhere and Ram will be for NA

  11. Barry T Says:

    Hey John & Sean – I happened to look back in the archives and noticed your episode 1, on Oct 14 2008, featured a headline “Chrysler shopping itself…” So it’s not just me. This HAS been going a long time, just the details of the deal keep changing.

    Thanks for your tenacity keeping us informed, and also thanks for keeping the archives up – they’re fun to look back through from time to time!

  12. phred Says:

    FCA has wasted an opportunity with poor quality Fiat vehicles. The next owner should rethink the engineering and design manual at FCA for a real QA program. AND>>>>thsnk you for the program and the changing introduction “Tag Line”. never know what you are going to claim you are next!

  13. Lambo2015 Says:

    @11 Barry; In 2007 Daimler sold 80% of their share of Chrysler to Cerberus Capital Management and by April 2009 They filed chapter 11 and many rumors of a sale floated around during that time before Fiat bought them in 2014.
    So I think they have always been available to purchase over the last 15 years or so.

    Chrysler has (mis)managed to merge and kill off American motors, Eagle and Plymouth. Hopefully they wont do the same to Jeep.

  14. Ziggy Says:

    A few questions after watching today’s show:

    1. What does efficiency have to do with generating vacuum in an engine? Sounds to me like some supplier line of BS.

    2. Like Barry, I’d like to know where my invitation to the 20 year celebration is also.

    3. What would it take for the workers at FCA North America to buy the company themselves and go back to just having it be Chrysler? Would that even be possible at this point?

    Thanks John and Sean for 20 great years, you have been my go-to source for all the automotive news I have ever needed.

  15. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Apple or Google could buy Chrysler. It would be pocket change for either of them.

  16. Wayne Says:

    Buy American, made in America and how about owned by Americans? Practically everything is made in China and now possibly Jeep?? It seems that here is an opportunity for those with the where-with-all and access to good quality managerial skills to buy a viable and profitable company. Sell off the F of FCA and keep the company American.

  17. XA351GT Says:

    I’m for American Motors rising from the grave to take Jeep back. LOL Seriously though I think Jeep/RAM would take a huge hit if the Chinese buy them. Chinese goods still have the Junk stigma attached and I don’t see them doing much to change that opinion. Even if the vehicles were “assembled” in North America it would be from predominately Chinese parts . Both those brands already took a beating when the Germans owned them and a even bigger one now that the Italians have them. Fiat has done little to plan for the future and I think it’ll be a hard sell . They are selling big fuel thirsty vehicles with the American brands and the Italian brands are making little traction volume wise in N.A.

  18. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I’d expect Jeep and Ram, more than most brands, to be affected by “buy American” sentiment. I don’t see it, though, with Italian ownership. Maybe it would be different with Chinese ownership.

    Also, Chinese ownership of Volvo hasn’t changed much. Their sales haven’t been great, but I suspect it’s the products/pricing, more than the Chinese ownership of the company.

  19. Steve Says:

    We have a huge trade deficit with China. The Chinese want to get paid in Yuan. We can’t because we don’t export much to China. So, they buy US bonds or US Companies.

  20. Ukendoit Says:

    Kit, I like your suggestion of Google buying FCA. Waymo is working with them on those autonomous Pacificas, so that’s a good first step. Google could step up “Chrysler”s autonomy, technology, and electrification to keep them relevant for the future.

  21. Lambo2015 Says:

    The only thing Fiat did for Chrysler is provide sales of small fuel efficient vehicles to offset their EPA requirements. Which is a dumb regulation anyway.. The government forcing auto companies to build cars no one wants.